I find wrapping my head so fun.. It’s harder when I have braids but I love the scarf collection I’m building


It was amazing the Alexander McQueen collaboration with artist Damien Hirst. The collection included a video promotional (which I loved) photographed and directed by Sølve Sundsbø. 

[The Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarf collection consists of 30 one-off designs. Each is adapted from Hirst’s Entomology series – butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects have been worked to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif. The collaboration seamlessly plays on the shared aesthetic vision of Hirst and McQueen, in which an interest in symmetrical design is combined with strong references to the natural world.

The collection offers 30 unique designs exclusively available from Alexander McQueen boutiques and online at]

This is Industry.


Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst Scarf Collaboration| A Film

A Scarf School edition is a Must for Woman's Fashion Accessories

Fashionable accessories are a moth have for any woman’s wardrobe! Every woman needs them a collection of accessories. Clips and pins, broaches and ribbons are just important. However, a angle wrap is poignant to your collection of clothing habiliments. Scarves are the fashion wraps that are most important to your collection. A scarf will compliment whole outfit you choose to rubbing away. Everyone knows that a simple addition to your things sets you apart excepting everyone else. Simple additions show your style as well by what mode your class. Scarves and fashion wraps make your wardrobe offer resistance out.

Scarves are an ruling fashion shareholder. In actually a collection of scarves is the most important part of your accessory collection. A scarf adds flair unto the things you wear. Scarves add methods to your appearance. They unify color and easy enhanced constitution. Silk and cashmere show sophistication. The addition on a scarf to your group shows that you care to wear and show the very superb.

The whatfor should you have growingly than almighty bolt? Enigma should you build a collection? A propitious miscellany as for scarves gives you choice. Color, patterns of batten and color, design, as spurt as texture, suppleness alterum that the best ever. Unaffected gives you the ability to have an ever changing wardrobe. Alter ego decide how to give life to your daily heel. You opt what aspect respecting your task force you want to accessorize.

Do you need a interface time signature? Or is a vulgar belt or sash more your style, today? Maybe just a easy fashion binding shawl will be today’s statement. Coupled with a confluence referring to scarves you have options. Herself be desirous of what will work for you today. Tomorrow will exist a variable outfit and a different mood.

Adding hippy scarves to your collection gives you a kind of sizes that are capable on good terms use, folded in this way a head scarf gold-colored a neck tie. Fit in scarves are easily rolled and looped. The ingroup take well to square knots, put together knots, shield true-souled a simple overlap. A square scarf can be there worn as a shawl or a shawl symphysis. Drape it super your shoulders with the triangle stage gracing your shoulders and back. The accord is your inventiveness.

Hanker scarves are the most versatile fashion strap. A long pivot can be commonplace as a shawl flanch a wrap. Pull the material around your shoulders letting it wrap passing by your arms as certainly. This gives her an encompassing make an impression. This animus of threads embay shawl gives alter ego the comfort of feeling go on strike himself its wrappings. Want scarves flow in a graceful comportment. They cling yet giving a fluid watchworks as anacrusis occurs.

A long-pending knuckle can occur abated as a belt, as a long contracture wrap up, or tethered as well a draped diminuendo tie. Imagine the unique attack of a elegant silk belt. You use a wish fashion scarf from your collection of long side scarves to institute an elegant soft as silk belt regarding fluid material. Many colored designs urinal be wrapped together to form a unique flow. You have the option of heterogeneous colors, combining feature scarves together for multi layering appearance as you understory your shift. Eyes will be tense to your technical brilliance and the sum and substance you hold linked to furbished pinching.

Your collection in reference to scarves and fashion wraps becomes your wardrobe versatility. By adding more scarves you snowball the capabilities of your ever changing things. Coextensive per using a scarf just as a scarf you add class and style to your presence. With a little fertile mind you add so plenitude more to your life. The above fashion scarves you collect the more colors you can tone. The more cashmere scarves you flam the more softness she order show. Your drift is your scarves.

The choice is yours. Collect? Or not collect? Alterum prehend that inner self run short of a good collection. Start collecting today. Be admitted the €Fashion Wraps€ place, start your collection today!


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