scarf demon

Nero: God I hope Dante can show up for once without acting weird as fuck

Kyrie: Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be fine-

Dante, showing up with a fucking demon scarf and cowboy hat nobody has seen before, riding a demon motorcycle up to the house while clearly drunk and carrying Kalina Ann, a giant fucking meat sword that she only saw being wielded by the guy that kidnapped her and put her in the core of a demon statue, and a cartoony amount of other demon weapons on his back: yeehaw


Kyrie: Nero, I’ll lock the front door, you be a dear and get the back, okay?

So today at ComicCon I cosplayed as Martha while my brother and his friend cosplayed as Gene and Jirard from Friend Like Me. This was Dodie’s reaction to the costumes.

And we got a second picture on Dodie’s phone which she tweeted and I was very overwhelmed when I got home and saw that.

After this the guys went back to their table and I was left with Dodie and I was so overwhelmed that I just started crying. Dodie gave me lots of hugs and just told me to breathe while I was just trying to give her the things I needed to.

I gave her all the “Open When…” letters and she seemed to really love them! I also gave her a few other things and then we took some “teary eyed pictures” as Dodie put it.

After this I was going to buy one of Dodie’s shirts but Jamie Jo was selling them and I was really embarrassed because I was just crying my eyes out while trying to compose myself enough to ask her for a picture. I did get a picture in the end but walked away without getting the top.

(you can really see the pain and embarrassment in my eyes, i was being soo awkward, Jamie looks cute though)

After this we went and got into Sammy’s queue to meet them all properly and got some extra picture that Sammy later posted on twitter (my notifs have been blowing up all night, thank you very much Sammy)

Later in the day the following things happened: met chloe dungate, tomska and evan edinger, got evan, chloe, Sammy and chris to sign my ukulele, met a really nice guy when queueing for Dodie again (cos I forgot to say some things when I was busy crying) also Connor if you see this, message me! It was really cool talking to you!

We also went to Dodie’s performance/ q&a thing ans tom’s performance thing and it was all really cool!

After this a few other completely unimportant things happened but yeah!

After months of revising and exams and more stress than I can cope with I was really able to enjoy today. It really brightened my mood and I don’t think it’s something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

In all honesty this was one of the best days of my life and I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to have this happen and for all these amazing things! it truly is incredible,

Also two last bonus pictures (some merch I got);

An OC of mine that I recently designed. (This looks terrible cause it’s literally just a sketch i colored and then cleaned up cause I’m lazy lmboooooo)

i have problems with developing OC’s with rich backstories and quirks and then not actually knowing 100%n what they look like???

Anyways she’s been my character for quite some time. Her name is Silo.

Gender: Female (She has no sexual characteristics since she’s a monster, but decided she wanted to be female because “The female gender is pretty” she says)

She’s an eldritch demon huntress that can speak in many different languages (except French and Dutch, she can’t speak a lick of Dutch and butchers French horribly lmbo)

Silo in total I want to say is 1000+ years old? She doesn’t age. 

Silo  is also kind of emotionless in a way, she has emotions, but can’t express them on her face, so she has a perpetual blank expression. She can show slight shock and surprise though, since that mostly an involuntary action. 

She’s no stranger to the cruelties of mankind and has been incarcerated directly and indirectly on the premise of what she is, an abomination created by a great evil.

Despite everything, she’s still incredibly polite and even reserved in nature! She’s a little naive in nature though, she’s far too trusting of people that are good to her. (having to do with her backstory)

Her favorite person in the world is a scientist that helped her escape from a secure facility that she was detained at for many years. They’re best friends and she protects him with her life.

Newsies as YouTubers AU

open for discussion! I have no clue what any of this is so feel free to debate me on it

davey: booktuber / vlogger

jack: mostly art (speeddraws etc.) and the occasional vlog or sketch comedy (check out scarf demon. kinda like hers, but with way more art videos than anything else)

sarah: covers / original songs / vlogs (kinda like doddleoddle / carrie hope fletcher)

katherine: comedies and feminism ((like hazel hayes (chewingsand))

les: vine

race: vine, prank channel, gaming channel

crutchie: BAKING CHANNEL with lotsa special guests (think rosanna pansino)

medda: she runs don’t fight me on this

elmer: vlogs and short skits

spot: a frequent visitor to everyone’s channels (espec. race and elmer’s) and eventually gets peer pressured into making a channel where he just does random shit

romeo: makeup tutorials and vlogs (specs is usually his muse/model)

albert: stupid sketch comedies and vlogs (like sammy paul or jack and dean)

smalls: prank channel. has an ongoing war with race

mike and ike: a prank channel. obvs.

mush: booktuber. 

blink: kinda like spot, he just shows up in their videos in the background. has a pretty iconic snapchat / instagram tho (mostly bc it involves the others fucking around behind the scenes)

buttons: sorta has a makeup channel? mostly its just whatever strikes his fancy, though. posted a cover once and it blew up hella big. is scared to do it again.

tommy boy: a daily vlog channel. he lives in an RV and goes around America / Canada and films all of it. collabs with the others when he’s in their state / country