Progress not Perfection

I was brave and bold last night. I thought you would appreciate my motives. I stepped fully into the picture to encourage others to love and accept themselves today, in the body they are in. Shaming myself and loathing myself never got me into a heathy mind or body. Only loving and accepting myself, has made a true transformation possible. On August 1st will be my year anniversary of my Public Display of Self Love journey. I have released 90 pounds and truly have self worth and self pride for the first time in my life. You know how bad the pain can be, and so do I. I was eating myself to death, and hating myself with each bite. I have shed my self loathing, and last night I shed my clothes. I bared it all, to show you my self love and self acceptance regardless of imperfection. My kidney cancer scar, breast reduction scar, stretch marks, lose skin, rolls, and all. I love myself and am so proud of my transformation. This is possible! Step into the picture and step into your life!
Sara Michele Kaplan


Subtle edits of Cullen and Cassie

This little mod introduces slight changes to Cullen’s and Cassie’s face textures.

Cullen: reduced shine, a bit more scruff, slightly darker eyebrows, a bit more prominent scar. 

Cassandra: reduced shine, less makeup, lips less pink.

I haven’t touched anything else in their faces, no skin color change, no smoothness or scar reduction.

You can get it ON NEXUS. (credits also there)

More screens HERE and on Nexus.

Other mods used in screens:  EYES by ramccoid, Realistic hair re-tex by Skaramoosh, Dark Knight Cullen and Noble Cassandra by ArXangel1985, and Cassandra black hair mod (but I can’t find who made it, I’m sorry ;_;)

You guys, remember being 18 and fabulous?!? This is an amazing Jessica Rabbit-style dress, she looks amazing. I am so in love with her confidence here. Hats off to such a smart young woman for embracing her breast reduction scars and setting a wonderful example for young women.