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Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 2 Translation

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-Scene: Carnival Streets-

Kou: Yui, can you walk?

Yui: Yeah, I’m fine.

Kou: That’s good. So, where do you wanna go next?

This time, we’ll go wherever you want since I picked the place last time.

The atmosphere around here’s deeead. How ‘bout someplace lively?

Yui: Someplace lively… …

(Come to think of it, I saw a place like that at the amusement park, but we passed that a while ago. It’s far from here… …)

(I can still suggest it to him… …!)

Hey, Kou-kun.  Isn’t the amusement park here like the ones in the human world?

Why don’t we go there? I’m pretty sure it’s lively and a bunch of fun too!

Kou: Yeah, that’s true. If I remember correctly… …it’s that way?

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EXO Reaction when they wake up and you are not by their side

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*Runs around the house looking for you* “Are you gone? Tell me it’s just my nightmare!” *Worried puppy*


*Can’t even stand up because his sunshine is not there¨”I know this will be a bad day…”


*Pouts everyday because you didn’t wake him up with a good morning kiss*


“Babe… please come… I’m scared..” *Baby panda cries until you come*


*Waits for you to come back to fall asleep. He can’t sleep when he feels the empty sport next to him*


“Oh no.. you didn’t leave me here… I’m bringing you back… and make you pay…” 


*Automatically has the worst mood ever because jagi was gone early in the morning xD*


*Plays with his phone pretending its you* “Oh Y/N! You are really so sweet! Thank you~”


*Quietly walks to the kitchen and hugs you form behind* “Never leave like that… my heart stopped for a second*


*You can’t move because this cinnamon roll wouldn’t stop being clingy with you* “I’m not letting you go!”


*Keeps you busy all night so you don’t wake up before him, since he loves being the first thing you see in the morning*


*Rolls to hug you and falls from the bed* “Jaaaaaagiiii!! Where are you? Why aren’t you by my side?”

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EXO Reaction to you being mad because they didn’t call and you didn’t make dinner

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Chanyeol: “Oh no… I totally forgot. I’m sorry Jagi, I wanted to text but the boys kept me busy…” *Knows he’s screwed*

Kris: “Wait there’s no food? You are saying it’s because I didn’t call? Is it really my fault?” *Really hungry*

Sehun: “Don’t be angry Y/N. I didn’t know I was coming soon either. We’ll order a pizza okay?”

Tao: *Baby Panda is scared* “Please don’t be angry baobei! I didn’t mean to make you mad… I wanted to surprise you”

Kai: “Alright Jagi I’m going out to get some food. Don’t worry I’ll solve this!!”

Xiumin: *He knew you were going to get mad so he bough Ramyun in his way back home* “Eat jagi I know these are your favorite!”

Baekhyun: *You ignore him for days and he tries his best to make you talk to him again*

Luhan: *Sees your angry face when he arrives* “Y/N are you….. I love you….” *Innocent*

Chen: “Are you really going to be like this with me? Fine! I can eat apples all week!”

Kyungsoo: *There’s no way this cutie wouldn’t text you. He even video called you an all* “I’m going home Y/N! I’ll be there soon! Make all the food you can, I’m hungry!”

Lay: “I didn’t call? I swear I thought…. oh probably was a dream” *Really confused about what he did an hour ago*

Suho: *Cries before even getting in the house* “I’m soooorrryyy!! Don’t be maaad! Please! I’m a terrible boyfriend, I’m sorry!” *Apologizes for hours*