Sleep Routines (+ dreams)

(Someone suggested this but I can’t find the comment so if this was your idea let me know. Also I’m not entirely sure what you meant so if this isn’t it feel free to clarify)

Cinder: Fairly heavy sleeper, but her cyborg systems will wake her up if necessary. Sleeps curled up and pretty much anywhere. And I guess her dreams are explained in the books so. 

Kai: Light sleeper. He falls asleep at meetings a lot but wakes up very easily, usually when Torin jabs him in the ribs. Master of sleeping sitting up. Either dreams about his parents visiting him with advice or nightmares about losing Cinder/the Rampion Crew.

Scarlet: HEAVY sleeper. Tends to sleep spread out, maintaining her  tough demeanor even when she’s asleep. Fidgets and twitches a lot when she sleeps. Happy but nostalgic dreams of her parents or Grandmere, reiterations of memories from when they were all together.

Wolf: Light sleeper, learned from sharing barracks with the more vicious soldiers. Sleeps very still and very straight. Sometimes sleeps with his eyes open, which scared everyone the first few times. Dreams a lot about losing his loved ones again.

Cress: Light sleeper, had to be prepared to fix things on the satellite or if Sybil was coming to check in without warning. Often sleeps in a fetal position because she feels safer that way. Dreams about being lost in the desert without Thorne, which makes her panic, or dreams about being chased by Sybil. She also dreams about her father, though in her dreams they are always separated and never meet.

Thorne: Heaviest sleeper on the team. You could probably do anything to him while he is asleep and he wouldn’t wake up. He is also the heaviest snorer of the nine. Sleeps spread-eagled literally anywhere. Mostly dreams about himself or losing his friends.

Winter: Light sleeper. She will wake up if you breathe too loud and Jacin makes everyone be as quiet as possible when she’s asleep. Likes to wrap herself up in her blankets so that only the top of her head is exposed. Dreams about losing her parents, Levana’s abuse, and being in suspended animation.

Jacin: Super light sleeper. Hardly ever sleeps for more than a few hours at a time. Dreams about Winter.

Iko: Well…she’s an android so…?

Ok sorry the dreams are so sad for everyone but I feel like none of them really have happy things to dream about considering all they went through.

When you finish Winter of the Lunar Chronicles you feel like

but then you realize the series is over

but you think about it…. and you’re ok because it brought so many feels and wonderfulness

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