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Barry finds a payphone, dialing Bart’s number and waiting for the receiver to kick in. “Gotham General Emergency Room, now.” He knows by the time he finishes his sentence Bart will arrive anyway so he doesn’t bother saying anything else, he just hangs up.

Barry looks at his grandson, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I-it’s Wally. I need you to start donating blood.”

Bart adopts a shocked look, not knowing what happened. “Wha–what happened?”

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I meant it in the way that he cheats on you yet always expects to be forgiven. That you’ll just be there for him when he decides to come back. Not saying you are, but he certainly has that expectation.

I appreciate that, Barry, I really do. And it’s not just you who says it.  But if Ollie has ever had that expectation of me, he hasn’t voiced it.  He’s always very contrite and remorseful when we talk about our mutual past.  Of course I don’t know what he’s saying to his friends when I’m not around, but to me he never says that he expects me to go back to him.  

I don’t believe it’s ever been Ollie’s intention to hurt me.  I just think he has a few problems with self-control.