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This is my new masterlist. I redid it because my old one got to long and annoying, I hope this one works out better. (it will be in order from first one written at the top to the most recent at the bottom). Enjoy! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

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Squidbob moment 36/100: Scaredy Pants (1x26)

Spongebob: Do souls look like pickles?

Mr. Krabs: Aye, as a matter of fact, they do. And he puts them where you can never get them… In his soul bag.

Squidward: (pops up behind Spongebob, dressed as the Flying Dutchman) I’ve come for your pickle.

Horror With A Dash of Sass / Yugyeom

Summary : Anon requested a drabble where Yugyeom and the reader are watching horror movies and are sassing each other the entire time.
Genre : Funny, Fluff
Word Count : 1134

Y/N = Your Name


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Yugy-OH! : Baby?

Yugy-OH! : Hello?

Yugy-OH! : Are you asleep?

Yugy-OH! : You are aren’t you?


Yugy-OH! : Ms
Yugy-OH! : Sleepy
Yugy-OH! : Pants

Yugy-OH! : I’m not stopping until you reply :)

You slowly blink your eyes as you finally arise from your mid-day slumber.


Frantically, you pat areound your bed. Blindly searching for your phone’s whereabouts.


You threw your blanket to the floor, sighing when you heard a stern thud echo throug your room. Hopping off of your bed, you restart the tedious search for your phone.


You lift up your blanket and reach for your phone

                                               *14 new messages from Yugy-OH!*

You quickly unlock your phone, smiling as you read the text messages from your determined boyfriend.

Yugy-OH! : I’m serious sleepy butt
Yugy-OH! : I could do this all day if I have to
Yugy-OH! : Jagi????
Yugy-OH! : Fine if thats how its gonna be ;)
Yugy-OH! : A
Yugy-OH! : B

Yugy-OH! : C
Yugy-OH! : D
Yugy-OH! : E

You scrambled to type and send your response. If you knew Yugyeom, which you did, he would send you the entire english alphabet frontwards and backwards until you replied.

You : IM UP
Yugy-OH! : FINALLY!!!!!! Were you asleep ??;)
You : ……….
Yugy-OH! : I KNEW IT !!! Lol now that youre back from the dead, what time should i be there ???
You : Never :(
Yugy-OH! : OH HUSH! I’ll be there in 30
You : You better bring food ;P
Yugy-OH! : Yeah yeah yeah :)

You set your phone down and made your way into the bathroom, you quickly brushed your teeth and made yourself not look like you just took a three hour nap. Grabbing your phone from your nightstand, you walked into the kitchen, put popcorn into the microwave, and grabbed drinks from the fridge. As you sat the drinks and snacks down onto the living room table, there was a knock at the door. You skipped to the door and swung the door open, a grinning Yugyeom stepped through the threshold.

“Hey baby, did you sleep well?” There was a little humor in his voice, but you can tell that he was being genuine. You took the food from his arms, so he could properly remove his shoes.

“It was amazing actually.. until you ruined it.” You winked at him as you went to grab plates and eating utensils from the kitchen.

“But you still love me, so it doesn’t matter!” You could practically hear the smile in his voice. He grabbed the movies from his bag and set them out onto the table.

“Mmhmm, whatever…” Yopu walked back into the room and started putting the food onto plates. “What movies are we watching on this fine Friday night?”

“We have…” Yugyeom holds up each movie as he reads the titles. “Inisdious, Lights Out, and Halloween.”

“Hmmm… Let’s watch Halloween first!”

“Alrighty… Try not to get too scared, we have a whole marathon ahead of us.”

“Oh please, we both know you’re going to be the one hiding behind me.”  You scoffed and rolled your eyes as you shook your head.

“We’ll see about that, Ms. Scaredy Sleep Pants.” Yugyeom plopped onto the couch beside you just as the movie started to play. Both of you grabbing a plate, anxiously awaiting what this movie had in store.

                                                                     * * * * *

“OH WHATVER! You jumped Way more times than I did!” You exclaimed loudly as you got up from the couch, removing Halloween from the DVD player and replacing it with Lights Out.

“I only jumped once! You wee practically shaking throughout the entire movie.”

When you finished putting the movie in, you made your way back over to the couch.


“We’ll see who’s more scared during this movie!”

“Yeah we will! And it sure as hell won’t be me!”



                                                                    * * * * *


“IT COUNTED BEFORE IT STARTED!” You said as you watched Yugyeom get up from his spot beside you, he walked to the DVD player and removed Lights Out.

“IT’S NOT MY FAULT IT! IT WAS JUMP SCARE AFTER JUMP SCARE!” Yugyeom pouted softly as he reclaimed his seat beside you.

“You know, it’s not too late to back out, Sir Jumps-A-Lot.” You cooed softly into his ear as you slightly ruffled his soft brown locks.

“NO WAY! We have one last movie left.”

“Fine, have it your way!” You giggled as you turned your attention back to the television screen.

                                                                    * * * * *

“YOU WERE SO SCARED! I WIN!” Yugyeom jumped from his spot on the couch, hpping up and down around the living room.


“Nope. I win. You lose.” Yugyeom was now running throughout the living room, doing celebratory dances.

“Yugyeom, I will trip you.”

“Aw baby, don’t be a sore loser.” He finally stopped running around the room. He walked up to you and nudged his face into the crook of your neck. You playfully pushed him away as an idea popped into your head.

“We’ll see who the real sore loser is tonight. Good night, Yugy!” You shut the TV and the lights off, walked into your room, and closed and locked the door.

“Baby? I was just kidding!” You could hear Yugyeom scrambling in the living room trying to navigate his way through the darkness to your bedroom. You giggled silently as he finally reached your door.

“Open the door please! It’s dark out here.” You could hear the fear in his voice, although he tried to laugh it off. You swung the door open and collided with Yugyeom’s back as he tumbled into the room.

“Now who’s the Scaredy Cat now?” You asked as you regained your stance and pulled him into the room, shutting the door behind you both.

“I think I’m gonna need you to cuddle me tonight.” You both laughed loudly as you crawled into bed, you reached over to turn off the light when you heard Yugyeom’s voice.

“I think you should leave that on for another hour or so, just until you fall asleep. I wouldnt want you to be scared or anything.” 

“Yeah, because I’m the one who’s scared.” You put your arms around Yugyeom and drifted off to sleep.