I have been selling Azami: Book of Summer chapters as LOOONG vinyl scrolls, cards, and large prints.

Now, I’ve added FABRIC scarves/scrolls!  The comic is printed on an ultra soft performance knit that you can display in your home or wear out on the town!

You can buy these at this coming Otakon, NY Anime Fest, and any other convention we make it out to!


#1152: pink floyd - paint box (1967)

what is your favorite mimed drum solo on a bridge? mine is nick mason’s in the 1967 promotional video for paint box, a very pretty pink floyd song from just after they made piper at the gates of dawn and just before a saucerful of secrets

one good rule to remember is that stoned english people did not make bad music in 1967, but they did wear bad scarves.


My darling has opened up her own shop, Reilynn’s Knits and Crafts, in which she sells handmade accessories, such as scarves, capes, shawls, wrist warmers and leg warmers. Combining knitting and crocheting, sewing by hand and adding little details such as buttons and leather clasps, each of these unique items is one of a kind. Please check out her shop! ^_^


How to Wear a Scarf 

This is so important.

Salaam! Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys this exciting news and let you know I’ll be launching an online shop in 3 weeks (yaay). Also we will be teaming up with bombhijabis.tumblr.com with this as well, super exciting!! It’ll consist of affordable prices of different types of cute stylish and the typical everyday scarves and other accessories will be featured.  I’m excited to bring this to the platform to life I’ve always wanted to for awhile being now. The reason why is cause I haven’t seen any good prices of scarves out there in the market or on other sites and its time that there is one. This will start off in the US only within the following months will be international. Also, be giving the first 5 people to shop will receive free items and free shipping. So I’m super excited to start this journey and see where it goes. I’’ll be dropping the launch date soon so stay tune. I hope your Ramadan is going as planned inshallah! (awah boutique coming soon) If you guys know of ideas for the shop things you want to see on there send me some messages.

“big hugs”

To all the women and girls and nonbinary folks who cover their hair/head/face for religious and/or cultural reasons: I love you. You are wonderful in your coverings no matter the stares or what people say. If you feel good/beautiful/confident/closer to your god(s)/more connected to your culture and/or religion, that’s what matters, whether you wear a veil, a tichel, a hijab, niqab, burka, headband, turban…you guys are great, try not to let unsupportive and bigoted people let you down. I support you. 💜


My (Hogwarts house) scarves are done! Important things to know: 

  • These are low-poly and have LODs. They have a smaller polycount than some Maxis necklaces. They’re in the necklace category. 
  • They use the necklace texture space, which means that the textures are TINY and not very detailed, but personally I think that looks just fine for plain and striped textures. It won’t be possible to make recolours that have detailed patterns. (My intent was not to waste texture space and make them compatible with more other accessories.) 
  • There are two versions of the male scarf (only one for female frame right now, sorry). One is for “flat” tops that don’t have thick collars and stuff like that, and one is made to work with some of the jackets that do have bigger collars. 
  • They will clip at the collar/chest with some tops, they will work fine with others (see pics). And, your sim’s body shape will matter - muscular sims may get more clipping, etc. 
  • These are standalone files, so you can keep all or just one, but I might release slaved versions (along with a female version for the thick-collared tops) later if I feel up to it. I’ve got slaving figured out now :-p 

Download: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/224418/

Credit for the Newt Scamander sim in my preview pics: 

- Newt’s coat top by @happylifesims ! 
- Newt sim by ADIrewolf13 at the gallery (I switched his hairstyle). 

Should be BG compatible, tested in my game only, let me know if there are any problems, recolouring is allowed as always, read my ToU here