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come to sweden and we’ll cuddle and read drarry

hahahah I don’t know if you were serious BUT I AM ACTUALLY TOTALLY 100% DOWN FOR THAT. My only 2 objectives while travelling in Europe are to 1) meet cool people and 2) have cool adventures, and I am pretty sure hanging out with you in Sweden meets all of those criteria. c’:

(also then I can officially cross “cuddling and reading Drarry in Sweden” off of my bucket list.)

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Word list:

bath / house / lovely / tongue / down / laugh / garage / zebra / look / owl / aluminium / grass / schedule / stupid / rant / squirrel / blood / bowl /  water / million / turkey / library / duck / either / epitome / food / castle / hour / transport / anorak / room / tractor / sponge / orange / towel / where / gravy / murder / heir / laughter / potato / moon / bottle / patio / lion / authenticity 

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but hufflepuff “will take the lot and treat them all the same”

‘treat them all the same’ has a lot of different meanings, it’s not always good… I think she didn’t discriminate in her oppression, it’s just Slytherins were cunning / egoistical enough to care about their own skin and join her side…. i think she wouldn’t care whose son is who, and would punish them equally, according to her sets of rules (which she wrote down as laws to further 'treat them all the same’)

idk it’s just my opinion…

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JK, whose heteronormativity is a very well-known thing, literally writes "Draco Malfoy has been obsessed with Harry Potter his whole life". Like, that's the whole point of that story. And you dare tell me that we're "looking for signs". You either take it platonically or romantically, but Draco IS all about Harry and has always been. We should, once again, keep in mind that JK, as much as i love her, doesn't recognize queerness. Ignore that - and you get a canonical love story.


In which Draco is yet again a Veela and can turn into a hummingbird(that likes to chase and pursue Harry a lot) for some reason, shhhh. Just go with it.

This is for Sherpotter bc she’s like, the Drarry Queen ♥

And for scaredpotterohcrucio and malfoyspotter bc their blogs rock ♥

They’re just sketches, tho. I promise I’ll do something better next time!