Bonding time in Wakanda, part ii
  • Steve: [sleep over voice] are you awake?
  • Wanda: [sleep over reply voice] yeah.
  • Clint: [regrettable sleepover invitee voice] you guys SHHH!
  • Bucky: [confused sleepover voice] what is the meaning of life…
  • Sam: [annoyed sleep over voice] dude shut up.
  • Scott: [sleep over host voice] you guys be quiet, your highness is gonna hear us.
Turning - One Shot

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could write out this scene for me of a Wanda x reader turning into a werewolf.

Requested by: @willowangelus4eva

Words: 1024

~ A/N: Hey!! I’m sorry that this is a little late, my schedule got a little messed up this weekend so I’m a little behind on my one shots. I hope it’s not too much of a bother! Thank you so much for sending in your request, I really hope I did it justice :) Please enjoy it :D ~

You had been sleeping next to Wanda. Well, more of her sleeping while you laid awake, absentmindedly stroking her hair. You had known what would happen, you had just waited for it to do so. It wasn’t really a first for you, although for Wanda it was. The thing was, she had no idea about what you were even though you knew what she was. You were so afraid that she would find out and look at you differently.

”Why are you still awake, Y/N?”, you suddenly heard Wanda sleepily ask you which made you flinch a little at the surprise at her not being asleep anymore. However your hand didn’t stop playing with her and you leaned in to kiss her.

”I just have a lot of my mind”, you vaguely answered after your lips had left hers. She frowned at that, worried about you. However, you just put on a small smile before shaking your head and leaning in to kiss her again. She put one of her hands on your cheek as you laid down more and leaned in closer to her. Even though she had seemed so tired just then, it was as if that tiredness had disappeared the second you two started kissing. She was moving her hands all over your body, as you were also moving yours.

It was as if your inner wolf just wanted to be an ass. Just as you felt that your mind had started to wander away, and you were really getting into the make out session you felt it start to arise. It started with just your pulse rising, not really something to really think about in a situation like that. It wasn’t until Wanda’s lips were on your neck and you suddenly felt how you just were about to transform that you realized what was going on. No matter how hard it was you knew that you had to leave, immediately.

”Where are you going?”, Wanda asked in confusion as you bolted out of bed and started to put on your socks and then your shoes. You turned around and gave her a slightly awkward look before scratching the back of your neck. You could barely look her in the eyes as you stood there. She looked so disappointed and sad as she glanced at you. It hurt you to see her like that and you hated that you couldn’t do anything to make her understand why you were acting that way right then and there.

”I just remembered that I forgot to turn this thing in at work. I really have to go and do that, but I promise I’ll be back as soon as I’m done”, you lied while trying to make it look as believable as possible. It was such a bad lie though. Had you had more time you would have come up with something better, but you had to leave right then and there. You could feel your pulse rising more and more, soon you wouldn’t be able to hold anything in.

”So that’s what she’s thinking about when we make out.” You could briefly hear Wanda’s voice mutter those words as you made your way out of the apartment. If you hadn’t felt as if your bones were seconds from breaking you would have turned back and told her that she wasn’t the reason that you were acting so strange. You would have told her that she was perfect and that she shouldn’t think that she had done anything that had made you think about something as silly as work. How you hated that you couldn’t do that.

You had just made it out of the building through the back door when the first bone snapped. Your hand had suddenly twitched into a new position and a scream left your lips at the pain. The fact that you had tried to avoid changing as much as possible didn’t make it any easier when it did happen. It only made it more painful. Even though that was the case your mind hadn’t completely left you. You still knew that you wouldn’t want to rip your clothes and, when you changed back, have to walk home naked.

As you started to undress in the alleyway you hoped that no one would walk past on the street and look towards you. It was awkward enough to undress while being outside, so close to other people. You really didn’t want anyone to see you. At that moment you wouldn’t even be able to hold back the transformation, so not only would they see a naked human but also a naked human turning into a wolf. However, staying in your clothes until you changed wasn’t really an option.

Then, as you stood there naked you let the change completely overtake you. As your bones painfully broke you tried as hard as you could to keep your screams of pain inside. If people got to close they would hear you, and you couldn’t let that happen. So, you told yourself to just endure it and you did just that. You took the pain until you were standing there in wolf form. You picked up your clothes, which were lying on the ground, with your mouth. If a wolf could sigh, you would have done so. It wasn’t easy being a werewolf, especially when it was something you had to hide from someone you loved. In that moment, just before running off, you decided that you would tell Wanda what you were. You were done keeping secrets from her.

What needs to happen in Infinity War

- Thor finds Avengers in Wakanda and asks where the Man of Iron is only to find out Tony is cleaning up the mess the Avengers left with no help at all.

- Tony rebuilding and trying to get his life back under control after being betrayed by virtually every member of Team Cap.

- Team Cap needs Tony’s help and they have to ask for his help.

- Fury telling them to fuck off because Stark is still cleaning up their last mess don’t bring another one.

- Tony telling Steve that if he wants his help he’d better get an apology, and be treated with respect, and not be alone with any member of Team Cap.

- Sam finds out that Tony gave Steve multiple chances to get help and not create the mess that was left.

- Sam finding Rhodes and making sure he’s okay and they bond over military experiences.

- Rhodes telling Sam about how Tony knew where they were and kept Ross away from them, yelling at him about how Tony had to clean up their mess even after watching his parent’s murder walk free.

- Sam being confused and asking what that means so Rhodes tells him about the tape and how Tony watched the Winter Soldier beat his father and strangle his mother. About how Cap KNEW but didn’t tell Tony, even lied to his face. About the 24 hours and how Steve said no because Tony ‘locker Wanda in her room’. About two Super Soldiers ganging up on Tony who shouldn’t have reacted violently but Sam you’re a councilor how would you have reacted to watching your parents murder with the murderer right next to you?

- Sam confront Steve about the tape, the lying, the not telling Sam about the deal that could’ve helped, about how Tony was LEFT IN THE COLD ALONE WITH A DISABLED SUIT STEVE WHAT IN THE HELL YOU DO NOT LEAVE A MAN BEHIND.

- Sam understanding that maybe Tony Stark isn’t what everyone describes.

- Sam apologizing to Tony and telling him he didn’t know any of what he’d learned.

- Tony not feeling guilty because he did the right fucking thing.


- Captain America finally getting his ass chewed for what he did to Tony and how he’s treated him over the years, accusing him of holding back secrets and being a liability when Steve didn’t tell the team the whole story!!!


- Somebody seeing Tony trying to rewrite the Accords because they were going to happen with or without him but at least he was trying to get to a point to where he could alter them!