Aha, my first KnB fanart 8′D I’m so not used to drawing characters like this but aaaanyway, some simple AoKuro fluff! *u* Basically I really wanted to draw Kuroko’s bed head and Aomine in a cute sweater. Sleepy bbys *u*

And I dedicate this one to zephyrcamida ~ Because you deserve some extra AoKuro in your life!

what should i listen to : a playlist by astraleulogy (cover art)

A mishmash of dance-y songs and relaxing songs for when you don’t know what you want to listen to

fallen angel // panty and stocking || cigarette smoke // arctic monkeys || chocolat // panty and stocking || scanty and kneesocks // panty and stocking || who’s in your heart now? (8bit) // studio killers || 1am // animal crossing || 2am (+rainymood) // animal crossing || rosalina’s comet observatory // super mario galaxy || n’s farewell // pokemon bw || durban skies (instrumental) // bastille || playground love // air || bloom // the paper kites || after the moment // craft spells || le festin // camille || hawaiian roller coaster ride // lilo and stitch