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Ariel Winter Wants Us All to Know That She’s 18

Ariel Winter wore this sparkly bodysuit to her Moroccan-themed 18th birthday bash. (Photo: Instagram)

Ariel Winter is no longer a little girl.

The Modern Family actress turned 18 on Jan. 28 and celebrated with a huge party — 300 guests! — that was Moroccan-themed with belly dancers and guys dressed like Aladdin. She shared a photo of her party outfit Thursday on Instagram. Considering the theme, she was festively attired in the form-fitting and sparkly Charbel Zoe bodysuit, which hugged her curves and accentuated her legs.

Ariel with her on-again boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette (left), and another friend at the bash. (Photo: Instagram)

Winter, who showed off front and back views on Instagram, talked a little bit about her party to E! News at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday. “We had a lot of cool things” at the party, she said. “My cake was awesome!” As far as the massive guest list, she quipped, “That’s insane right?!”

A back view of her Charbel Zoe bodysuit. The brand is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez. (Photo: Instagram)

The TV star has been making the transition to 18 — at least as far as her fashion sense — for several months now. Feeling a new sense of confidence after her breast reduction surgery in June, she’s been rocking some bolder looks — a couple that may make her counterpart, the straight-laced smarty-pants Alex Dunphy, blush. Let’s look at a few…

New Year’s Eve

(Photo: Instagram)

She’s back together with her boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette, now (he was at her birthday party), but she enjoyed a girls’ night out for NYE and rocked this off-the-shoulder, belly-baring ensemble.

Birthday Date

(Photo: Instagram)

Winter and Gaudette enjoyed their own night out together to celebrate her birthday (and their reconciliation?). A catsuit, with a tie-up front, was mandatory for that evening of fun — and smooches.

Jingle Ball

(Photo: Getty Images)

For a night of music in December, she channeled her inner rock star.

SAG Awards

(Photo: Getty Images)

She looked all grown up — and totally glam — on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. She didn’t cover up her breast reduction surgery scars and proudly spoke out about her decision. “They are part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all,” she said.

Hey, we can’t expect her to dress like a fairy princess forever. It’s nice to see her come into her own.