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Who leaves hickeys where they’re going to be visible on the other’s neck? Who is the one going to a family gathering wearing 10 scarves? (finding these on one of those imagine your OTP twitter accounts and there's just sooo many caskets possibilities)

She’s going to kill him for this. Slow, long, and brutally punish him just as he has so blatantly punished her, because that’s what the obscenely visible hickeys on her neck are – punishment.  

Kate told him about the family gathering she was guilted into attending with her dad this weekend and Castle wanted to go with her, meet her family.  

She said no.

“Are you – do I embarrass you?” he asked her the night before, genuine hurt seeping into his eyes, his brow furrowed deep in question, as if he just couldn’t fathom why else she wouldn’t want him to come along, like the only conclusion that made sense was her being ashamed of him.

Ridiculous man.

“Castle, no,” she sighed, crossing the space of her living room between them. It was her place that night; they’ve been taking turns. “I could never be embarrassed by you, us. I just know if I brought the person I’m seeing, certain members of my family would turn your presence into a spectacle, followed by an interrogation. Asking about marriage and babies and-”

“All of which you don’t see yourself having with me?”

He tilted his head to the side, the statement more of an assessment than the question he posed it as, but then his lips quirked in the corners, amused, most likely, by the horrified expression she wore. “Kate, it’s okay.”

“No, no, it’s not that,” she sputtered anyway, raking a hand through her hair while he continued to watch her from the sofa. “I’m not ashamed or embarrassed and it has nothing to do with our future together, I’m just not-”

“Ready,” he finished for her, the amusement gone from his lips, an understanding smile in its place. But she hated it, hated herself for it, for making him wait yet again. They’ve been together for over a month, she loves him, but she wasn’t yet ready to share all of this with her gossipy Aunt Theresa or her hopelessly romantic cousin Sophia, or the slew of other nosy relatives who cared more about using her life for new conversation material than anything else.  

“Not ready to share you with them yet, no,” she admitted with a shrug of her shoulders, drifting in closer to bump her knees against his, let him see the smile blooming on her lips. “But if you really want to come, Rick, then come with me. Charm my relatives that I see maybe twice a year and finally shut them up about how I’m going to die alone.”

Castle scoffed and reached for her hips, drawing her forward until she folded into a straddle across his lap.  

“Well, they’re definitely wrong,” he mused, gliding his broad palms up the backs of her thighs, cupping her ass through the tight denim of her jeans. “But I’ll pass, wait for the next gathering when you’re telling me about it because you’re begging me to accompany you.”

“Begging, huh?” she smirked, rocking her hips forward and dropping her fingers to the buttons of his shirt. “What if I’m begging you to accompany me this time?”

“Too late,” Castle sighed, his lips in a wicked grin that he pressed to the exposed skin of her neck, opening his mouth at the hollow of her throat and setting her on fire. “But I’ll make you beg for an entirely different reason in just a few minutes.”

And damn him he did. He turned her into a writhing, pleading mess, crying out beneath his mouth as she clutched the sheets beneath her and arched her spine. All while he was purposely mapping out her skin with his tongue, his teeth. Decorating her neck in varying shades of purples and red. And it felt so good, she never even considered stopping him.

Even now, standing in her closet, debating which scarf she’ll be banding around her neck to attend Aunt Theresa’s 67th birthday party despite the warm forecast outside, she still can’t say she would have stopped him.  

Kate plucks a creamy white scarf from her collection, wraps the soft fabric around her throat, only to notice another blooming bruise behind her ear, vibrant and low enough to be seen even through the curtain of her hair.  

“Castle,” she growls, stalking out of her closet to head for the bathroom, digging through her makeup bag for her liquid concealer.  

At least, her mind supplies while she dabs makeup onto the stain of color, there is no risk of anyone seeing the others.

Her stomach flutters.

No, the marks on her hips, her thighs, her breasts… those weren’t punishment at all.

She saw him at first as a child, when he had collected her scarf from the sea, and she told him that from that day forward she had loved him, because he was courageous like a man; and then she reminded him of when he would sit by her side and listen to Daddy Daaé’s tales, and she loved him even more then because he was gentle like a girl; and then later, when he had returned, she had hated him, because he hadn’t dared to speak the words that her heart, unknowingly, was waiting to hear, and this was even further proof that she loved him. She had never stopped loving him with the most pure love, for as far back as she could remember.(x)

Pjo Characters as things me and my family have said/done part 2

Grover: Mhh, yes. The scent of freshly murdered grass. You humans have strange tastes

 Hazel: *blinking rapidly* Gah, I can’t see

Frank: why not? 

Hazel: it’s too white outside

 Frank: That’s because you took off your sunglasses 

 Frank: When my mom was out of town for work, I stayed with a friend who lived on Breakneck Circle

 Percy: So what happens when you order pizza? 

Frank: dunno, I’m lactose intolerant 

 Thalia: When I was younger, around 9 or something like that, I thought that people were trapped in our radio and tortured to sing for us. So imagine my surprise and anger when I asked for my mom to change the radio and the next station was playing the same horrible song 

 Annabeth: My aunt refers to my cat as the Mofia Kitty because he owns every room hr walks into 

Percy: that’s nice 

Piper: That’s a terrible thing to do! 

Leo: Well yeah, what did you expect? If you can’t be good, be good at it 

Reyna: I once took Jason to a bar while we were in Virginia for some Legion business, and decided to anonymously buy him a Shirley Temple and put the bill on my receipt. He begged the waitress to tell him who bought it, but she only gave in when he offered to buy that person’s meal. I enjoyed that day

Nyssa: I’m going to Lowes, anything you need?

Leo: A can of sanity. It should be in the paint primer isle

Nyssa: Yeah, I don’t think they sell things that big

Jason: One day when mom was taking me and my sister home, we stopped by Starbucks because it’s a crime if we don’t. Anyways, Thalia got a coffee and I decided to try something I’ve seen on tv before. It was some Indiana Jones movie, he had to drink some blood and he wouldn’t so they pinched his nose. So I called Thalia’s name, and as she was turning to look at me, I reached out and pinched her nose. Her eyes went really wide and she blew a mouthful of coffee all over me and started cackling

Hylla: Reyna, how did you like Wonder Woman

Reyna: She was very hot

Hylla: Oh my gods, I’m on the phone!

Percy: Holy frick

Annabeth: What?

Percy: I got an 87 on my science end of course

Annabeth: Oh my gods, that’s amazing!

Percy: I know, and it says I’m in the 99th national percentile! I’m better at guessing than 99 percent of 10th graders!

Annabeth: Sorry, what?

Piper: Hey Annabeth?

Annabeth: Yeah?

Piper: What’s the population of the Earth?

Annabeth: 7.5 billion and counting.

Piper: That’s a lot

Annabeth: Yeah, people don’t know how to stop reproducing

Piper: So it’s like Pi; it keeps going when people don’t want it to

Percy: When I was about 3 or 4, I had this dream where I placed Gabe on the banister on the second floor of the house we were living in, took away his stair privileges, and sat at the fireplace with my mom while we drank hot chocolate. Instead of a fire, there was piles and piles of snow pouring out of the fireplace. I lived in Georgia and it was a 1 story tall house. 

Drew: In 8th grade, I changed school from a good school in Washington State to a crappy uniform prison in Georgia. Well I hate uniforms with a passion, so I went and found the dress code pamphlet for the school. My mom and I read over it several times and came to exactly two conclusions: they can’t make me where belts if I don’t have beltloops so I can cut all of the pants I had to own, and no where did it say I can not wear scarves. So we quickly built up the most loud and colourful scarf collection and I wore a scarf every single day

Drew: In GEORGIA. Because frick the system, I will never bow to the lowly

Frank: When I was talking to my dad, the subject of socialism and capitalism came up and I told him “Socialism, in personal opinion, is much better than capitalism. However Americans are very narcissistic and are too proud to admit we are slowly dying”

Percy: I once emailed Advil asking if I threw a bottle of Advil at Zeus if he would disappear. That was about a year ago and I still haven’t heard back


Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

The collar of your top only just covered the large purple mark on your neck. Your mind wondered as you jogged down the stairs and grabbed your bag, heading out the front to find Stiles on his drive.

“You want a lift?” Stiles yelled.

“Yes please.” You said as you hopped over the hedge, tugging your collar to make sure your hickey was covered.

Unfortunately, as you got out of the Jeep at school Stiles spotted it and asked what it was, laughing when you wouldn’t tell him who it was. Then began the long guessing game of who you’d been with which Scott and Lydia joined, both being more curious than Stiles.

It had been a mutual decision made between you and Isaac to keep your relationship a secret, there were other, more important things going on in Beacon hills. Stiles and Scott continued their discussion as they headed into their first class and sat near the back so they could try to figure out the puzzle.


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Overwatch: Keep Her Safe

Merry Christmas nerds! Thank you @nikanono for the idea!

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“C’mon Emily we’re gonna be late!” Lena huffed, standing in the snow with her hands planted at her hips, pouting as her girlfriend made no movement to hurry up as requested.

She instead rolled her eyes, carefully readjusting herself to hold the container in one hand while the other looped through Lena’s arm as she passed, dragging her along, forcing her to move backwards.

“A recurring thing today isn’t it?” she winked, tugging her in just close enough to place a quick kiss on her cheek. Despite it being beyond freezing Lena was still warm, the girl was a natural heater, which worked out well during the winter time, she made an excellent big spoon.

She mumbled, unable to stay “mad” at her for too long, slipping her arm free to turn around facing correctly though her hand was quick to find hers.

“Well we wouldn’t be in a hurry if you didn’t jump me on the couch…”

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pls do the 3 ninjas as mc's friends instead of lovers???? i want to know wha t you think

I put a modern twist to this, hope you don’t mind :) It felt more natural imagining them in this setting


  • Saizo will be that friend who teases you whenever he has the chance
  • Unlike his relationship with Yukimura though, he won’t go so far with his biting remarks. After all, how often is it that he actually gets to interact with women on a purely casual and platonic level?

MC: *eye twitches* “I thought you were my friend.”

Saizo: “I am. But it is my duty, as a friend, to tell you that you suck at this.”

  • The Designated Drama King™
  • He’s your go-to person if you need something figured out. Car having trouble? Dog not eating? Unsure if your dress matches these shoes? Saizo’s your KIA (know-it-all) friend — in a good way!
  • Of course since you’re almost always stuck in a rut and in need of his help, you have an unlimited supply of dango for bribing purposes. Actually he might have taught you how to prepare dango in the first place
  • One of your rare bonding moments would be cooking. Saizo’s pretty average in the kitchen but he can make a mean braised beef soup
  • Which he prepares for you when you’re sick, and it’s so touching because he rarely does anything that’s wholly genuine and kind
  • But as soon as you bring it up you bet he’d shoot you down hard
  • Honestly he doesn’t know how someone as annoying as you managed to be close with him
  • Despite his slight standoffish behavior, you know you’ve found a lifelong and loyal friend in him

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help I can’t stop drawing him. I might actually be becoming *deep breath* invested.

The main idea was to hop over the border for a day or two, to visit some friends “real quick”. BUT he got arrested, nearly had his head lopped off, and then the cursed dragon– It did give him a chance to get out of there while everyone was panicking, though. And now he’s lost. So hopelessly lost. Someone please give this lizard a map.

As those of you know who have been following my posts about the Gaulois publication of Phantom, Leroux cut a large section out of Chapter 12 (“You Must Forget the Name of ‘the Man’s Voice’”) when he published his 1st Edition. For those of you who would like to see that omitted text in one place, here it is in its entirety:


Raoul spoke this “perhaps” with such love and despair that Christine was unable to hold back a sob; but the strength of her will quickly subdued her emotion, and she had the courage to question the young man without dwelling on her sorrow.

“Why have you asked me his name, since you know it?”

"To know that I was not dreaming! To know that I had really heard it!… … And now, Christine, you have nothing more to tell me!… Goodbye!…”

The young man bid farewell to Mama Valérius, who did not speak a word to detain him, since he had ceased to indulge her ward; then, more coldly still, he bowed before Christine, who did not return his farewell gesture, and “straight as an arrow,” but feebly, to the point where he thought he would faint as he took the third step that led him from Christine, he pushed open the chamber door and entered the sitting room.

The young woman’s hand, gentle upon his shoulder, stopped him there. They were alone, standing between the portraits of Professor Valérius and Daddy Daaé. Christine gestured toward them and said:

"If I swear to you, before them, that I love you, Raoul, will you believe me?”

“I will believe you, Christine,” assured the young man, who only asked to be consoled.

“Well, understand then, standing before them, Raoul, understand that if I have pitied Erik, it is because I love you!”

“Good Heavens!” breathed the Vicomte … and he sat down.

Needless to say, he wished to hear more, and the conversation was beginning to please him.

“Speak, Christine,” he begged… “Speak!… You have brought me back to life, for as I said farewell, I thought that I was going to die…”

She sat beside him, so close that he felt the movement of her gentle breath. He looked at her, unable to sate his gaze with this angel who loved him; but she did not look at him. And she spoke without seeing Raoul, or rather without looking in his direction. She saw him at first as a child, when he had collected her scarf from the sea, and she told him that from that day forward she had loved him, because he was courageous like a man; and then she reminded him of when he would sit by her side and listen to Daddy Daaé’s tales, and she loved him even more then because he was gentle like a girl; and then later, when he had returned, she had hated him, because he hadn’t dared to speak the words that her heart, unknowingly, was waiting to hear, and this was even further proof that she loved him. She had never stopped loving him with the most pure love, for as far back as she could remember.

Raoul, who was crying softly, took Christine’s hand and could not refrain from asking her why she had behaved in such an icy fashion with him when he had thrown himself at her feet in her dressing room, and why she had always attempted to rebuff him when he tried to meet with her.

She replied in a calm and serious voice:

“Because, rightly, I did not want to be compelled to tell you, my dear, what I am telling you today. It was my intention that you would always be unaware of the love that I have confessed to you.”

“And the reason for this?” implored Raoul anxiously.

“The reason was that I did not want to distract you from your duties, Raoul, and because I loved you enough to not want you to feel remorse. I live between these two images,” she added, gesturing to the portraits of her dear departed; “the day that I am no longer worthy of looking upon them, my dear, I shall die.”

“Christine, you shall be my wife!”

Raoul uttered these words while looking at the two witnesses who regarded him from their frames with exaggerated and stylized smiles. The young woman said to him calmly:

“I knew that you would be ready to commit such folly. And this is again why I have hidden from you the tenderness of my feelings, Raoul!”

"Where do you see folly in this?” protested the Vicomte naively. “Where is the folly in marrying you if I love you? And would you think me wise to marry someone that I didn’t love?”

“It is folly, my dear,” Christine persisted harshly, “it is folly for us to ‘get married at your age,’ you, the heir to the de Chagnys, and me, an actress and the daughter of a village fiddler, and this in spite of your family. I will never allow it! People would say that you had lost your mind, or that I had caused you to lose it, which would be worse!”

As harsh as the singer’s response had been, it had at least been tempered by the words, “at your age.” Raoul saw in this certain hope.

“I shall wait!” he cried, “I shall wait for as long as you wish, so that everyone shall know that my resolve is unshakable and that my heart is in agreement with my head.”

“Your brother will never consent to such a union!”

“I shall bring him round, Christine. When he sees me ready to die of despair, he will have to give in.”

“Your family will cast you out!”

“No, for you shall be with me, and when they see you, they will be unable to do without you. Oh, Christine, listen to me … if you wish it to be, nothing in the world can stop us from being happy!”

Christine had risen. She shook her head and a bitter smile passed across her pale lips.

“You must abandon this hope, my dear…”

“I swear to you that you shall be my wife!”

“And I,” cried Christine in an exclamation of peculiar sorrow… “and I, I have sworn that I shall never be!”

Raoul hesitated… He had no doubt misheard… He wanted to hear it again.

“You have sworn… You have sworn that you will never be my wife? Christine? And to whom, then, mademoiselle, have you made this fine oath, if not to the one whose gold ring you have accepted?”

Christine did not reply. Raoul pressed her to explain herself. The young man’s agitation was acute. The fire of jealousy was overcoming him anew. It frightened him.

“Take comfort!” she cried in a delirium where love and modesty engaged in the most seductive struggle… “I have sworn to myself that I would have no other husband but you.”

“Yes, but you will not marry me!” groaned Raoul. “This is a sorrowful remedy for my pain. What strange oaths, Christine! And how convoluted all of this is, even though I have esteemed you to be candor itself… What! You swear to yourself to have no other husband but me, and yet you make an oath to another that you will never marry me! To whom, then, Christine? I want to know… Wretch that I am, I already know! And you say that you love me and that you want me to believe you! You forget that I know the name of the man’s Voice!

She took his hands then and looked at him with all of the pure affection of which she was capable, and the young man, beneath the gaze of those eyes, felt his pain already subsiding.

“Raoul,” she said, “I have given you the confession of my love to have the right to tell you: You must forget the man’s voice and never again even recall his name … and never again attempt to fathom the mystery of theman’s voice.”

“This mystery is so very terrible?”

She raised her lovely arms toward the two silent figures, witnesses half smiling, half saddened by these strange words; her eyes became gloomy, and her throat choked back a sob. She said:

“There is none more terrible on this earth!”

A silence separated the two youths. Raoul was overwhelmed. She continued to win him over…

A Family for Christmas (1/2)

Merry Christmas to @shady-swan-jones​!  I’m your Gutter Flower Secret Santa! Although I think you figured it out already… Better late than never, right?

Summary: Attorney Killian Jones’s world is rocked when learns that his estranged father has passed away and that he may have a half-brother he never knew about. The very same day, Emma Swan walks into his office asking for his help in adopting the son she gave up years ago -  a child she somehow managed to track down after years in the foster system.  Is it fate? Can they each help the other find the family they are seeking in time for Christmas?

Otherwise known as: I watched too many Hallmark/Lifetime/FreeForm Christmas movies and this is what happened.


“Italian or Chinese?”

“Well I should think he’d be English, obviously, much like my dashing self.” Killian nudged Emma’s shoulder teasingly. “Bloody hell, Swan, what kind of detective are you?”

Emma rolled her eyes. They were two hours into another evening of scouring every corner of the internet for a trace of Killian’s elusive probable half-brother, but yet again the trail had gone frustratingly cold.

“I meant for dinner, wise-ass.”

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 Being best friends with Isaac Lahey would include: 

• piggy back rides
• going out spontaneously
• for like ice cream or swimming
• having a ‘spot’ in the park that the two of you go to when things get too much and you need to think
• being friends with Isaac before he was werewolf
• being Isaacs escape when his dad beat him
• fighting with Isaac about his sudden cocky and arrogant attitude
“Fine. Then don’t bother talking to me until I can recognise you again.”
• Isaac realising his mistake and telling you everything over ice cream and your favourite foods
• accepting that the supernatural exists
• giving Isaac a key to your house (though he uses the window more) so he can come over whenever he wants
• particularly at night when he has nightmares and he slips into your bed and you stroke his head as you cuddle
• always being asked if you’re together, but you and Isaac know that you’re too close to be anything more than best friends
• study dates and revision together
• being in tune with each other’s emotions so you always notice when something’s off
• Derek being like an older brother that you love to annoy
• and he pretends he hates your antics but secretly loves it and you (like a sister)
• having a room in the loft
• linking arms
• playful headlocks
• random hugs from behind
• forehead kisses
• Isaac teaching you how to fight because he doesn’t want to see you hurt
• Isaac picking on your height
• using you as an arm rest 
• telling cheesy jokes
• always calming Isaac down, whether it be from a fit or rage or panic from his claustrophobia
• cheering him on at lacrosse games
• sometimes wearing his practice jersey
• long talks
• sharing his scarf collection
• not hiding things from each other
• being devastated when your best friend moves to France over a girl and didn’t notify you
“I’m sorry, I just- I- I couldn’t stay it hurt, and I had nothing anymore”
“Damn it Isaac, you had ME, you’ve always had me, and right now I need you, my best friend”
• convincing Isaac to back to beacon hills, to come home
“… Because you’re not the only one I called”
• *Isaac emerges from the shadows eyes glowing amber* (how the episode should have happened)
• “leave me again and I’ll kick your werewolf ass Lahey”