I like Touka best when she is at her most flawed.

I love when her abandonment issues show, I love when she’s mean, when she’s rude and abrasive, when she’s violent. These are personality flaws that all stem from the turbulent and traumatic life that she’s led, and they are realistic flaws.

Each and every flaw that Touka is one that makes sense given her past. She had to grow up too young, had to fight tooth and nail to protect both herself and her brother, and had to distrust literally every human that she’s encountered since the faithful night that her father disappeared.

Of course she’s mean. Of course she’s rude, violent, and abrasive. Of course she’s afraid of being alone.

I love Touka’s flaws because they all make it much more poignant when you see that despite those flaws she is capable of great kindness and care. She loves her most important people deeply and will literally risk her safety for them or die for them.

Even at her angriest, she stopped Kaneki from killing his closest friend, she saved Shuu even when he repeatedly attacked her when she was a minor, she made Akira reconcile with Hinami even though her father killed Ryouko, she risked her life to bring Hinami back from cochlea, and she even helped Amon face his fears and talk to the woman that he cares about. I could go on and on about how Touka has helped almost all of the core characters in the series, even when some of them had previously wrong her.

She’s real – and she isn’t sugarcoated. And while some of you want an idealistic female character who is always sweet, and always kind, and always understanding that way of thinking always makes me appreciate characters like Touka that much more.

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of posts popping up where people have a problem with Touka offering Kaneki sex in chapter 130.

From what I’m understanding, this scene is bad because Kaneki looked sick and tired and she should have known better than to offer him sex and by doing so, she was making him uncomfortable and threatening his mental health.

I’ve even seen people make edits switching the genders of both Kaneki and Touka and claiming that people would have a problem with it if the genders were reversed. This is absolutely not the case as couples routinely offer each other sex from time to time. I do no understand this argument because it would have been one thing had Touka kept pushing the issue when Kaneki said no, but she didn’t. She dropped it and didn’t ask again.

Kaneki is an adult. He is twenty-three currently and is old enough to turn down sex if he doesn’t want it. Even if the genders were reversed there would still be no problem because couples have sex with each other. People in relationships offer each other sex! What is with these literal ass pulls in order to demonize Touka’s character? For people who claim to care about Kaneki’s well being so much – so many of you want to believe that he is being coerced into a sexual relationship with Touka. I literally do not understand this?

Touka is just as sick as Kaneki – everyone underground is suffering from starvation as there is no food. Touka is forcing herself to eat human food to try to keep her growing baby alive. The CCG is looking to close in on them at anytime. Sex can be a fun distraction from all of that terror, but some of you can’t wrap your heads around why Touka would want to offer the person who she’s in a physical relationship with sex?

Do some of you understand how relationships and sex actually work? I am inclined to believe that you don’t – or you’re just being willfully ignorant because you dislike the ship. It is cool to not like touken or to have issues with it because of the hitting (even though it’s a shonen/seinen trope played for laughs and not intended to be actually violent and harmful, but I digress), but trying to make it seem like the relationship is non-consensual is frankly, rather disgusting. At the end of the day, no matter how much of you try to hide this fact, this is about shipping. I guarantee that if this same scene happened with the ship of your choice, then none of you would bat an eyelash.

City of stars

Just recently I’ve watched la la land, and I really liked the song “city of stars”.

I really loved it! and it kinda reminded me of Touken.

I think I might be so drawn into these token feelings 😂, but there are the similarity I found.

City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars
There’s so much that I can’t see
Who knows?

is this the start of something wonderful and new?

I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you

City of stars
Just one thing everybody wants
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants

It’s love
Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else

A rush

A glance

A look in somebody’s eyes

To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I’ll be here
And you’ll be alright

I didn’t post the fall song just some parts of it, but you really need to listen to it ❤️ 


Tokyo Ghoul Cafe

Part 4: lmao me with Kaneki’s mask, the free placemats you got for going to the cafe, and some drawings I did at the cafe

Previous Part

Devil in a Mouth.

The sheets were cool beneath him as Hide bounced slightly atop the mattress, he hadn’t quite pegged Kaneki for dominance, but the longer he stared into the other’s hard grey eyes the more he cloud see the fervent lust washing over Kaneki like sharp grey waves. He watched, elbows pressed into the sheets, as Kaneki clambered atop the bed and over him. Kaneki’s face hovered over his own, Hide could hear his heart thudding against his chest, could feel the blood pumping through his body in pulsing waves. He felt dizzy and a little disorientated, maybe this is what being high is like he thought.

Kaneki didn’t crash over Hide like the raging waves in his eyes implied, instead Kaneki dipped his head slowly and pressed their mouths together with a kind of deliberate force that consumed Hide’s mind. Kaneki’s breath swept over his upper lip as they continued to kiss, it tickled but not in a way that Hide couldn’t ignore. He pressed one of his hands against Kaneki’s side, fingers feeling out the bumps and valleys of Kaneki’s ribs. 

Their bodies were slotted together in such a way that had Hide subtly arching his back, body pushed into Kaneki’s and it felt like cool air flowing over him. He’d never known that something so cool could feel so good, it was refreshing in a way that shouldn’t have been surprising. With Kaneki atop him, mouths latched together, they embraced each other and Hide was reminded of the beach in Autumn. Hide decided that he’d let the cold water wash over him and be swept away. 

miracleliang replied to your postAyahina is one of those ships where they done the…

We know Ayahina is going to be canon sooner or later… Although the world of Tokyo Ghoul is a cruel place. (For the record, Ayato did kick Hinami in front of Tatara once because that’s just what happens when you’re part of a mafia gang)

Idk if this is what you’re suggesting, but the kick wasn’t just because of it being what happens in Aogiri. People are so quick to criticize it as well without bothering to understand what was going on. I know he did kick her but to be honest, it means nothing. It was an act (which Hinami herself was clearly aware of, therefore the thanks). Ayato is her superior and to protect her from whatever Tatara would have done to her for her disobedience, he ‘punished’ her first. For Ayato’s standards, it was a light kick, considering Ayato’s kick is capable of making Kaneki double over and knocking Banjou off his feet for quite some time. It’s important to note that he also goes to ask her if she’s fine and wow, people don’t talk about that at all. 

I don’t know what you’re suggesting but when it comes to Ayahina criticisms, the one thing that really annoys me is this particular argument that Ayahina is toxic because he kicked her once, because I get this response every time I say that Ayahina is pure.


I am not a Tokyo ghoul fan but I still feel the need to put this in my blog
this attitude is downright disgusting, nasty and 100% unacceptable, honestly I feel so bad for Ishida!

I don’t know the man that well, but I’ve seen him interact with his fans on twitter before in such a fun and respectful way, I’ve also been here when he took the time to draw a tribute art of one of his fans when she was killed in a tragic accident (Christina Grimme)

and regardless of any of this, no author or content creator ever should have to experience such harassment for a valid decision they made in their own story, bad or good, I won’t understand for the life of me why some fans feel so entitled to someone else’s work like this, especially if it’s over something as ridiculous as shipping! being simply disappointed is an entirely different thing!

what’s ironic about all of this, is that 90% of these fans don’t even buy and support his work legally, this harassment started from international fans before the chapter was even released officially in Japan, and this alone is disrespectful enough, I understand a lot of us don’t have the means to support official releases due to different reasons, but the least we can do is not act like entitled pricks over it

I’m addressing this because for one, it’s horrible! and second, I don’t think the snk fandom is above this at all, I’m just glad Isayama doesn’t have any public social media account and I hope it stays that way

things like this makes me almost hate shipping culture because it’s the main source of all of this, people just don’t know when to stop, close their laptops and go take a walk