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For Draco and Hermione living together: 1. What does their bedroom look like?

In my mind, their bedroom would showcase a quirky little struggle for dominance in the relationship. Draco would want to maintain the regal and traditional dark furniture and dressings that he’d grown up in, whereas Hermione would strive for everything to be tidy and efficient. He’d try to slip in snippets of green and silver, as a remembrance of his House colors, whereas Hermione would want things to be draped in more feminine colors. She’d probably even try to coax him into buying a gold and crimson colored comforter, to which he’d profusely protest. Everything would have to be symmetrical and clean, of course–Hermione would hardly tolerate mismatched furniture or things to be left a mess, and Draco would hardly be willing to complain.

It’s okay, he knows she’s a bit neurotic.

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The worst is when somehow Dramione hate get’s into the Daniel Radcliffe tag…HE DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH DRAMIONE!!!

because by then they are just doing it for the attention.

i also stand by the fact if someone hates on your ship, that doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way and tag your hate for their ships. you look just as immature and pathetic as the other person.

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I love when people recognize me from my RP characters it makes my day. I also like when one of them get’s a follower that’s not in the RP it makes me go “Yeah. I’m an awesome Harry Potter.”

Courtney you play the best Harry, I swear. You capture his very essence so perfectly. AND YOU MAKE HIM SASSY LIKE HE IS IN THE BOOKS. GOD I LOVE HIS SNARK.