hiya! a lot of you may already know but i’ve been homeless for about 6-7 months and living in a youth hostel. today i’m gonna be moving in my first apartment and i’m gonna be in a mini-hiatus, because i need to wait to have an internet connection/electricity and clean up the place and study more for my upcoming finals… my queue is full af but just so you know i won’t be able to talk with yall and stuff :^)

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  • asked someone to marry you: innocent
  • kissed one of your friends: guilty
  • danced on a table in a bar or tavern: innocent
ever told a lie: guilty
  • had feelings for someone whom you can’t have: guilty
  • ever kissed someone of the opposite sex:  innocent
ever kissed someone of the same sex: guilty
  • kissed a picture: guilty
  • slept in until 5pm:   guilty
  • fallen asleep at work or school: guilty
held a snake: guilty
  • been suspended from school: innocent
  • stolen something:  guilty
  • done something you regret: guilty
  • laughed until what you were drinking came out of your nose:   guilty
  • caught a snowflake on your tongue: guilty
  • sat on a roof top: innocent
  • sang in the shower: guilty
  • been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: innocent
  • slept naked: guilty
  • made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry: innocent
  • been in a band: innocent
  • shot a gun: innocent
donated blood: innocent
  • eaten alligator meat: guilty
  • eaten cheesecake: guilty
still loved someone you shouldn’t: guilty
  • have/had a tattoo: innocent
been too honest: guilty
ruined a surprise: guilty
  • ate in a restaurant and got so bloated you can’t walk after: guilty
  • erased someone in your friends list: guilty
  • dressed in a man’s clothes: guilty
  • dressed in a woman’s clothes: guilty
  • joined a pageant: innocent
  • been told you’re beautiful by someone who meant it: guilty
  • still have communication with your ex: innocent
  • cheated on someone: innocent
  • got totally drunk the night before an important exam: guilty
  • a total stranger treated you by paying your fare: innocent
  • got so angry that you cried: guilty
  • tried to stay away from someone for their own good: guilty
  • actually murdered someone: innocent
  • thought about mass murder: innocent
  • actually committed a mass murder: innocent
  • rode in a stranger’s vehicle: guilty
stalked someone: innocent
  • had a girlfriend: innocent
  • had a boyfriend: innocent
  • totally drunk during a holiday: guilty
The conversation between Amon and Touka says a lot about Touka and Kaneki

I really love the conversation between Touka and Amon, and it just about the fact that Amon has forgiven Touka and called her a kind person. Cause while that is great it also gave great insight into the relationship between Kaneki and Touka. I say this because of this panel right here with Touka giving advice to Amon on why he should still visit Akira.

This advice changes the entire dynamic of the conversation, as Touka tells him what she wants from Kaneki. Through this advice it makes Amon a surrogate for Kaneki’s feelings. This is because in many ways Kaneki and Amon have been parallels since part 1, and this conversation really shows it. Both Kaneki and Amon have spent years apart from someone that they cared for first without choice and then consciously. There situations mirror each other very closely, and even though they are reunited things between Touka and Kaneki have been awkward. But, I think that Amon’s dialogue on why he hasn’t seen Akira is great insight in why he has been avoiding his talk with Touka

Amon talks about the guilt about leaving someone wondering whether they were dead or alive for so long. Then on top of it they are not longer the same person they were when they left. Then Touka gives Amon the advice that just them coming back to them is enough, no matter what has happened.

I know this conversation wasn’t necessarily what people wanted but it’s great because in this one conversation we are given the thoughts and feeling of four characters. As Amon and Kaneki are parallels and I’m starting to believe that Akira and Touka are too.