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Scare: 5SOS Kids Imagine

Thea paced the floor and gnawed mercilessly at her fingernails, a habit that Cat had never witnessed before in their lifelong friendship. Her long legs, covered by the worn fabric of her favorite hippie pants, wouldn’t stop moving and her hands wouldn’t stop shaking. Thea; ever rational, calm, and level-headed Thea, was nervous. And it was beginning to make Cat’s own anxiety skyrocket.

“Would you tell me what’s wrong already?!” Cat burst.

Thea halted in front of the spotless glass door leading to Cat’s balcony. The setting sun fell upon her and she seemed to glow as she replied with her eyes wide, “I’m not sure I know how to.”

“What does that even mean?!”

Cat felt dangerously close to beginning to pace alongside her best friend.

Thea took in a deep breath through her nose, and exhaled slowly from her full lips. Focusing on the feeling of her belly extending with the breath.

“Do you remember when I told you about Beau setting up the treehouse with lights and roses for our anniversary?” Thea finally asked.

“Yes, and it was so cute that I wanted to punch you both in the face, I recall. What about it?” Cat responded.

Another deep breath.

“Well we…you know…and I don’t know if we used a condom…” Thea said.

Cat shook her head in confusion.

“What do you mean you’re not sure if you used one? How do you not know?”

Thea tugged at her hair.

“We got drunk and I was eager and so I told him not to worry about it and he came in me. I mean it wouldn’t be all that big of a deal, but…”

“You just stopped taking your birth control because of the complications.” Cat finished for her.

The girl’s eyes met.

“I’m a week late.” Thea said.

Cat let the information fully sink in. Her two best friends in the world, both her age, could potentially become parents.

“Holy fuck.” Cat muttered.

Thea continued to focus as best as she could on her breath and rubbed vigorously at her sore temples.

“Okay. What do we do? Do we need to get a test?” Cat asked.

“I already did. It’s still in the car.” Thea told her.

Cat nodded and grabbed Thea’s car keys off of her dresser.

“I’ll go get it. You stay here and keep…breathing.” Cat instructed awkwardly before heading out to Thea’s car.

She was so unused to handling her best friend like this and briefly wondered if Thea felt this type of panic when dealing with Cat’s drama.

Cat felt as if she was almost running as she went out to the car. She opened the passenger side door and easily found the test on the floor of Thea’s spotless car. She grabbed it and shut the door behind her as she started back towards the house. The jingle of keys mixed in with the familiar sound of a motorcycle engine’s hum and Cat felt her heart race. She turned to see Beau, on his bike, pulling into her driveway.

“Hey Cat, have you seen Thea?” Beau asked, out of breath.


Beau’s eyes noticed the test in her hands. He got off his bike.

“Cat, oh my god! Is that for you?” He asked in a hushed tone of voice as he closed the space between them with large strides.

Cat was confused for a moment until she looked down and remembered what she was holding.

“Oh. No!” She exaggerated the last point and Beau glanced upwards in the direction of Cat’s bedroom and saw his girlfriend pass by the window.

“It’s for her, isn’t it?” He asked quietly.

Part 2 coming soon!

I went to a haunted house with my boyfriend to celebrate Halloween. All that was there were a bunch of remote control snakes, LOTS of cats, and some guy in a Freddy Fazbear onesie. They were all in just one room with a big, fancy table that had a fruit bowl on it. For some reason, I was mostly just terrified of the cats trying to touch me. I kept getting really scared by the cats, but my boyfriend was so calm about it all! We stood on top of the table to try and avoid everything. And my way of coping with my fear was to grab onto his shirt really hard and sing All Star by Smash Mouth loudly, because I had heard that singing that song specifically “got rid of ghosts” (but there weren’t any ghosts in the haunted house?!).

A bunch of ppl went to the annual fall cornmaze yesterday and I feel kinda bad for totally avoiding questions of why I didn’t go but “I’m slightly terrified of corn mazes”, while truthful, is a really stupid answer