Youmu’s Roukanken and Hakurouken, version Scarlet Weather Rhapsody! This was just a blast to make. The swords were done in the usual style of 5-pieces-glued-together, though it was my first completed shot at doing curved swords.The shorter one I just bent a wooden ruler and went off of that shape, but that method didn’t work for the longer one, the curve didn’t let it be drawn from the scabbard. Had to calculate the curve as an arc of a really large circle, then that worked well.

I played around with designing the tsuba, since the only one of the four sides you can actually see in detail is the front of the shorter sword, the one with the two ghosts and weird lines. After designing in Inkscape, I cut them out with a CNC mill (though due to a couple of mishaps, the rims were damaged a bit on both.) I carved the design into the shorter hilt with an exacto knife and a table knife, and stenciled & spraypainted the larger one’s hilt design. Then cleaned it up with a black sharpie ‘cause it was a pretty bad stencil, heh.

The magnets are so that I can wear the swords on my back without having any visible harness, and also allows me to easily take them off, especially useful so that I can actually draw out the longer sword. Though, it does mean they fall off a lot. Luckily, they’re not too damaged still…

Materials: Poplar, pine, gesso, spraypaint, neodymium magnets, a sticker, a fake flower, yarn, and other kinda yarn.