Exo react to their gf having a baby after they cheat on her

anon, you are weird but i hope you like it

Xiumin: *at first he’s like*

*afterward he’s like*

Luhan: you.. what? ..wait baby? Did i miss out on something?

Tao: *gif*

*afterward he call the girl whom he hook up with and break it up* 

Kris: *about to cry and feel guilty*

Suho: *gif*

Lay: *gif*

Chen: *scared and shocked, not knowing if you’re joking or serious*

Baekhyun: *gif*

Chanyeol: *he’ll just accept it and move on*

Kai: *doesn’t know what to do and just sit there silently*

D.O: *ashame of what he did to you*

Sehun: *gif*