scarlet macaw


Every individual with autism is unique and special. They, along with everyone else, are extraordinary. We are all pieces in the puzzle. Every single piece is needed and important.

I talk a lot about this in the video so if you watch it, this might be a repeat but oh well:

I have someone very important in my life who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and that is my older brother. He has come so far and I am so proud of him.

The reason for the angel wings is from the stim that many autistic people have, which is “flapping” or the waving of the arms and/or hands when someone is agitated or excited. My brother in particular has this stim, so I wanted to incorporate it into this autism piece. My friend Notty mentioned birds when I was developing this, and I decided on the wings of a scarlet macaw, because these birds have the colors of the autism ribbon. Speaking of the ribbon, I adore the autism ribbon with all its puzzle pieces.

The boy was inspired by my brother. Same facial structure, same big eyebrows, same one sided dimple, and extra floofy hair.

Happy Autism Awareness Month


Woo, fat fluffy raptors! Now imagine a squad of these. Imagine Jurassic World. Blinded by the colours as they run through the jungle AND they have pointy teeth. Bok bok bok.

 I also have an Art Station now! It’s kind lame still but I’ll be posting lots of toothy monsters and stuff over there. If you have one let me know so I can follow you and be pals.