Well isn't this the odd turn of events

Navaliok didn’t know what to think.  he has a bond-mate already but…  Apparently he is now married to one known as Sparx, at least for a week.  Well this wasn’t a necessarily bad thing, it was just quite odd.  If anything, he can learn far more about the particular Cybertronian this week, not to mention what being married actually means.  He has the definition of the word, but he suspects there are some societal differences when it comes to the belief of marriage.

“So, Sparx…How does this ‘marriage’ thing work within your race?  And if you are not comfortable with this, as your reply suggested, it is only for one week.  Not too long in the grand scheme of things.”

This would indeed be quite the learning experience.

scaredymedic replied to your post “-attempts to walk but trips and falls on his pede- ((strange first meeting but i couldn’t help it…))”

-blinks at and stares, tilting her head, then just falls into a sitting position, seems to have no intention of leaving-

The green Seeker grumbled again when the tiny Cybertronian fell again and chose to give up, letting her do whatever she wanted. In this case, what she wanted was…nothing. He gave the her a glower, “What are you doing here?”

It's a Start...

The fox huffed, her frame shivering with heat. Even though snow was every where, the fox was overheating. She had caught something, and it was making her systems all screwy. She was okay at first, just not able to run as much. But now, she couldn’t go a few hours before having to recharge or burning out. 

The fox fell to her side, panting. She needed to find someone or something to help her. But she could barely move.

Scaredymedic started following you

Magnetic Pulse was adjusting one of the hover-fins, it had taken damage when he fled his own destroyed universe, on his ship when the femme caught his optic. Oh, what was she doing here? He jumped down and approached her. The two black audio fins on the sides of his helm twitched and his single golden optic brightened. “Hello stranger. Do you need something?” The small, young mech greeted the femme with a wave of his black servo.

A small discovery(Shatterday)

There was something on him…  A…  Data-pad.  “Where did I get a data-pad?  These are so obsele-….."  He just sighs and looks through it.  He finds some scan results and determines the coordinates at which the scan was taken.  The results weren’t too special or interesting, but anything was better than sitting around in an organic forest doing nothing.  He set off for the coordinates which were surprisingly not that far away, he would reach them in no time.  As he walked he took note of his surroundings and how he could use them to his advantage,it never hurt to be ready for an ambush, especially on a non-Technocracy controlled planet.

Skywarp smiled softly to himself as he arrived at Sparx’s place. Even though he hadn’t seen her in a few days, he’d found himself thinking about her lately. Whenever he was away from her, really- and when he did, Skywarp had noticed that he would smile. It was a pleasant and welcome distraction from his usual paranoid line of thought. “….Sparx…? A-Are you home?” He called. “I-I brought you something…” Skywarp added, glancing down to the small box he was holding. It wasn’t anything special- just a little bit of Energon candy that he usually saved for himself whenever he was feeling particularly sad or scared. But he wanted to repay her kindness somehow- and this was a start.

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