Rhett: I just wanted to talk about some stuff Trip said this afternoon.

Scarlett: What did he say?

Rhett: That sometimes when Aden’s mad at him he swears at him, and that you two are usually still in bed when he gets up for school, and he gets his own breakfast, and gets himself on the school bus. I’m not trying to be judgemental, Scarlett, but if you need help-

Scarlett: I don’t. But thanks.

Rhett: So the swearing?

Scarlett: It was one time. Last night. Trip painted over a canvas Aden had sketched on and he lost his temper. You know what nine-year-olds are like - one time easily becomes sometimes in their minds.

Rhett: And the getting himself up for school?

Scarlett: I did it, at his age. And so did you, I bet.

Rhett: Yes, but we both had older siblings who were up too. It just sounds very lonely for him. And I understand that you’re busy, and tired, so if you need help-

Scarlett: I already said I didn’t-

Rhett: Because I could come over a couple of afternoons a week, whilst Aden’s at work, and watch the twins so you can nap. And I’d love to have Trip over more - maybe even overnight every now and then.

Scarlett: That doesn’t sound too bad… I know he really likes spending time with you, and the twins should get to know you too…

Rhett: To be honest, Scarlett, I’m bored. Retirement’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And having grandchildren to dote on sounds like a great way to fill my time. What do you say?

Scarlett: I’ll talk to Aden…

Rhett: Okay. And if you ever need anything, I’m just a phone call away.

Scarlett: I know… Thanks.

Nekem sohasem volt türelmem ahhoz, hogy összeszedjem a törött darabokat, összerakosgassam és ragasszam őket, és azt mondjam, hogy a ragasztott éppen olyan jó, mint az ép volt.
—  Elfújta a szél