Two years ago, on the 26th of November, 2010 Scanzen was started. If you are interested here comes the quick statistics:

Posts: 3,265 (93% photo, 4.47 posts/day, 89.6% original content)
Followers: 22,700+
Total notes: 167,100+
Liked: 4,000+ posts
Following: 156 blogs

You like these posts the most, all over 1000 notes (11 were featured on Tumblr Radar):

A giant sequoia log (8,600+ my first radarworthy post)

Apollo 4 in flight (7,300+)

1969 Mercedes C-111 (6,100+)

Strela-3 computer (4,900+)

NASA Lewis Research Center control room(4,600+)

View on the Empire State Building (3,300+)

Conversational topics (3,100+)

Ed Valigursky: To the Tombaugh Station (3,100+)

A front view of an SR-71B Blackbird (2,400+)

Psycho animgif (2,300+)

Air to air view of an SR-71 Blackbird (1,900+)

November by Németh József (1,700+)

Tsiolkovsky’s space station (1,500+)

Scuba diver with an umbrella (1,500+)

Lunokhod 2, soviet Moon-rover  (1,500+)

Edwin Land of Polaroid demonstrates his new invention (1,300+)

Winston Churchill’s personal pressure chamber (1,200+)

Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Alan Shepard on the cover of Sunday Texas (1,200+)

Chess in a public park, Pyongyang (1,200+)

Helmut Newton: Volontaires de la douleur (1,100+)

Seven newspaper first pages about the first Moon landing (1,100+)

Maternity hospital (1,000+)

Thank you Tumblr, thank you all.

Image above: The control room of Grangemouth Oil Refinery, Stirlingshire, 1952. Photo: Arthur Tanner/Fox Photos/Getty Images.