princesscheeese  asked:

hey sacha! can appointments committee get a shoutout? i'm putting all of this semester's applications online this week so that people can check out the available positions way ahead of time. you seem to be followed by a lot of freshlings who might be interested in getting involved on the committee level. senate secretary and j-board secretary are the first positions we'll be appointing for! thanks!

YES! Appointments Committee! I love them myself, since they appointed me to 4/5 of the things I applied for at Reed, and kept my committee full of awesome people.

App Com is a sub-committee of the Student Senate, in charge of reading applications for/appointing non-Senate students to other committees. Much as their name would suggest, I guess! That means everything from Honor Council, to SCAPP (Also a shoutout to SCAPP! Yeah!) (the Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning), to Reed Unions, to the Admission and Financial Aid Committee, and planning committees for buildings and events.

Freshman can definitely get involved, and in my opinion secretarial positions are a good way to start to be involved in student government and also a great way to learn a lot about Reed as a new student.

Also, I believe it is in the Reed Community Constitution (the Holy Book of Reed College) that there must be a student on basically every committee on the campus (with the exception of the Committee on Advancement and Tenure, or CAT), so if there’s stuff going on that you’re interested in be sure keep an eye out for appointments to those committees. 

Announcements about which positions are open will go out in your Student Body Info emails each week! It’s exciting! You can access the online applications through SIN, which I am not going to explain now but an upperclasman in your dorms will be able to show you all about it.