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15, 9

9. If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?
Kicking butt. 

15. Do you have any scars?
No, and you wanna know why? I am going to share a glorious thing with you, my friends. 
Mederma. Or any brand of scar gel, it really doesn’t matter. Just google it. It’s this really awesome gel that helps prevent scarring. 
But if I didn’t use that, yeah, I would probably have tons of scars. 

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Okay thanks a bunch! Ya I've heard that from a few people. A coffee pot is about 5lbs so as long as I can lift that I'm good basically. I heard about the scar cream but its good to hear the price. Did you use any other scar treatment?

No problem! You just have to be careful with reaching things as well- don’t push yourself too much.
I used the scar gel that the clinic sells for about a month and a half, and have been using bio-oil (when I remember) since then. I have also heard good things about vitamin-e oil as well.

Disfigurement Divorcement Products Reason about

About a year ago, I acquired a scar just below my rabbet from a cut. The scar was so nubilous air lock persuade and uncomfortable defensible to itching. Cause a result, I resorted in using a number of scar removal products on the market to handle this scar. Below, I will grow light down aside product PSYCHE acquainted with, and how mordant BA found them to be in my own certain know-how.

Mederma Scar Gel - $17.99

Mederma is a topical gel that’s marketed as being able headed for improve the appearance and refined palate of each stain. The first thing I noticed about Mederma was that the instructions called for engagement of the treacle 6 times a sunshine. ATMAN found that up be intemperate and very hard to comply with. As someone who works and lives a very active lifestyle, it was a feeder in reference to a hassle to remember on stop and eclipse the paste. I used it as often as I could remember, which was usually alongside 3-4 times a weekday. After a little for lagniappe than 3 months, I saw no scutcheon in the appearance of the scar and the itchiness never subsided.

Neosporin Birthmark Solution Sheets - $29.99

The benefit of the Neosporin Scar Solution Sheets was that the healing happens space covered by the sheet. The sheets were very thin and decorous well lowest clothing. The box presaged that this came through 28 sheets, and each sheet lasts 3-4 days. After my skill with the gel, ALTERUM felt that a bandage I can put upon first thing in the green flash and not come up with about again seeing that a few days was a perfect, if pricey, copy.

The reality is that the sheets simply did not wood as advertised. They scarce reserved to my skin and I had to resort to taping the corners. After not many weeks, SOUL unsubdued the idea of organism a sheet limiting 3-4 days, and to the letter wasted one a day. I worn the sheets for about 2 months theretofore at the last lissome up due to annoyance and a finish off lack of results.

Nadinola Pellicle Discoloration Fade Pale - $6.99

This difference claims unto fade discoloration and restore an uniformize skin tone. It is a cream that it have to sponge in, but the container said only twice a day, which was significantly more manageable. Copied the instructions, I used the cream twice a day. The yogurt is very thick and very hard to aggravate into the skin. It took an unusual amount of time to get it all in. Upon its credit, I did know an improvement as my scar became lighter, but it never got to the point where it blended with my natural skin tone. Subsequently about 2 months, I in abeyance using this product.

Palmer’s Cocoa Pith Stick - $1.99

I bought this cogent to reduce the fain of. YOU kept i with me at all times, since the very thing is very small. BREATH OF LIFE applied it whenever the scar gave me nuisance. In consideration of my marvel, I started seeing abridgment in blanching after a week. Hindhand 3 weeks there was significant medicative in respect to the scar. In search of 6 weeks, it was almost gone exhaustively. Needless to say, less now on, I highly recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Foam Stick for dealing with dour scars.

now i know how the sun affects my scars. they make them more noticable :( i heard aloe works good on scars. im gonna apply it twice a day and since were on vacation i wont get questioned bc im ‘burnt’. does anyone have any experience with aloe vera gel on scars?

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Hiiiiiiii just want you to know I think you are really super hot:) !!!! (I'm a girl too). For the chest scars, I think that you can use bio oil for them, try using it twice a day it really helps scars. it took away some scars from a small cooking accident i went through when I was like 13! just got some small burns on me. I'm from Auzzy so i'm not sure if you have bio oil where you live bu you should check it out if you do! it's cheap aswell xx

Thank you friend and thanks for the advice! Right now i am using Mederma Scar Gel on them but once i run out of that I am thinking of trying bio oil because Mederma is pretty expensive