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I don't understand Akira. Really. She say that Taki should die, but now, she sacrificed herself to protect him. (??)

@midnight-in-town​ made an amazing post on this topic and you can read it HERE. My thoughts are absolutely the same. 

I’m 100% sure Akira cares about Takizawa. And there’s no doubt that he cares about her. This was the point of their intereactions in the first series: they were introduced as rivials, people that didn’t get along at all. But as the story progressed, it became more and more obvious that they do care about each other with the climax being Seidou risking his own life to go search for Amon and doing it not only because of his own friendship with him but also because of how worried Akira was; and also Akira stating that she loved him and Amon. 

This is like Ishida’s #1 Favorite Thing: Two characters that really care about each other and everything would be absolutely great if… there wasn’t a giant misunderstanding standing between the two of them making everything complicated. 

He’s done it to lots of the relationships in this series. Kaneki and Tsukiyama, Touka and Kaneki, Kaneki and Hide, Arima and Sasaki, Ayato and Touka and the list goes on. :’)

  • What I say:I'm fine
  • What I mean:Every day I question whether or not ghouls inhabit the rest of the world. Is it really just Tokyo? Do they even live in other parts of Japan? Does the CCG have bases in other countries? It makes sense for them to live in large cities because there's lots of prey there but what about New York? Beijing? Paris? They can get on planes, right? Unless there was extra ghoul security. But they could always find other ways. How would they not be elsewhere? What are foreign ghouls like? How d

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I think it'll be awhile yet before Hide gets a lot of focus. I have a theory that TG has a pattern of Ace influences on Kaneki. (It doesn't mean that the other Aces don't appear, just that they're not a focus.) TG: Human/Pre-Rize (Hide) -> Anteiku (Touka) -> post-Yamori to V14 (Shuu). I think TG:re has been going in REverse: CCG (human-centric) -> Shuu (post-Auction/Tsukiyama Raid). I think we're getting into the Touka arc now.

Ohhh? So the series is gonna finish with Hide on focus like in the beginning? GDI, I hope so. He needs so much focus after being absent for all this time.

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I don't know if this means anything but Hide's speech bubble in the redraw when he says "the ghoul that's closest to you" covers his left eye

Oh, I totally didn’t notice that. Nice catch! The opposite side to Kaneki’s right ghoul side (Oedipus complex) and the same side as Eto’s and Rize’s ghoul eyes, so probably Electra complex. At the same time, the “ghoul” closest to Kaneki… is actually Kaneki’s human side. LOL.