scarlettspeedster replied to your post “[ text ] Meet me in the Watchtower gym, I need your help.”

[ text ] I’ll see you when you get here, everything’s fine.

Okay – that was weird

Nevertheless, Hal sat down his phone and lifted off his seat in the monitor womb – he’d sent Arthur a text to come take his shift. He shot down the hallway full speed, not entirely trusting that Barry was actually okay seeing as it wasn’t exactly typical of him to ask for help if it wasn’t an emergency. He set his feet down before the gym doors – allowing them to slide open for him. 

“Barry? You in here?”

scarlettspeedster replied to your post: Preeeetttttyyyyy sure that isn’t pornography.

Pretty sure there’s only one definition?

From Mr Webster himself: 

television shows, articles, photographs, etc., thought to create or satisfy an excessive desire for something, especially something luxurious: the irresistible appeal of food porn; an addiction to real-estateporn.

Ergo.  Porn.

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Yeah apparently. Can we just sob for a while before we get in our wheelchairs for the day?

Yeah I definitely think I need a good sob after that. When we get in our wheelchairs can we at least sit out on the porch and yell at passersby? That might make me feel a little better.
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I meant it in the way that he cheats on you yet always expects to be forgiven. That you’ll just be there for him when he decides to come back. Not saying you are, but he certainly has that expectation.

I appreciate that, Barry, I really do. And it’s not just you who says it.  But if Ollie has ever had that expectation of me, he hasn’t voiced it.  He’s always very contrite and remorseful when we talk about our mutual past.  Of course I don’t know what he’s saying to his friends when I’m not around, but to me he never says that he expects me to go back to him.  

I don’t believe it’s ever been Ollie’s intention to hurt me.  I just think he has a few problems with self-control. 


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: “He’s been gone for two days,” he sighs, not letting up much at all. “I can’t find him, I can’t get a hold of him, nothing. I don’t know where the last place he was, or what’s happened. I remember he was taking you for your birthday, that’s it.”

Dick lifts a hand up to clasp Barry’s arm where it’s digging into his throat, but he doesn’t move to free himself.

That’s the last time I saw him too,“ he says, expression breaking into concern. "I figured he’d gone back to Central to see you and Iris. He didn’t answer my text, but I didn’t think–”

That’s right. He didn’t think. Dick’s forehead creases under a hard, self-incriminating frown, and he shifts into seriousness. “Have you issued a missing persons report with the League? Two days is more than enough time to make it official. Especially with a speedster.”