you never hurt me,
not physically,
but I still felt the pain
in your words

and maybe there’s no
visible bruise on my skin
but surely there’s a
scar on my heart

—  by shelby leigh
let's talk beautiful lyrics by yoongi

“amidst double standards and opposition everywhere I crushed the limits within myself” (we are bulletproof pt. 2)

“my hobby is proving you wrong” (we on)

“if i ruled the world why would i dream small, of gambling and investing in stocks? i would still be making music with my bangtan fam” (if i ruled the world)

“same day, same moon” (tomorrow)

“the studio is my playground, and the pen and paper are my partners” (triptych)

“a sweet wind named you is blowing in my heart” (miss right)

“others are running forward, yet why am i still here?” (intro: hyyh)

“take a breath, or breathe a dream” (intro: hyyh)

“this moment will never come again, it will never find me again, so i ask myself am i happy? yes, the answer is already there, i am happy.” (intro: hyyh)

“before the day of my birth inside of my mother’s womb, i counted the days till my first move. the cost of the move was a machine on her heart and a scar.” (move….. /fuh my heart)

“on the stage i desired so much, when i sing and dance, i feel that i am yet alive. i can withstand a long commute and the aching of my body because my people are watching me. i endure the exhaustion because the cheers come rolling in.” (born singer)

“i don’t give a shit, i don’t give a fuck” (intro: nvm)

“i have become the pride of my family, and have even succeeded to an extent.” (intro: nvm)

“though i taste failure and disappointment and bow my head, we’re still young and immature don’t even sweat it” (intro: nvm)

“if you can’t go back, run forward…
if you feel you’ll crash, accelerate all the more” (intro: nvm)

“you’re a butterfly effect, shining in pitch darkness. with your light touches i forget reality altogether” (butterfly)

“the words so carelessly thrown at me: even my loneliness looks like pretend to you.” (whalien 52)

“have i engraved my existence into you like rain? or have i come and gone like short showers?” (rain)

“the saying must be true that love blooms like cherry blossoms and then burns to ashes” (let me know)

“hip hop found me like a young child finds his mother” (hip hop lover)

“everyone asks me, what is hip hop, and i say proudly that it is my everything. as a result i have buried my entire existence under music. if loving this culture is a sin i’ll die a hundred times
over.” (hip hop lover)

“dream. hope. forward. forward” (epilogue: young forever)

Until now your name is a tragically beautiful 
taste on my tongue.
A scar on my heart that I’m proud of.
I ignored all the snickers they had about you.
They had no idea about us.
And I somehow wished they knew you like I 
For they never understood the wonderful 
person I loved deeply.

This love was something the ocean cried for.
It was a song the composer knew by heart.
A poem of a love struck poet.
A singer’s favorite song.
A steady heart that felt like home.

Now the war on our love is over.
Regardless of how this ended.
Thank you for loving me despite that the universe was against us.
I wish you all the love ,even if it’s no longer from me.

And so he became home.

Because I realized something through it all, that yes, you lose a whole hell of a lot of people throughout this life, more than you’ll ever want. One right after the other, each person walks into your heart, makes you believe - believe in them, and one day, one day it all just stop. And when they finally leave, they all seem to take a piece of you with them. Now you’re left with nothing but empty scars and holes reminding you of those you once loved.

But then one person comes along, and you tell yourself that this time you want your walls all the way up, higher than ever before. You don’t want to let him in, having to clean up another mess, and beating yourself down when he leaves - just like the rest of them. But what if this one stays? What if you’re the one who was wrong about him and you kept all those walls up for nothing?

He became home because he taught me to love again. He filled all my holes, mended every scar, and made my heart whole again. He was the one to love me.

—  c.f. // “don’t let me down”

Genji: I’m angry! My brother,hates me,I never talk to him anymore and not to mention that he killed me! I’m half cyborg! I’m in constant need of healing!People keep asking to see my dragon! Nothing is good! Nothing can ever make me happy! I will never be at peace and I will never have any happiness!

Zenyatta: Hello,I am Zenyatta. Pleasure to meet you

Genji: My crops have been watered. Hanamura has accepted me back. There are cherry blossoms in the air. My acne has cleared. My scars have disappeared. My heart is blossoming. My dragon has returned. My depression has cured. I hold no anger IM AT PEACE

May he kiss the scars on my heart. May I heal as I press my lips on him. As I let his embrace take comfort in mine. I pretend to love him each day. I’ve tasted his lips so many times. I have lingered on his skin for days. And I guess I’ve already forgotten your face. But despite all this my heart still remembers your name.
—  Rebound // Conee Berdera
I know it’s going to hurt when you’re gone, but I don’t care.
I know they’ll be yet another scar on my heart under another boys name that I had loved, or was beginning to.
I know they’ll all leave, but I don’t care. Temporary happiness is better than none, and the only thing that seems to fill the void lately is a boys love.
One after the other, I fill my void with a temporary happiness.
—  v.m // thank you to all the boys who belong to a scar, for the temporary happiness
Scars, lovers and a bath - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#1 counting each other’s freckles/beauty marks/scars/etc, #17 calling each other by a pet name and #19 taking a bath together. 

Well look at that, two post in the span of a few hours, I felt inspired today…Starting with Bruce, might do Logan later. So I mixed all the prompts together, and here’s the result, warning slightly NSFW and also language yow, I really hope you like it… :

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You lived for those alone time with your Bruce. It happened so rarely…

Actually, you couldn’t even remember when was the last time you had a bath with him. It must have been at least over three years ago. You had a lot of showers together, every morning in fact…but a relaxing bath ? Didn’t happen in years.

Bruce was caressing your arms ups and down lovingly, and was just enjoying the moment, humming lowly a song you didn’t recognize. 

You grabbed one of his hand and traced a soft line from the tip of his fingers to his bicep, where you laid your palm. His arm was so big and muscular that your hand couldn’t even wrap itself around it.


You took him away from his daydreaming with your word. Raising your head so you could see his face, he just couldn’t help but smile at you.

-What was that sweetheart ?

-Twelve. You have twelve scars on this arm.

You let go of it, putting his right arm back in the water, and then took his left one in your hands. Both your tiny hands could barely wrap around it…You ran a finger on it tenderly, counting his scars.

-One…two…three…oh this one is huge…five….

He shivered under your touch, and you smiled some more. Oh the effect you had on him. He pressed his lips to your neck lightly, his free hand on your thigh.

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make my heart a big heart,

so that no matter how many or how big the scar people left on my heart, it would seem little and small,

so that I could forgive them although there’s no forgiveness asked and not turn away from them as a result of their flaws,

when people hurt me, instead of stay, I want to run away, vanish, and disappear, because I’m a human being.

There is so much sadness, so many hurt souls just looking for the warmth of love. There is darkness that seems to touch everything in its path. I am drowning in the sorrow of it all, can we not find a middle ground? Just give me a place where I can rest from it all, the hate has scarred my heart too deeply.

There is beauty still, above the clouds the sun still shines. There are still stars the glow in the sky, and flowers bloom along with the songs of the birds. In the bitterness and pain of life, there is love and joy. Oh, how I hope that I have the courage to reach for the good in this life, for this present sadness will last for only a moment.

Hold on, love is on the move, in those who hope.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now
Tortured Nights

Pairing: Fuckboy!Theo Raeken x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of sex

Trigger Warnings: Eating disorder

Request: Can I get a fuckboy theoX bestfriend were she’s in love with him and they live together so she gets tortured by him having sex with other girls and she starts fading away from him and develops a eating disorder? Sorry if thats to much. Please&thank you.

A/N: Sorry it took a while, its just that writer’s block is a thing and school has been tiring. Sorry

Part 2

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Until now your name is a tragically beautiful
taste on my tongue.
A scar on my heart that I’m proud of.
I ignored all the snickers they had about you.
They had no idea about us.
And I somehow wished they knew you like I
For they never understood the wonderful
person I loved deeply.

This love was something the ocean cried for.
It was a song the composer knew by heart.
A poem of a love struck poet.
A singer’s favorite song.
A steady heart that felt like home.

Now the war on our love is over.
Regardless of how this ended.
Thank you for loving me despite that the universe was against us.
I wish you all the love ,even if it’s no longer from me.

—  The Poem You’ll Never Read // Conee Berdera

fork on the road

i think of you when i catch a glance
of the sun rising over the dark ocean 
letting the mind wander like a dog without
a leash until i find myself in an abandoned
house with the roof collapsed wondering
what happened to the place we used to
call home

you were there.  in the kitchen.  for a brief moment.
i smiled before the weight of the past came crashing
down destroying the last remnants of my memory –
and you were gone.  burned & ruined like this house

warm memories drizzling with happy tears and laughter
reduced to echoes of footsteps into the dark i’m following
a ghost in the middle of the night with furious sounds of the
river crashing against the rocks

we fell from godhood into amnesia and our home almost
burned to the ground and all that’s left are relics of our past –
remembering hurts.  so we pretend nothing happened and go
about our day no longer finding the time to dream like ghosts
trapped in a machine

those comely snapshots of ancient ruins not too distant yet not
too close experiences lost but gained in wisdom buried steep in
my scars carried deep in my heart feeling apart like fleeting stars

but we’ll never be far


I am always mourning something –
my throat before the scar, my heart before him,
the days we smiled and forgot to check the clock,
the nights we curled into the same twin-sized bed,
the moment before we knew everything was almost over,
that golden glow of night turned into morning,
the songs that still break my heart if you play them long enough.
Home is only a train ride away but I can’t find the station.
I crawl into my mother’s laps and she says my baby, my baby.
I’ve lived in this body my whole life and I am still trying to step out of it.
My mother smooths my hair against my head, asks me to promise
to be better to myself, kinder, more forgiving.
I wonder if she can smell the mourning
like cigarette smoke stuck in my hair.

anonymous asked:

is 'femme' a term that can only apply to lesbian/queer gals? what are your rules for using it (if any)?

yes. that’s a flat, non-negotiable answer from me. “femme” has a long, specifically lesbian history, just like “butch”. those identities are how we found one another, it’s how we were safe in bars, and it’s how we constructed a community together. the word “femme” is available to me because I’m a queer woman. I’m a lesbian, which is as not-straight as it’s possible to be. bi women with women and trans bi/lesbian women are all part of that community. femme means different things to everyone, but it’s yours to play with. people outside this group? not so much.

as for what the word means to me personally, well. in my private estimation, femme isn’t about presenting as stereotypically or traditionally feminine, it’s about subverting the expectations of the people who look at you, particularly men. I’m a beautiful woman who wears silk and lace and ruffles and I don’t want you. femme is deeply intentional. I’ve had queer women tell me they could read the lesbian on me like a neon sign, because I was “too femme to be straight”. femme is about going just a little bit beyond what’s expected of straight women. it’s extra, as the kids say. a lot of how I feel about femme has been co-opted by the “weaponized femininity” so beloved by third-wave feminists, but that’s not–it. at all. femme is challenging people because you are queer. not because you’re female.

femme, for me, is about devising my appearance into exactly what I want, to use as I want. it’s having ownership of how people perceive me, and being an active participant in that relationship. it’s about putting pictures into your mind, or actively fucking with what you think you’re getting. you’re going to be sandwiched next to me on the subway? you’ll catch a whiff of heavy white orchids and amber, all the way from dubai. I put this perfume on to give you brief underground visions of deserts. you’re going to look at my chest? I’ll wear something that bares my shoulders and shows the long shiny pink surgical scar over my heart. surprise, these breasts are a person. femme is manipulating social expectations, playing into them or subverting them as you like. not to get too margaret atwood, but it’s about knowing you’re going to be an object of the gaze, and getting your hand wrapped around the reins to jerk the horse’s head in the direction you want. or, you know. spooking it.

She was just a broken little girl when you found her,
But just take a look at her now.
That smile and those eyes could tear you apart
And now you wish that smile was for you,
But the only part of you that she still wears
Are the scars upon her heart.
—  K.N.B.