Memorable Character Introductions

Anonymous asked: How can I introduce my villain? His actions have effected the protagonist, but he hasn’t actually met her yet. Any tips for making a memorable introduction?

While there isn’t one exact way to write a memorable character introduction, one thing that should help is to try to include in that scene an action that will suggest the character’s personality. 

With villains, this tends to be especially memorable. One great example of this is in Disney’s The Lion King (I usually reference books, but this scene is so well done) - look at how Scar is introduced. The first scene with him begins with Scar crushing a mouse under his paw and then taunting it while it’s still alive. This shows us in an instant that Scar is needlessly cruel. Even though he’s Simba’s uncle, he is portrayed in a way that makes him recognizably wicked. His actions reveal that he is the villain. The mouse is a small detail, but it reveals Scar’s character so quickly and effectively. 

Memorable introductions often involve action that reveals who the character is. However, if the action is too shocking or alienating, it may not be a good indicator of character. Generally quick and short details I find are very impactful, especially if it is something that the character might believably do often.