When you finish Winter of the Lunar Chronicles you feel like

but then you realize the series is over

but you think about it…. and you’re ok because it brought so many feels and wonderfulness


I was at a wedding and there was tgis really cute couple there: The girl was a readhead with a casual black dress and red converse (keep in mind it was a fancy wedding) and the guy was big with scruffy hair in a dress shirt and slacks and dress shoes. I thought they were really cute and then I realized- THEY ARE LITTERALLY WOLFLET HELP IM DYING

HERE’S THE FANCAST. Well at least how I envision them. Yes that’s the dirtiest picture of Kristin Kreuk I could find because Cinder is always dirty. Okay just for everyone’s reference;

Kristin Kreuk as Linh Cinder (Dirty and Eurasian)

Osric Chau as Prince Kai (yes he is naked in that pic and yet he looks so prince like)

Emma Stone as Scarlet Benoit (she is gonna make a badass Scarlet)

Riley Smith as Ze'ev ‘Wolf’ Kelsey (Look at those eyes man, that’s Wolf’s eyes)

AnnSophia Robb as Cresent 'Cress’ Moon (she just looks so lively and that hair)

Garrett Hedlund as Captain Carswell Thorne (Omg he looks just like the official fanart which makes the guys look wonky but I’ll take what I can get)

Amandla Stenberg as Princess Winter (She just so princess like)

Alex Pettyfer as Jacin Clay (the resemblance is uncanny)

I know not everyone envisions these people as the beloved Lunar Chronicles characters so tell me your own person fancasts in the comments.

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Stars Above = Happiness

I just finished reading “Stars Above” and I don’t know why it took me so long to read it. So in love…. What a wonderful ending to a beautifully written series.

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