‘Sota-ing is a weekly photo series of our favorite shots from around Minnesota. If you’d like your photo’s to be considered for ‘Sota-ing, please submit them to our Flickr group or use the hash tag #Sotaing on Twitter.

[Taken by CityPages]

[Taken by epiøne on Flickr]

[Taken by cewoldt on Flickr]

[Taken by Jon Larson on Flickr]

[Taken by koni-omegaman on Flickr]

[Taken by cewoldt on Flickr]

[Taken by Bobby Khan Photography on Flickr]

[Taken by smcgee on Flickr]

[Taken by damonlynch on Flickr]

[Taken by aepoc on Flickr]

[Taken by Chris Boeke on Flickr]

Actually Meeting Opal Covey In Person

Again, Evan saves the day. You are my spirit animal.

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