scarefest challenge

Day 1: Revenge - Shenanigans

Short story #1 for the @fuckyeahrtfanfic October Scarefest.

A little different for me, set in the real world.
 Horror themes and dark humour.
~1300 words. Genfic.
Read on AO3.

Geoff awoke with a start to someone looming over him as zip ties fastened his wrists tightly to the bedframe. To be honest, he wasn’t entirely surprised. The Family reunion was bound to be full of shenanigans after all. In fact, it was more surprising that nothing had happened the first night. But he wasn’t expecting the face that turned into view, hair wild and dishevelled, some kind of black paint roughly smeared around his eyes.

Ryan? What the fuck?”

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So this is a thing I’m doing I guess, major warning for character death, violence and a bit of gore

Ryan leaves the penthouse the day they lose him.

The crew doesn’t say anything, they are all grieving too much to notice when the Vagabond slips through their front door. He knows he is not coming back but he doesn’t bother to say goodbye. Jeremy never said goodbye either so why should he?

They are mid celebration after a successful heist when a bullet rips through his neck like it was nothing, his blood sprays over Ryan clothes and for a few seconds he can only stare as Jeremy’s body crumples to the floor like paper. Geoff was the first to move, putting three bullets on the lucky shooter but it takes both Michael and Jack to make him move. Later he’d resent them, would be angry at Geoff for killing the motherfucker that took Jeremy away from them before he could, angry at Michael and Jack for ripping him from his body and leaving it behind to the vultures, angry at Gavin for being the first to break down, angry at Jeremy for dying in such a boring and unjeremy like fashion but most importantly angry at himself for not doing anything, for letting him die a coward’s death in an unmarked alleyway and being too scared to move, to save him, to do something, anything.

But at that moment, Ryan is numb and he continues that way for the weeks that follow.

The lucky shooter was from a small crew beginning to form, people in way over their heads who didn’t understand that hurting a fake only brings fire and destruction their way. He takes pleasure in killing each and every one of them like he never had before and is only when every wall is painted with their blood that he stops.

It still hurts but he has yet to shed a single tear.

He goes for the guys family next. Kills innocents just to chase down a feeling of satisfaction he can no longer remember. A part of him knows Jeremy would frown upon this but it hurts less when he has a gun in his hand and warm blood on his face so he ignores that thought, after all Jeremy is no longer there to tell him what he can and cannot do.

It’s only when he starts chasing after the LSPD that the crew finds him, corners him in the hotel he is staying and begs him to stop, to come home with them. “We miss him too.” They say but it’s not true, at least not the same way that Ryan does. “We can go back to how we were.”  Is another lie they tell because Ryan can’t imagine a world without Jeremy, much less a family.

For a moment he considers killing them too, thinks too long about breaking their necks and hearing their begs for mercy or about making them swallow their own traitorous tongues and tasting their lies themselves but he can’t. He might be broken but a part of him is still Ryan and that part will always love them.

He cries for the first time in a dirty hotel floor as what’s left of his family holds him close against their chests. He hears their heartbeat as they cry with him and for just a second, Ryan pretends to hear a fifth one comfort him too

title: heads will roll
word count: 1,619
ship(s): implied minor ot3 — Parker/Andrew/Jeremy
warning(s): mentions of cannibalism, body horror, gore, defamation of a corpse and violence. heavy themes of murder and drugs.
a/n: written in spooky pine au. here’s the scarefest challenge list. this is for the first prompt: revenge. could be read as an alternate route to this fic.

            The full moon sounded a siren across the city, an outcry of men turned rabid, beasts reaching filthy hands towards the beacon of light shining down upon them from the night sky — as the sun sets, the Sugar Pine 7 crew bickers over who will spend their evening alone with their friend-turned-foe and, as most arguments end here, a flimsy compromise is met. Reluctantly, Steven drives his friend to another location, one that James soon recognizes as the home of a mutual…something of theirs.

            “This is just for the night,” Steven explains, seeming to sense the distaste as soon as the vehicle approaches the residence. “…c’mon, it won’t be that bad. He’s probably got tons of, uh, bodies and stuff for you to…eat?”

             “I don’t eat people, dude. That’s —”

             “ — and would you look at that, we’re here! “ with that, words spoken with obvious impatience and, perhaps, fear, Steven gestures for James to exit the car, for him to approach the front door of perhaps the shadiest man he’s ever known. Fuck.

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Oct 2: Ouija (yes I know I've posted them out of order)

Summary: When Ryan brings a Ouija Board to the penthouse, Jeremy wants nothing to do with it, even though the others tease him about being scared. How could any of them expect what was to happen to them?

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Categories: Gen, M/M

Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF

Relationship: Ryan Haywood/Jeremy Dooley

Characters: Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood, Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey, Michael Jones, Gavin Free

Additional Tags: Blood, Possession, Demons, Ouija Board, FYRTFF Scarefest Challenge 2017, jeremwood, Horror

Day 8: Skeleton

Fic #8 for the FYRTFF October Scarefest Challenge.

~1000 words. Horror. RPF Genfic. 
Read on AO3.

Ryan strolled onto the Off Topic set late, it wasn’t like they’d been missing him; it was supposed to be Michael, Jeremy, Jack and Geoff, but Gavin had somehow missed a flight and apparently had nothing better to do, so he’d showed up to hang out as well. Meanwhile, Ryan had (finally) completed his designated task of trying to install Fuel. He wasn’t sure if he should be thrilled or disappointed, but it left him with an empty conflicted feeling that killed any motivation to be productive, so eventually boredom and curiosity got the better of him and he headed over.

“Heeeyy! It’s Ryan!” Michael greeted him in the most suspicious way possible. They’d probably been talking about him. What else was new?

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Oct 5: Blood

Summary: The Vagabond is the most feared person in Los Santos. But what does he fear?

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Category: Gen

Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF

Characters: Ryan Haywood, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey, Jeremy Dooley

Additional Tags: Vagabond, Blood, Horror, Graphic Violence, Scarefest, FYRTFF Scarefest Challenge 2017, FAHC, Angst, Pain, implied Jeremwood, Inner Demons, struggle with inner demons, Poor Ryan, Jeremy is the best friend, Gore

Day 4: Midnight

A snippet inspired by @staranon95 astroneer AU fic Expedition Wild West

Jeremy missed home.

He wouldn’t tell that to the guys, he was happy in Sorola-6, he really was, bt as he watches the two moons travel their way up the sky and the countless nameless constellations that light the night from the light glass dome inside their base he can’t help but wonder what his family is doing back on his own planet, are they looking up to the sky and thinking of him?

“The fuck are you doing up?” A voice asks behind him and Jeremy wipes his head around so fast he almost fall in the motion. On the doorway that leads to their sleeping quarters stood Michael, still in his boxers, looking half asleep.

“I was just umm” he tries to come up with an excuse, he knows Michael and sure Jeremy can take a joke, he wouldn’t have gotten through training while being 5”4’ if he couldn’t, but this is a bit more personal than usual and he is a bit scared of what the other might think of it. He can’t really come up with a good excuse however so he just drops his shoulders.“It’s stupid, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

Michael raises an eyebrow and leaves, Jeremy let’s out a relieved sigh and turns back towards the glass ceiling before feeling a warm blanket get thrown around his shoulders and a body press against his side. “You looked like you were freezing your ass off.” Michael says, snuggling up closer to him and Jeremy feels his cheeks burn.

For a few moments they just sit there in comfortable silence watching the stars go by, Michael looks more awake now and everytime Jeremey glances at him the man smiles, it makes the butterflies in Jeremy stomach go wild.

“It’s new year’s eve in my planet,” Jeremy evently says quietly, he doesn’t need to take his eyes of the sky to know that Michael is staring at him and a part of him regrets saying anything in the first place but he pushes himself to keep going. “And I know it’s stupid, I signed up for this program, I knew how long I’d be out for and it’s not like I’m not happy here or anything but-”

“But you miss it.” Michael completes and Jeremy nods, feeling embarrassed. “It’s okay, I miss home too sometimes.”

Jeremy turns to look at Michael who offers him a small smile. “What we’re doing it’s fucking awesome and I don’t regret joining The Hunter’s Achievement one bit, but that doesn’t mean I can sometimes miss stuff from my old world.” He shrugs and grabs a handful of the blanket to cover his own legs, Jeremy is too busy watching him that he doesn’t argue when Michael presses even closer so it will cover both of them. “But it’s better here, because even in this shithole with our shit food and our shit oxygen tatters I have you guys.”

Jeremy blushes, he feels his smile widen and leans his head on Michael’s shoulder. The two of them don’t say much, just enjoy each others warmth until their eyelids are heavy and they can barely keep themselves awake.

“Hey Lil J?”


“Happy new year, buddy.”

“Thanks, pal.”


Scarefest Challenge Day 4!
I’m actually managing to find time to do these holy shit!

Not really any warnings for this one. Just a teensy bit of murder.

Jeremy loved taking walks through the city at night. Loved the fact he knew Los Santos like the back of his hand. Took every alley and backstreet through Fake territory, marveling at the moon, just visible above his head, the pollution of Los Santos clearing just enough to allow it to peek on his wanderings tonight.

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What do You Want From Me?

Pairings: Sun/Neptune (Sea Monkeys)-ish

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Past Character Death (OC on my part), Psychological Horror

Summary: Sun feels like someone is watching him.

A/N: Based on the eighth prompt from the Scarefest Challenge, along with one of chickenram’s pieces. Also there’s a little note at the end of the fic just to explain one thing I did (it’s not bad I swear!).

AO3 link here.

For as long as he could remember, Sun had always had a habit of wandering off on his own. The reasons behind why exactly he needed to be on his own varied from time to time, but the need always seemed to be intensified when the problems he faced started to be too much. Even though Sun knew that he could always reach out to Scarlet or Sage, Sun always felt like there were times where just being on his own could easily bring everything into focus.

That sort of stress isn’t on Sun’s mind tonight though as he wandered down the streets of Vale. His gaze flickered around the mostly empty street, the street lights casting a faint, white light to his surroundings. Sun isn’t quite sure what brought him to the streets tonight though; all he knew for sure was that he had little desire to sleep.

The streets were silent except for the sound of Sun’s feet against the concrete. The lack of noise was comforting for the Faunus. Sun let out a small breath, relishing the serenity he found in his surroundings.

That is, until he heard something scratch against the concrete. Sun paused, glancing around his surroundings. He looked over to the alley to his right, but only saw a few dumpsters obscured by the shadows the buildings cast on the alley. Sun bit at his lip before he slowly shook his head. He started to walk again.

Sun tried to go back to that serene state he’d been in a few minutes ago, but couldn’t bring himself to it. His tail remained stiff, and he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck sticking out. His eyes continued to flicker around, and he occasionally turned his head back to see behind him. But regardless of where he looked, Sun remained alone.

The next scratch Sun heard against the concrete made the Faunus bite at his lip before he ran back the way he came.


Sun was panting, and paused in front of the door he had just closed when he saw Scarlet and Sage looking up at him, the pair sharing an expression of concern.

“You okay Sun?” Scarlet asked slowly.

Sun’s eyes flickered back towards the door. “I, uh,” He let out a breath. “Ye-yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.”

Scarlet rolled his eyes. “Dude, I told you it wouldn’t be a good idea to wander around somewhere you’ve never been to.”

Sun shrugged as he walked over to his bed, flopping onto the mattress with a small sigh. He turned onto his side, and looked over to Scarlet. “Since when do I ever listen to anything you say?”

Scarlet rolled his eyes again.

“Dumbass.” Scarlet turned back to Sage.

Sun had a small smirk on his face, the expression falling as soon as he lay on his back.


“Wait, Scarlet, explain this to me,” Sun shoved his notebook in Scarlet’s direction, his eyes still fixed on the professor at the front in the midst of lecturing.

“Fuck, Sun, please,” Scarlet pushed the notebook back to Sun.

“But I have no idea what’s going on,” Sun complained. “What if he calls on me? I don’t want to get embarrassed.”

Scarlet rolled his eyes. “I can go over all of this after class, but until then, chill.”

Sun frowned, placing his notebook back in front of him. He looked back to the front, his eyes passing over a shock of bright blue hair.

For a while, Sun was able to focus exclusively on the lecture the professor was giving, and scrawled notes as quickly as he could while still writing down something that would sound somewhat coherent later on when he went back to look at it. Then, Sun could feel it again: that strange sensation that was something was off, something that Sun could barely perceive.

Sun was pulled out of his daze, his eyes flickering around the room. He shook his head, looking over to Scarlet, who was in the midst of taking notes, before looking back to the front.


Over the past week, Sun has had times where he felt like going outside to explore the campus or the streets of Vale, both still foreign places to him. And, for the most part, he would. During the day, he’d go either with Sage and Scarlet in tow, or on his own when he felt like exploring a bit before class.

However, going out at night was a completely different story. After that first night he came to Vale and wandered its streets, experiencing that strange sensation that made his skin crawl, Sun was hesitant to go out alone at night. And even though Sun knew he needed time alone to clear his thoughts, he often suppressed that need. But in the end, everything has some sort of exception.

Sun lay back in bed, holding a textbook above him as he turned his head to look over at Scarlet and Sage. Sage, in a rare turn of events, was tutoring Scarlet rather than the other way around. Scarlet’s eyes flickered between Sage and the book laying on the floor in front of him.

Sun placed the book in his lap, frowning slightly. “…What day is it?”

Scarlet and Sage locked eyes before looking over to Sun.

“The thirteenth, why-” Scarlet’s face fell.

Sage looked between Scarlet and Sun, distress in his expression.

Sun slowly sat up, biting at his lip. He could feel tears pooling in his eyes, and let out a shaky breath. “Ho-How could I forget?”

“Sun, we, we all forgot-”

“Yeah, but me? How could I-” Sun bit harder at his lip, shaking his head.

“Sun, you already know it’s not your fault-”

“It is, and you know it!” Sun exclaimed. “I made a mistake as you guys’ captain, and I lost a team member because of it.”

Scarlet bit at his lip, turning to look at Sage. Sage, even with the distress in his eyes, still had a relatively stoic expression as he turned to look at Sun. The man’s brow furrowed.

“We all made a mistake back then, you can’t pin Navy’s death on any one person, Sun. Just because you’re captain doesn’t mean that you always have to put the blame on yourself.”

Sun turned away from Sage, his eyes flickering to the door.

“Sun?” Scarlet mumbled.

Sun stood up, his eyes flickering over to Scarlet and Sage, before he ran out the front door.

“Sun!” Sun heard Sage call after him.

Sun ignored the man, instead running as fast as his feet could take him. He ran straight out of his dorm, across the campus, only stopping when he reached the streets of Vale.

Sun stopped at a streetlight that cast white light onto the concrete, the Faunus lightly panting. He looked around the street, letting out a deep sigh.

Sage was wrong, for the most part. Even if they all had a hand in the death of Navy, that didn’t mean that the captain shouldn’t take the blame. If Sun hadn’t made that mistake over a year ago, Navy would still-

Sun shook his head quickly. No, no, he needed to get away those kinds of thoughts. That’s why he’d even ended up here in the first place. Sun let out another breath before starting to walk again.

After a few minutes, Sun was reminded of exactly why he did this sort of thing on a regular basis. The sky was almost pitch black, the only major source of light the white street lights that lined his path. There wasn’t much sound, besides the faint cries of insects and the sounds of his feet hitting the concrete. Sun let out a small sigh, a smile ghosting his face as he was able to relax.

That is, until Sun heard a faint stomp on the sidewalk. Sun stopped in his tracks, his eyes flickering over to the alley where he heard the noise. He kept his eyes trained on the area, his gaze alternating between the dumpsters there. He bit at his lips, pausing before he slowly walked into the alley.

Sun looked closely at each dumpster he passed, his eyes occasionally glancing over to look in front of him. The Faunus stopped a few feet from the back wall of the alley.

He let out a breath.

There was nothing here.

Sun let out a small chuckle. It must’ve all been in his head. He’d been on edge for at least an hour, so it wasn’t too surprising. Sun turned around, glancing one last time around the alley before he started to walk back towards the sidewalk.

Sun chuckled quietly when he reached the sidewalk, starting to feel more comfortable with the silence that surrounded him. Sun glanced to his right and left, pausing before he started to turn right-

Sun felt something on his waist before he was pulled back, a gloved hand reaching up to obscure Sun’s eyes. Sun tried to pull out of the grip of whoever was holding him, but couldn’t budge. Sun’s head was tugged back, the hand over Sun’s eyes tightening its grip slightly. He could hear someone panting faintly as their breath ghosted Sun’s ear.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” What sounded like a man’s voice whispered in his ear.

Sun’s body stiffened, his tail pointing straight to the floor. “Wh-what?”

“You know, I expected you to be a lot less foolish, Sun.”

Sun’s mouth fell open slightly. “Ho-how do you know-”

“No, no, no, there’s no use asking questions like that.” The man cut in, his lip brushing against the shell of Sun’s ear.

Sun shuddered.

“I’ve been watching you for a while, Sun, and I must say, you are one interesting little Faunus,” The man started. “The captain of an incomplete team? Now that’s interesting.”


Sun’s head was tugged back. Sun could feel the man press his body more flush to Sun’s own, Sun feeling uncomfortable as his tail was squished. “I told you there was no point in asking questions like that.”

The man chuckled. He lightly kissed at the area just below Sun’s ear. Sun gasped lightly, his body shuddering. He could feel the man smirk against Sun’s skin.

“I know there’s plenty of things you want to ask me, but don’t worry, we’ll be meeting each other very soon.” The man said. His voice deepened slightly as he continued to speak. “Now then, Sun, I have a very, very small favor to ask of you: I’m going to tell you a few things, and I want to nod once if you understand. Got it?”

Sun hesitantly nodded his head. The man smirked, and pressed another light kiss to the area beneath Sun’s ear. “Good.”

“So, Sun, you’re going to forget this encounter of ours never happened. As far as you’re concerned, you just had a normal stroll, and were able to clear your mind of whatever plagued you. Understood?”

Sun nodded. The man pressed another kiss near Sun’s ear. “Good.”

“Also, as soon as you leave me, you’re going to forget my voice. Got it?”

Sun nodded. The man smirked, moving to lightly kiss the shell of Sun’s ear, lightly nipping it. Sun shuddered, letting out another involuntary sigh. “Good.”

“This all will happen as soon as I let go of you, and snap my fingers once. Understood?”

Sun let out a breath and nodded.

The man smirked. “If you must know something about me before we part, my name is Neptune.” He pressed his lips closer to Sun’s jaw, making Sun’s tail curl slightly as the Faunus let out another sigh. “I’ll see you later, Sun Wukong.”

Sun felt a hand fall away from his eyes, the hand at his waist unravelling as the man backed away. There was a faint snap, and Sun slowly opened his eyes that had been scrunched shut.

Sun glanced around the street, an eyebrow raised. What the hell had he been doing a few minutes ago? He glanced around the empty street before half-heartedly shrugging. Who knows. Sun shook his head, turning to his right to head back to the dorms.


“Ah Sun, there you are,”

Sun turned towards the voice. “O-oh, professor-” What was his name again?

“Are Scarlet and Sage not here?” The white-haired professor asked.

“I-” Sun turned back, calling out to Scarlet and Sage, and waving them over. “What did you need?”

“I heard that you and your team intend to compete in the tournament in over a month?”

“Uh, yeah, but-”

“Yes, I do notice that you’re lacking a team member.” The professor cut in, a small smile on his face. “That’s exactly why I’m here.”

“We happen to have a late transfer to our school who has not been able to be paired into a team. While I plan on having you all go through with formal ceremonies to figure out if he’ll be a good addition to your team, I thought it would be a good idea for you to be introduced sooner rather than later.”

The professor moved aside, and a rather tall man walked up slowly, a smirk on his face. The man had goggles perched on top of bright blue hair; the teeth that could be glimpsed through his smirk were bright white. He had on a scarlet and black hoodie, and black fingerless gloves on his hands.

Sun frowned. Something seemed strangely… familiar about the man, though he couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

“Hi, I’m Neptune, Neptune Vasilius.” The grin on Neptune’s face widened.

Weird post-A/N: So if you were wondering why I decided to have an OC previously be a part of team SSSN I rlly don’t have much of a reason other than I thought it would be a more interesting angle if I had Neptune be part of their team later on in the fic. So yeah. Also if this sparks talk about what happens when teams (esp teams where they aren’t officially hunters/huntresses yet) lose team members that’s hecka rad and yeah.

Day 11: Zombie Plan

Fic #11 for the FYRTFF October Scarefest Challenge.

~400 words. RPF Genfic.
Read on AO3.

“With all the weapons we have in this place, I’m definitely coming here when the zombie apocalypse hits…”

Ryan walked in to catch the tail end of a conversation about the variety of weapons they’d been stockpiling.

“We talking zombie apocalypse plans?”

“Yeah!” Jeremy enthused, “What’s yours?”

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Day 5: Blood

Immortal fahc Michael origins, not my best work but eh at least I got it done. Character death and parental abuse/ physical abuse warnings

Michael is 15 when he dies for the first time.

He had had an argument with his father, doesn’t remember what about exactly but he knows that he didn’t even get to start screaming before the man started hitting him, that wasn’t unusual for them, but somehow Michael knew this time was different, he seemed more violent, his breath reeked of alcohol and a small part of him knew he wasn’t getting out of that situation alive.

He woke up in the ditch close to his house, his clothes were bloodied and ripped in some places and he couldn’t feel part of his face. He didn’t remember what had happened the night before, not fully, but he remembers small flashes, his nose breaking upon contact with a fist, a bottle being thrown at his head and taking him off balance, his heart fucking stopping when someone presses on his throat a bit too long and all the oxygen fades from his lungs.

He doesn’t know what happened, how he could possibly still be alive after feeling himself die in his father’s hands but in that moment he doesn’t need to understand, all he needs to do is run. And that’s exactly what he does.

He ends up in Los Santos by chance, hotwires a car and only stops when his out of gas. The city is weirdly welcoming for someone who dont give a shit about getting their hands dirty and as a kid who is trying not to starve on the streets, blood is easy to get used to. He isn’t sure if it’s better than home, after all life is just as dangerous as it was before, but he knows that no matter what happens he is never going back to New Jersey.

He dies three more times before a redheaded woman asks him to join her small crew. He begrudgingly accepts, it’s not like he has any other choice anyways after dying in front of the last crew that hired him.

His boss is a weird guy, too nice to be trusted, he smells like his father did, old alcohol and cigars that bring memories he had buried long ago. He half expects the man to kill him too so he stays away, avoids him unless absolutely necessary which is hard when you are starting a crew but he does his best.

Then Geoff dies.

It’s weird, a part of him feels sad for some reason, the guy may have been a weirdo but he tried his best to make Michael feel included and that’s more than most crew ever did to him, he is angry when the others don’t stop to mourn him, they seemed so close before but then they were just ignored the death like it was nothing, Michael screams at them, shames them for not caring for their fallen friend and that’s exactly when Geoff walks through the door, suit riddled with bullet holes and blood still oozing of them and Michael is fucking furious.

They laugh for a bit, explain their immortality to Michael, tell him about all the long years they’ve been together and their job to recruit others like themselves, how Michael was just a happy coincidence they found along the way.

A part of him is glad that he found people like him, an other is confused. They answer all questions Michael throws at them the best they can but they also don’t know much. The fakes promise that if he sticks around they will figure things out together as they go along and Michael agrees, his condition is simple, of anything happens he bails. The others don’t even question, say they are just glad to have him on board.

When he meets Gavin and Jeremy, he has already died 27 times, saw Geoff naked in 4 separate occasions, has helped Ryan with his make-up once, went on more grocery shopping trips with Jack that turned into shootouts than he can count on all his fingers and stayed with the crew from 8 years and the truth is: he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Oct 6th - Darkness

Summary: There’s a storm outside and Bruce has left James alone in the house to get some food. James is fine and all until he starts hearing some unusual noises.

Notes: Soooooo, classic me, I didn’t do yesterdays prompt. I started it! But it was gonna be waaaay too long and it was the first day of school the next day and I was really tired and it was kind of a difficult prompt for me anyway idk maybe I’ll go back and do it maybe not but we’ll see. Also, today’s prompt was like this silent hill AU one and I don’t know all that much about Silent Hill so I decided just to do the one word prompt and it turned out pretty aight.


James sat with his legs curled up to his stomach as he listened to the rain. The whole house was in darkness, the power had gone out about twenty minutes ago while James was on his laptop. He didn’t realise at first, but eventually when his laptop went flat, he discovered it hadn’t been charging the whole time. Once the light of his laptop was gone, all he had was his phone. He and Bruce didn’t own any candles, as much as Bruce really wanted the house to smell like ‘pumpkin spice’, James just didn’t want to have to go to a store and specifically ask for a “pumpkin spice candle”. Bruce had gone out about 40 minutes ago to get some takeaway but hadn’t been back yet.

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Day 9: Moon

Fic #9 for the FYRTFF October Scarefest Challenge.

~800 words. RPF Genfic.
Read on AO3.

The pent-up aggression had been eating at him for the past few days now and he needed to work it out. He’d been snapping at people more than usual and he was staring to notice it. So were they. It wasn’t anything specific, just a mood he’d managed to somehow get himself into, probably hormones or stress or something. Fortunately, he’d recently gotten himself a punching bag and hung it out on the back porch for this very purpose. Unfortunately, the mood to work it out productively didn’t strike him until well after sunset and he spent several hours berating himself for his poor performance in the latest-craze, ridiculously hard, boss-fight-heavy run and gun game first.

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Day 12: Raven

Fic #12 for the FYRTFF October Scarefest Challenge.

~600 words. RPF Genfic.
Read on AO3.

Geoff plonked himself down on the bar stool of the Off Topic set and cracked the tab on his soda. “This fucking Raven man,” he began with a sigh as he shook his head, “let me tell you what happened last night…”

“What happened last night, Geoff?” Jack asked on cue.

“So I was reading this book – great book–”

“Yeah? What was the book?” Michael asked.

“Not important-” Geoff dismissed.

Michael pulled a confused face.

“You just said it was a great book…” Ryan sounded as confused as Michael looked.

“It is! Great book. Not important,” Geoff went on, “and I was falling asleep when I heard this noise… this tapping noise that sounded like someone was knocking at the door. So I got up to check and not a fucking soul was there. So I thought ‘fuck it’ and went back to reading and a few minutes later, there it was again, this fuckin’ tapping noise. And I swear to god it’s someone at the door, so I get up to look again and I stick my head out the door and nothing! So I call out, ‘who the fuck’s knocking?’ but no one answers. So I think: that’s weird and I try to ignore it, but a few minutes later again, it comes back. Now this time I’m sure it’s something but it’s at the window, so I open the window and sure as shit a fuckin’ bird flies in. Big ass raven.”

Ryan burst out laughing.

“Dude, I am dead serious, this thing goes right to the top of my bookshelf and makes himself at home. Wouldn’t fucking budge. Just kept staring me down. It was fucking freaky.”

“Geoff, are you perchance a reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe?” Ryan asked, raising an eyebrow.

Geoff scoffed, “I mean, if I am, I can tell you one thing… I sure as shit don’t miss my former Lenore.”

The others laughed.

“What’d you do about the raven?” Jack asked.

Geoff grinned sheepishly, talking into his drink, “I may have uh… shot it with a BB.”

“Geoff!” Jack cried, shocked.

“I didn’t kill it,” Geoff was quick to clarify, “just wanted to scare it off. Motherfucker wouldn’t move!”

Ryan laughed, “you know he’ll remember that, right?”

The raven will remember that,” Michael repeated, mocking the repeated line from the Tell-Tale games.

“Sure…” Geoff rolled his eyes.

“No, I’m serious, Ravens are super smart and social birds, don’t be surprised if there’s a murder on your front lawn when you get home.”

“I like the way when Ryan says that, it sounds vaguely threatening,” Michael smirked.

“Well, I mean…” Ryan trailed off, leaving the rest to the other’s imaginations.

Jack had been looking at his phone, “oh, apparently, Ryan, a flock of ravens is called an ‘unkindness’ or ‘conspiracy’ – according to …Dmitri.”

“That wouldn’t happen to be my mod, would it?”

Jack checked his phone again and laughed, “uh, yep.”

Ryan just shook his head, “figures. Whatever, close enough. Geoff can expect something on his lawn tonight.”

Michael giggled, “Again, still vaguely threatening…”

Geoff shook his head, “You guys are really overthinking this one.”


Later that day, Geoff had largely forgotten about the conversation – and the raven if he was honest – and he drove home through the usual Austin traffic, pulling into his driveway as the sun was starting to set.

No fewer than 20 ravens were perched all over his front lawn, waiting for him.

“God dammit.”