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has garnet ever dyed her hair?

Sapphire: She has! When she was younger, she dyed it because Pearl and Amethyst wanted to, but didn’t feel confident enough to do so. So, Garnet dyed hers so that they would have a friend who did it with them.

Ruby: Though, Garnet asked her Aunties to do it and they couldn’t decide on a color..

Sapphire: Garnet had Cotton Candy colored hair for about a year~ She pulled it off rather well

Ruby: Come to think of it, I think Garnet said she might dye her hair again, hmm..

For those of you that don’t follow @gingerponies and don’t know, Scarlett passed away at some point today from unknown causes. I remember Alyssa calling me at 7 in the morning the day she was born telling me “you need to get here right now, because the most beautiful baby is here.” And she was. She was gorgeous and spunky and funny and had so much potential. That little baby made me smile so much in her short life. We loved her and cared for her so much.

We are still in shock and we are going to miss her more than we will ever know.


Scarlett stood in front of her opponent in the middle of the arena staring at him while eating an apple. With her sword in the other hand she stood quietly munching on her apple with a lot of sass