The Sky Comes Crashing (Chapter Nine)

Summary: Your relationship with Tony Stark faces the ultimate test when the Sokovia Accords are presented to the team. Sometimes, compromise just isn’t an option.

This takes place during the events of Captain America: Civil War, so spoilers for the film will be rampant throughout the series.

Word Count: 3,422

Warnings: Language, violence

A/N: Aaaaand here’s that big battle scene. Again, there is some direct dialogue from the Civil War movie - I do not claim to have written that. I may include direct dialogue from time to time throughout this series, because some of it will be key to this story.As always, thank you to @alientheatre for this request because I’m in love with it and also her.

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You took a deep, steady breath, fighting to calm your nerves as you checked your earpiece once again. It was still in place, just like the one hundred other times you’d felt for it. Scott stood beside you, muttering what sounded like a pep talk to himself. You watched as Steve ran out onto the tarmac, toward the chopper that he hoped to take. You cursed lowly to yourself, your most recent conversation with Steve still playing vividly in your mind.

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If Marvel Studios can take the time to painstakingly find an unknown actor like Tom Holland to portray their very specific version of Peter Parker than they could afford to find a Jewish/Roma actress for Scarlet Witch and Asian actors for Dr. Strange and Iron Fist.


first “no more mutants.” now what? “no more fighting?” “no more dying?” how about simply … “no more.” pietro, i love you, you know that … but i’m through being your “easy out.” i’m still not right from all that happened before, do you realize that? i’m troubled … in my head. sometimes i cry for no reason. sometimes i sleep all day.

scarlet witch #9