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“Protective Chat” Part 2/3 (Marichat May Day #4)

It took over a week to get this done, but I finished part 2/3 for this prompt! I’m so pumped! (Fair warning because this isn’t remotely fluffy, unless you categorize two over-thinking teens and blood as a cute scenario) LINK TO PART 1

Summary: “Looks can be deceiving” is an understatement when it comes to his princess.

Prompt: “Protective Chat”

Pairing (should I bother?): Marichat

Word Count: 1,896

Rating: T and up

No matter how dim his surroundings may be, Chat didn’t fail to notice the rubescent skin of Marinette’s cheeks; he was no fool to the affect he had on girls everywhere, especially his die-hard fans, but he took it as an ultimate achievement to get a reaction out of his iron-hearted friend (to his interpretation). But then again, they were both incredibly battered and tired at the moment, so it’s no wonder the bluenette really didn’t have control of her emotions. Thinking about it, Chat himself didn’t really have a reign on his heart either, seeing that he felt a little too pleased at Mari’s flustered state of mind.

To him, this was a red flag that they needed to get going in the direction of the Boulangerie Patisserie, home of the freckled-lass’s room. Sighing, he moved his free hand to Marinette’s good shoulder, giving her a light squeeze that indicated she needed to get up. She whined as he began to unfurl his legs, moving lithely and diligently to help her up.

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Day 8 - RivaMika Week 4 - Alegria

RivaMika Week 4: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

Beginning a new year while filled with either elation or sorrow - or both.

AN: A balcony scene in Paris ahhhh~

- - -

With his hands embracing a mug of steaming tea, Levi gazed upon the distant, gleaming lights of the Eiffel Tower and the urban-scape.

Paris, the city of love.

He leaned against the cool rail of his balcony.  The hotel he was staying at provided a nice view of the city.  He thought to make the most of his expensive hotel room by watching the upcoming fireworks in an hour.  

“Lovely night, isn’t it?”

His head turned, facing the balcony adjacent to his, and settled on a frame of a young woman.  The yellow light from her room giving an almost incandescent glow to half of her figure and the other half a bluish shadow from the moonshine and metropolitan lights.  

She wore a short, steel-colored silk robe and a white slip underneath.  Her lips, painted dark red, and her hair curled and sparsely disheveled.  She held a thick book within her fingers and thumb, and the feeble scent of coffee permeated his senses.  

There was a humming of a breeze weaving through from between the buildings.  “As lovely as it is, the night air is quite chilly.”  He expressed concern as he eyed her current attire.  

“I am resilient than most,” she responded, tugging her robe closer to her body and providing a quiet smile.  “May I ask why you are spending New Year’s Eve with no companion, sir?”

He saw no harm engaging into a conversation.  “My trip here is merely for work.  That is all.”

“Ah, and your profession?”

“A professor of foreign language, French, actually.  I am returning to Berlin tomorrow.”

“I am returning there as well,” she spoke gingerly with an air of wistfulness.  “It would be nice to go home.”

He cleared his throat, regarding the young and rather mysterious woman.  “And you?”  Her perfect eyebrows arched in the slightest.  “You do not have a significant other to spend the Eve with?”

He saw her lips twitch, refraining a smile, and he nearly slapped himself; his question sounded very pry and suggestive, to which she might interpret the wrong way.

But she simply laughed, it was soft and warmed him more than his tea, “No, I do not.”

“Well, that doesn’t make sense to me,” he voiced, shifting his body language to show her his attention.  “That a young woman such as yourself is alone in Paris of all places.”

“I am a student.”  She blushed a very light shade.  He did not know whether it was from the cool, night air or from his inquiry.  “Or I was, I recently graduated from the designer lyceum.  Now that I have completed my studies I can return home.”

As another breeze, a colder one, coasted by, he watched her visibly shiver as she clutched the silken material.  “Perhaps, I am not as resilient as I thought,” she humored with a shaky laugh, biting her rouge lips to which he found enticing.  

“You should head inside,” he told her, although his mind was claiming otherwise.  “It would be an awful start of the year if you fall ill.”

Though her next words were nothing short of a surprise.

“Would… would you like to come over?” she murmured, fisting her robe tighter as she looked at the city.

“Ah,” he breathed, a little befuddled at her invitation.  He wanted nothing more than to say yes, but his morals were stronger than his mind.  “It seems highly inappro-”

“I have tea,” she blurted, trying not to sound desperate.  “I assume you have used your last packet since the hotel ridiculously only gives each room two… And I do not like the idea of spending the new year alone, for both of us.”

He could not deny her request and perhaps he, too, did not want to start the new year by himself.  “I accept your invitation, Miss…?”

“Mikasa, just Mikasa,” she smiled, stretching her pale arm over the balcony.  “And what may I call you?”

“Levi,” he grinned, grasping her hand gently.  “Just Levi.”