“Well, Draco? Is it? Is it Harry Potter?”

for isa

emotionslikeateaspoon's radical accent challenge

Word list:

bath / house / lovely / tongue / down / laugh / garage / zebra / look / owl / aluminium / grass / schedule / stupid / rant / squirrel / blood / bowl /  water / million / turkey / library / duck / either / epitome / food / castle / hour / transport / anorak / room / tractor / sponge / orange / towel / where / gravy / murder / heir / laughter / potato / moon / bottle / patio / lion / authenticity 

scaredpotter  asked:

sENd mE ALL thE FF


These are all on ffnet ~ 8’D

Some Xmas fics

Some Random fics

Lemme know if MOAR?

karlurbvns-deactivated20170731  asked:

heyy! I really really love your blog, do you have any good HP blog recs? I could always do with more Harry Potter on my dash!

SHIT WAIT I KNOW LOTS BUT MY BRAIN TENDS TO CRASH BUT OK HERE WE GO i most likely could forget a few and some are a bit of a multifandom but they’re also worth checking out too tbh eVERYONE IS WORTH CHECKING OUT LIKE DAAMN MATE U FINE AF I LOVE EM OK AND I’M SORRY IF I FORGOT SOMEONE I DIDN’T MEAN TO ASKDNKJFD

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when i started this blog five months ago, i would’ve never imagined i’d reach this goal. it wasn’t even a goal bc it seemed unachievable, but early this week i hit 2k followers, which feels unreal. i just wanted to say thank you by making a follow forever, my second one. you may have noticed ( by my constant complaining ) that im a lazy bastard, so this kinds of things sure do take some effort. i won’t bold mutuals or faves, bc mutuals know i follow them and i know who i’m following ( also bc as i’ve said above, im a lazy bastard and i can’t be arsed ) ( and i think my faves know who they are ) besides, pretty much everyone on this list is my fave. once again, thank you very very very much, i appreciate your support <333 

without further ado 

A - E


F - J 

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So i just found out my blog celebrated its 4th birthday a couple of days ago, so I decided to actually celebrate it through more than just a text post that said “oh it was my blogs bday blhbdhsh” (And ive never done a follow forever soo)

So obviously, I’ve been on this platform for a very long time. And this blog has SEEN some shit. It started in 2013, when i was young and… a menace–ok. FOB ref. cool. No really, I was p young and foolish (and naiiiiiveeeee) but I still managed to build friendships with people. How fucking mindblowing???

So yeah, 4 years can change your fandom, URL, and even the name you use, but I’m still p much the loud complaining crybaby i once was (i just cry about other things now) and I’m happy a lot of things improved, like my english haha. So if you don’t mind I’ll talk about how far my blog has come. You can scroll down and ignore this part if u want, im still gonna talk about it bc its my blog boo :* hahahaha

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