EXO Reaction when they wake up and you are not by their side

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*Runs around the house looking for you* “Are you gone? Tell me it’s just my nightmare!” *Worried puppy*


*Can’t even stand up because his sunshine is not there¨”I know this will be a bad day…”


*Pouts everyday because you didn’t wake him up with a good morning kiss*


“Babe… please come… I’m scared..” *Baby panda cries until you come*


*Waits for you to come back to fall asleep. He can’t sleep when he feels the empty sport next to him*


“Oh no.. you didn’t leave me here… I’m bringing you back… and make you pay…” 


*Automatically has the worst mood ever because jagi was gone early in the morning xD*


*Plays with his phone pretending its you* “Oh Y/N! You are really so sweet! Thank you~”


*Quietly walks to the kitchen and hugs you form behind* “Never leave like that… my heart stopped for a second*


*You can’t move because this cinnamon roll wouldn’t stop being clingy with you* “I’m not letting you go!”


*Keeps you busy all night so you don’t wake up before him, since he loves being the first thing you see in the morning*


*Rolls to hug you and falls from the bed* “Jaaaaaagiiii!! Where are you? Why aren’t you by my side?”

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EXO Reaction to you being mad because they didn’t call and you didn’t make dinner

I hope you like this lovelies! Sorry for the quiet day! Love, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: “Oh no… I totally forgot. I’m sorry Jagi, I wanted to text but the boys kept me busy…” *Knows he’s screwed*

Kris: “Wait there’s no food? You are saying it’s because I didn’t call? Is it really my fault?” *Really hungry*

Sehun: “Don’t be angry Y/N. I didn’t know I was coming soon either. We’ll order a pizza okay?”

Tao: *Baby Panda is scared* “Please don’t be angry baobei! I didn’t mean to make you mad… I wanted to surprise you”

Kai: “Alright Jagi I’m going out to get some food. Don’t worry I’ll solve this!!”

Xiumin: *He knew you were going to get mad so he bough Ramyun in his way back home* “Eat jagi I know these are your favorite!”

Baekhyun: *You ignore him for days and he tries his best to make you talk to him again*

Luhan: *Sees your angry face when he arrives* “Y/N are you….. I love you….” *Innocent*

Chen: “Are you really going to be like this with me? Fine! I can eat apples all week!”

Kyungsoo: *There’s no way this cutie wouldn’t text you. He even video called you an all* “I’m going home Y/N! I’ll be there soon! Make all the food you can, I’m hungry!”

Lay: “I didn’t call? I swear I thought…. oh probably was a dream” *Really confused about what he did an hour ago*

Suho: *Cries before even getting in the house* “I’m soooorrryyy!! Don’t be maaad! Please! I’m a terrible boyfriend, I’m sorry!” *Apologizes for hours*

EXO's Showtime 10... Oh dear GOD

WTF is this?

Seriously, not amused…

Hah! Suck that!

Like the world cup




Bowling is not my style!

Not feeling it



Gonna die alone

Knowing his pain

Death is waiting

Lifeless vs. Lifely

The one who cried

The one who cared

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I rewatched Chicken and Waffles today and a few things made this episode stand out to me in particular:

-Charlie faces a lot of his fears just to help Panda out. He’s terrified of crowds, people and cameras but he goes through it all for Panda.
- Panda was frustrated, but he shouldn’t have yelled at Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie realized that too. It’s nice to see him stand up for himself.
-Panda also realizing all Charlie did for him.
-“Panda I’m scared!”
-Grizz and Ice Bear stalling
- The one long frame of Charlie and Panda holding hands
-The entire episode