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Lance see's Shiro's scars once and decides to provide little self care tips. He gets Shiro nice smelling lotions and scar gels, leaves sticky notes with reminders to eat and stay hydrated, and probably searches for soft but oh-so warm sweaters because they are very comforting. (Bonus: he wears it before he gives it to Shiro so it smells like him.) Fluff, all the fluff.


Truth or Lie (Part Eight)

Part One

Part Seven

A/N: First off, Happy Birthday to the purest of souls, the kindest of hearts, Rob Benedict. Second, thanks to those who’ve been reading! I know that last chapter was a mouthful, but no worries I’ll make it up to you guys later on. 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, fluff, angst, nightmares

Word Count: 4546

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“Welcome to Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

You stirred slowly, blinking your eyes a few times in surprise at the fact that you had fallen into such a deep sleep during the flight. You turned your head to see Rob fast asleep, lips parted slightly in deep slumber. It was undeniably adorable, but you had to wake him. With gentleness, you pushed at his shoulder, nudging him awake as the other passengers of the red-eye flight filed off. “Rob. Hey, we’re here,” you murmured as he started to come around, blinking those stormy eyes of his a few times to rouse himself.

“What? Where are we?” Rob mumbled sleepily, one hand coming up to rub at his eyes. The two of you had just come from the set of Masters of Sex, which made him miss Friday of the convention, but he was insistent that he make it on time Saturday.

His behavior reminded you of a toddler, which prompted you to laugh a little, drawing a confused look from your boss. “We’re in Minneapolis. You know, for Minncon,” you reminded him as you bent over to grab your purse.

“Something funny?” Rob murmured as he hauled himself to his feet, still having difficulty fully waking up. He stepped into the aisle, completely forgetting about his carry-on.

You grabbed his bag and followed him down the aisle, snickering quietly at his hazy state. “Someone’s sleepy,” you cooed playfully.

Rob came to a stop and turned to face you abruptly, your chest crashing against his.

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