“Well, Draco? Is it? Is it Harry Potter?”

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emotionslikeateaspoon's radical accent challenge

Word list:

bath / house / lovely / tongue / down / laugh / garage / zebra / look / owl / aluminium / grass / schedule / stupid / rant / squirrel / blood / bowl /  water / million / turkey / library / duck / either / epitome / food / castle / hour / transport / anorak / room / tractor / sponge / orange / towel / where / gravy / murder / heir / laughter / potato / moon / bottle / patio / lion / authenticity 

karlurbvns  asked:

heyy! I really really love your blog, do you have any good HP blog recs? I could always do with more Harry Potter on my dash!

SHIT WAIT I KNOW LOTS BUT MY BRAIN TENDS TO CRASH BUT OK HERE WE GO i most likely could forget a few and some are a bit of a multifandom but they’re also worth checking out too tbh eVERYONE IS WORTH CHECKING OUT LIKE DAAMN MATE U FINE AF I LOVE EM OK AND I’M SORRY IF I FORGOT SOMEONE I DIDN’T MEAN TO ASKDNKJFD

@jilys @pcctters @potthr @ginnyweasleu @leviohhsa @leviossah @flleur @fjrebolt @ginnys @herhmione @hermioniegranger @narcsisa @ohpottecr @aliciavspinnet @fantasticgoldsteins @jammespotter @fantastlcbeasts @hpdailly @harrypotterdailly @fantasticbeasts @jr-marauder @regulusblxcks @regulusblach @nymphadxras @purelydraco @purebloodhorcrux @mrs-marauders @snuhffles @ohhmarauders @gincvraweasley @blcise @griffindork @malfoyco @merflk @ginnywxsley @meraudurs @magicfolk @mxlfoydraco @mxrcusflint @malfoybellamy @weaslcytwins @malfioy @nevilledefensenet @lilyevansquad @dailypotter @dailyfantasticbeastsgifs @nevillles @ahlupin @harrypottersources @harryurpotter @credncebarebone @hpgifs @nevillxes @dailyprophet @katiebells @accio-shitpost @acciosirius @finniganthomas @accioron @bellatryks @padampatil @paddfoot @cedrcdiggcry @cedricdiggory @potterheadsinc @dementcr @dementvr @godrichollow @grangr @jvmespottxr @hcneyduke @pcnsypcrkinson @pctter @ri-ddikulus @dailywizarding @gxndrys @hogsmecd @glnnyweaslcy @aurorarsinistra @gnvraweasley @pronqsie @muqqlestudies @scaredpotter @hcrmoinejean @ginevrra @asexualsiriusblack @blacksistrs @pukwdgies @iamnottomriddle @johnslupin @dracomalfoyl @grindyloow @remushlupin

when i started this blog five months ago, i would’ve never imagined i’d reach this goal. it wasn’t even a goal bc it seemed unachievable, but early this week i hit 2k followers, which feels unreal. i just wanted to say thank you by making a follow forever, my second one. you may have noticed ( by my constant complaining ) that im a lazy bastard, so this kinds of things sure do take some effort. i won’t bold mutuals or faves, bc mutuals know i follow them and i know who i’m following ( also bc as i’ve said above, im a lazy bastard and i can’t be arsed ) ( and i think my faves know who they are ) besides, pretty much everyone on this list is my fave. once again, thank you very very very much, i appreciate your support <333 

without further ado 

A - E


F - J 

@fcntasticbeasts @fjrebolt @fleurdealcour @fleurdelaccvr @fleurrdelacour @flexrdelacour @flleur @flthymudbloods @g0ldentrio @gallavich @gallecns @gdricgryffindor @georgeweasely @gidconprewett @gincvraweasley @ginnyeweasley @ginnys @ginnyweaslays @goidentrio @grangr @griffindork @grindylos @gryffndrs @gxldentrio@gxnnylovegood@harryurpotter@herhmione @hermiogne@hermionegrangcr@hermionegrangers@hermioniegranger@herrmione@hexrmionegranger@hmionegrangr@hogsmeaded@hogsmecd@huffelpuff@itsgringotts@jamespctterr@jamespottrr@jammespotter@jasonisaacs@jiilys@jilys@johnslupin@julietcapulct​ 

K - O 

@katewisnlet @katiebells @knockturnalleys @knockturnallley @levicrpus @leviohhsa@lilypcttcr@longbcttcm@lunasaid@lupinsnymph@luxiusmalfoy @lvnalovgood @magicfolk @maisiewillaim @malfioy @malfoyco @malfoys @maraudersoul @mariieschrader @marlenemckinnan @marrauder @maruarders @mcrauders @meraudurs @mlfoydraco @mollyprewett @muqqlestudies @mxlfoydraco @mxrcusflint @narclssa @newtscamamder @newtscamunder @newtscmandr @nxrcissamxlfoy @nymphadoratonks @odscurial @ollivandirs @owvlery 

P - R

@padampatil @paddfoot@pansyparkinscn@pctter@percivalgravcs@petuniaevans @pjpedream @pomonasprowt @pottern@pottersir@potterstinks @prefccts @professorflitwick @professorlockhart@prongsno @pronqsie @provocative-envy @pureblud @purelydraco @pvrongs @pyqmypuffs @quaffl @quibblcrs @quididtch @quillsandink @ravnclaws @rcmusluqin @rcmuslvpin @rcnbweasley @reguliusblack @regulusblach @regulusblackss @regulusblxcks @reguluz @regulvsblacks @remhusloopin @remushlupin @remuslupiny @remusmoopin @remuz @ricchardmadden @romanticronweasley @romweasley @ronahld @ronwealseys @ronweasxley @rowenaravenclaws @roxieweasley 

S - Z 

@saintdrarry@scaredpotter@scorpiusmalfqy@scorpiusmilfoy@scorpiusmlfy@scorqius@scrdpttr@sectumsempras@sectumsemprat@simplydrarry@sirepotter@siriiusblacck@siriusblacc @sleepdeprivedravenclaw@slvthrins@slyherin@slytherinalbuss @slythierins @snitchseeking@stupifys@thcodorcnott@themalfoybitch@themalfoyboy@themalfoymanner@thxbiwholivxed@transpotter@upthehillart @veritiserum@vertaserum@victoiredelacoure@victoirerweasley @victoirewaesley@victorkrvm@voldemxrt@weascleys @weasleyey @weasleysquibbler@weasllys@willgrcham @wizardingsociety @zonnkos

Thank you to all my lovely followers who helped me reach 6k on my main blog @goldensnltch and my first 100 on my sideblog @heroicwinchesters!!! I haven’t made a follow forever in so long and I just wanted to appreciate all the beautiful blogs <3  *mutuals bolded*

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@a-highlyfunctioning-muggle, @acciomalfoys, @adoringjensen, @aintnoyou, @all-about-rupes, @alrightevans, @aryeastark, @astcriagreengrass, @awloony, @balthazars-muse, @bellabitch-lestrange, @biliusronald, @blackbelt-in-giraffism, @blueeyesbrokenwings, @bowlegdean, @brolinskeep, @brosinlove, @brothersloverssoulmates, @canonsoulmates, @canonwncest, @captivatedean, @castiell, @clotpolesandswans, @colinodonoghue, @coloursam, @crashingcas, @classicdean @cursedmalfoy, @dailyj2, @dailypadackles, @dailypotter, @dailywatson, @dailywincest, @ddraco, @deanwinchestergifs. @deanyw, @dearestbrothers, @deerlily, @dementcr, @dementore, @demondetoxmanual, @dictacontrion, @drarry-ponderings, @drarry-queen, @drarryking, @dreamyjensen, @dumbledore 

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+blogroll in case I’ve forgotten any :) 

as we all know 2016 kinda really really sucked. luckily I have had such amazing friends and blogs on my dash to get through these terrible times. half the people I follow don’t really know the amount of gratitude I feel towards them for helping me procrastinate school stuff and distract myself from my life, so this is me taking the time to recognize them. i wanted to end this year on a happy note and i think this is a good way to do so. hopefully next year will be better for me and you. i love all of you lots and lots! have a happy new year!

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okayy so i recently reached a personal goal of mine, and to celebrate i made my first follow forever. 

yes i know thank you thank you the banner is v professional i’m a piece of trash that can’t use a computer

i have narrowed this list down to my very very faves which, trust me, was extremely hard.

here we go:




acciopeverellalrightpotter / andpadfoot / animaegus / azkcban / biliusronald  / borginburks / braveremus / buhtterbeer / cedricdiggery / centaurfirenze / cruciomalfoy / damnremus / dearsirius / diagonsalley


episkys / fiendfyred / flourishandblotted / ginnyweasleypottter / gxldentrio / gxnnyweasley / haildraco / hogsmeaded / hogwaarts / hogwartianos


i-am-lord-trolldemort / jamespctterr / knockturnallley / leakycaudron / lestranqes / lupinpotter / luxiusmalfoy 


malfoypctter / mravolo / nymphxdoratonkslupin / ohremus / ollivandirs / padfootdidit / padvoot / petrificustotlaus / pottersir / pottersir / professorlockhart / pronqsie / purebloodprongs


quibblrs / remoonslupin / remusinasweater / remusloopin / remusmoopin / scaredpotter / scteumsempra / seriousaboutsirius / siiirius / sirepotter / stuckwith-harry / sugarquillsandfizzingwhizbees / teddyluping


voldemxrt / weasley-wheezy / weasleywatch / weasloy / whosdraco / you-might-belong-in-hufflepuff

i’m so sorry if i missed anyone! i most likely did bc i was randomly deleting stuff all the way through - do message me if you think you should be on here and you’re not.

to all the one hundred and sixty people i follow: you are amazing!!! i love your blogs!!! thanks so much for lighting up my dash!!!

a further thanks to the people who i know in real life who tolerate how much time i speak about / worry about / spend on tumblr:

arabellaloveless wishuponabluebox vikingsitsanoccupationalhazzard harryslittlebutton

you guys are great ily

I’m still a bit dazed at the thought of over five thousand people wanting to follow my blog, and more than a little flattered. Thank you so much, and here’s to many more September 1sts!

favorites bolded

A - D
@alicelongbcttom; @alrightevans; @asheathes; @bellatrrix; @biliusronald; @brighttestwitch; @buhtterbeer@crvciatvs; @crystalread; @cursedmalfoy; @ddraco; @deerlily; @dementcr; @dictacontrion; @dracomahlfoys; @dracomalfouy@dropofamortentia; @dumbledore

E - G
@earlgreytea68; @eldcrwand; @emmawattson; @ethanakamura; @fantastlcbeasts; @fredweazley; @ghostiejames; @ghostlydun; @gilderoylckhart; @gincvraweasley; @ginevrxweasley; @ginnxweasley; @ginnydear; @ginnyweaslays; @ginnywheezy; @gnvraweasley; @goldensnltch; @goldentrio; @gxnnyweasley

H - L
@halvbloods; @harryjamcs; @harryjvmes; @hawthornandvxne; @hermionegrangcr; @hermionemalvoy; @hermioneshour; @hermioniegranger; @hogsmeaded; @hogsmecd; @hoqwqrts; @hugvvarts; @jamespctterr; @jammespotter; @knockturnallley; @leakycauldrcn; @levicsa; @leviohhsa; @lilypcttcr; @littlegirlweasley; @lrosely; @lunaloveggood; @lunavlovegood

M - P 
@malfioy; @malfouy; @malfoyco; @marauder-trash; @marauvers; @meropegaunt; @mrvlo; @mxlfoydraco; @nxrcissamxlfoy; @nymphadoratonks; @ohdumbledore; @ollivandirs; @paddfoot; @pansyprknson; @parseltonquinq; @pctter; @perhcy; @poppypomfrey; @potterdepp; @pristineparkinson; @privetdrive; @professorlockhart; @prongsno; @prongsxdoe; @pronqsie; @prvngs; @pureblud; @pxtronuscharm; @pyqmypuffs

Q - S
@quibblcrs; @quididtch; @quidittch; @qveeremus; @ravnclaws; @rcmusluqin; @rcmuslvpin; @regulusblach; @regulusblxcks; @reigulus; @renaissaence; @ronahld; @ronaldswheezy; @ronaldweasl-y; @ronesweasley; @ronweasxley; @saintdrarry; @scaredpotter; @scteumsempra; @sirepotter; @siriuspun; @slyherin; @snuhffles; @srpenscrtia; @stuckwith-harry; @sunbakbae

T - Z
@talkdrarrytome; @teddylulpin; @thcstrals; @thdailyprophet; @thegreyllady; @themalfoybitch; @themalfoyboy; @themalfoymanner; @themaraudersdream; @timeturnr; @tomriidle; @transpotter; @triwizardry; @umgranger@victoriouskrum; @viktrkrum; @voldemxrt; @weaslcytwins; @wizardign; @zabini; @zonnkos