I was actually tagged for one of these things how cool! First time a mutual has tagged me~~~ thanks @jucbw

1) Age:24

2)Job: Working as a bar tender

3) Dream Job: Owning a hotel or a B&B by the ocean

4) What people say you’re talented at: I am very good at remembering song lyrics. And crafting.

5)Big goals:  Climb Half Dome, Backpack through Asia

6) Aesthetic?: Pine trees, A frame cabins, Antiques with lace and books and wicker chairs

7)Do you collect anything?:  One time, I was watching a tv show that was talking about how this one guy made a grand library for his 2,000 books and my first thought was “well, I’m half-way there.”

8) Topic you always want to talk about?:Traveling, Fairy Tail or anything I am in love with. Baking.

9)Pet peeve:  Its a tie between when people use my things without asking first or when people leave the faucet tab up so that when you turn on the water it comes out of the shower head instead of the faucet.

10) A piece of GOOD advice: Always forgive but never forget. 

11) 3 songs I’d recommend: Anna Sun- Walk the Moon, Desperado - The Eagles, Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana- Intermezzo

I pick: @scarecrowwhiskey @vegetable13 @chibimeepaptx4869 @peacefulcacophony