scaring my sis

the cats are so scared of my lil sis lmao. two ran away when she came in, blackjack came to me for protection, and the other just flattened his ears

arishoks asked:

“We should make a fake crime scene to scare the shit outta your parents.”

Aden leaned back into his seat, stretching his arms out as he contemplated the thought. “You know I would,” he said as he turned to Piper. “But after that fake pregnancy thing, I think we’re still on thin ice with the ‘rents. We’re probably better off scaring my sis and her girlfriend instead.”

A Cry for Help.

It’s funny how I see all the facebook posts about how great they’re father’s are. It’s definitely a joy to behold. The only thing is that right now my family might and most likely be torn apart.

I was up at 2:38am playing Destiny because Angelo and I were grinding up stuff, while we were traveling I happend to look at my facebook and see my mama just message me a bunch of times saying she needs help and that I need to contact my Great Aunt to help out ASAP.

Needless to say, I got to talk to my mama and a whole bunch of shit blew up. My dad is throwing a fit and breaking things downstairs in the condo. My mama is scared and took my sis upstairs to my grandparents condo. My dad is more than just stressed, he’s gone irrational and is basically raging right now since he’s tearing his head out at the world. 

I’m too tired to even explain the crap that I want to say here. Im just too tired and helpless but to watch my family fade away. This past week I thought I would get something and mail it to my dad to cheer him up from the stress he has from work and school. I guess not. I don’t know what to do. My family is most likely going to break up and I’m not prepared for this. This is my dad and my mama. My sister won’t even be able to know what it’s like to know the caring father that I did. She’s going to be scarred forever from this.

I want to be with my family right now. I want to go back home and comfort all of them. FUCK. Why does it always have to be like this. Why is it that once I leave it goes all to shit. Can’t I just live for awhile away and come back to it just as it was before?

Some fucking father’s day. Come on dada… I know this isn’t you. Please come back to dad you were… the one who showed me how to play baseball even though I never pursued it. The one who showed my my favorite game. The one who showed me to get fit with P90X-2 that one summer. No matter how hard you were I did it howeer I could. You are my dad and I hate to see or hear you like this. It’s okay to ask for help dad. It’s okay to lean on somebody occaisionally. You of all should know that well. Please come back to your senses and dont let your pride get in the way. Jesus Christ. You’re the only dad I know and I can’t get that back if you leave