scarab body arts


a while ago someone in the Jaime Reyes tag reminded me that Scarlet Scarab exists and I was like “…yes” And then I was like “fuck it, I’m gonna ship him with Thad. How’s THAT for a Dark Bluepulse AU.” Bc I like this better than AUs where it’s Thad and Moded!Jaime

“Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now i’m covered in the colors pull apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue”


I have decided when I get laid off at Christmas Tree Shops I’m getting a philtrum piercing done at Scarab Body Arts by John Joyce. I’ll let it heal up well and buy a Glasswear Studios pyrex labret for job interviews if I need to, to get a new job and the like. I’m excited because I haven’t gotten a new piercing in about a year and a half when I got my septum pierced there. I also pre-ordered 5.5mm, 6mm, and 6.5mm half size Glasswear Studios solid color pyrex plugs to try to stretch my septum up next year.