I got inspired by @whatabunchofaholes’s fic, “Give Me My Sin Again” to make this edit! It is one of my favourites at the moment and I wanted to pay it some tribute. It is an au in which both Vision and Wanda are villains. If you would like to read it the link and summary are below. Be warned though, it is rated M for steaMiness if you know what I mean…

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10899405/chapters/24229545


‘You know, it’s too bad that you work for the organisation I want to see brought down in flames.’

‘And why is that, Ms. Maximoff?’

'Red always was my favourite colour.’

Black hearts make good bedfellows.

If Peter has to die in Infinity War, even temporarily, I want to FEEL it. No boom, he’s dead, back to the battle.

I want to see Tony hugging his dead body, hear him screaming and crying like any dad who just lost his only child.

I want to see Groot realize that, though he’s just a teen, he’s not invulnerable.

I want to see Wanda cry because she can feel Peter’s death and Tony’s grief and she knows what it’s like to lose your whole world.

I want to see Strange run over and try to staunch the blood flow, do CPR, do anything to desperately try to save his new friend.

I want to see Rhodey pulling a struggling Tony away from Peter’s body, his own voice shaking as he tries futilely to calm his best friend down.

I want to see Clint and Scott pat whatever part of their uniforms holds the picture of their kids while Clint starts moving towards Wanda.

I want to see everyone look at the friends and loved ones they have on that battlefield with shock and grief and a new terror in their eyes because the teenager - the happy, sassy, brilliant teenager with a long life ahead of him who had more protection on that battlefield than anyone thanks to Stark tech and a hoard of protective adults - was just killed in front of them. And if he couldn’t survive… can any of them?

a guy deadass just told me i can’t wear superhero shirts bc i’m a girl. look, kyle, if me having thor’s face resting comfortably on my right tiddy frightens u then take ur problems to someone who cares pls. also left boob captain america thinks u suck.