A mix for that one vampire and one werewolf whose entire happiness had to come to an end. If they only knew how much they truly need each other. [x]

001. The Scientist - Coldplay // 002. Contagious - Marc Robillard // 003. To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra // 004. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol // 005. Back To Black - Amy Winehouse // 006. I’ll Never Forget You - Birdy // 007. Let Her Go - Passenger // 008. The Reason - Hoobastank // 009. Miss you - Blink 182 // 010. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane // 011. Dont’t Speak - No Doubt // 012. Damn You - Lana Del Rey

Random stuff:
  • I don’t really remember when was the last time I said it -other than here, I mean- so thanks to all the new followers!
  • I just went on an unfollowing spree of blogs that haven’t been updated in a long time. I tried checking that they weren’t on hiatus, but Tumblr is being the worst, so if I unfollowed someone I shouldn’t have, let me know! (I’ll be putting this here, IDEK if anyone ever checks it, but just in case)
  • Dair and Scarter stuff coming soon cause they both could’ve had it aaaaaaall and I’m in a Scarter mood because I’m in a Stan mood because of Seb’s face and Political Animals and CA: The Winter Soldier, so there’s that.
  • Gonna start Game of Thrones in a few minutes, wish me luck!
I sometimes am kind of a "all-shipper"

Because Natessa, Derena and Nenny were so friggin adorable.

Because the wrongness of Chair and Chenny was pretty appealing.

Because Vanderbaizen (or Scarter whatever)..well has Carter.

Because Chanessa was the pleasantly unexpected.

Because Serenate had awesome sex scenes.

Because Rufly represented this modern fairy tale of an everlasting love.

Because Dair…oh God, where do I start with Dair? So many emotions.

anonymous asked:

Random question: How far is the serena/carter thing going to go in TUF? Might they possibly get it on? Sincerely, a person who is totally indifferent to serenate and derena but kind of getting into serena and carter during her season 3 rewatch. xo

Serena and Carter might possibly get it on, yes :)

It’s interesting you mention the rewatch, actually- I think I’m a much bigger fan of Serena/Carter now than I was at the time. I did enjoy them during S3, but not nearly as much as I do in retrospect. Possibly because at that point, Dan had not yet proven himself to be the douchiest douche who ever douched.

But as far as how much detail I’ll go into about it- well, I wouldn’t expect a really detailed sex scene. The smut-writing region of my brain is fully occupied by Chuck and Blair :)

A mix for that one vampire and werewolf who were crazy enough to love each other. [x]

001. Moonrise - Brian Crain // 002. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Sleeping At Last // 003. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros // 004. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg // 005. Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine // 006. Yellow - Coldplay // 007. A Thousand Years Part 2 - Christina Perri // 008. Between the Raindrops - Lifehouse ft. Natasha Bedingfield // 009. Somebody To Die For - Hurts // 010. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood // 011. All About Us (feat. Owl City) - He Is We // 012. Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Rey // 013. Wolf & I - Oh Land // 014. Won’t Stop - One Republic // 015. My Vampire Heart - Tom McRae