Dengeki Playstation, Vol. 613
Released on April 28, 2016

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The black blade rips asunder, madness or despair?

A mysterious race of aliens with their Bio-machines* suddenly come flying from somewhere in space.

In place of the humans who retreated to the surface of the moon, the androids in the special battalion “YoRHa” are tasked with the mission to recapture the planet as they land in a world of despair……

9S: Soul of fleeting kindness
Designation: YoRHa No9 Type S
Voice Actor: Hanae Natsuki

Just like 2B, 9S also belongs to the same “YoRHa squadron” that is tasked with recapturing the planet. Although he is fully capable of engaging in combat, he is best equipped for hacking for use in reconnoissance purposes. He has a very gentle and kind personality.

CHECK: Will the three YoRHa androids fight together?
In the gameplay demo, we can confirm that 2B and 9S will be playable characters acting in tandem with each other. At the moment though, much regarding A2 is unknown, so it’s difficult to know whether she is a friend or foe.

To overpower such a tremendous force, wouldn’t it be better for these three to work together……

Will the three fight together?
We’ve seen images that appear like A2 stands in the way of 2B and 9S. Perhaps it’s just my imagination that a tense situation is lingering in the air……

* According to the official Platinum Games site, they’ve decided on calling the “kikai seimeitai” or what I’ve been calling “Living Machines” as Bio-machines. They are called this because of their ability to multiply and evolve.

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Kiznaiver (キズナイーバー)

Hajime Tenga embraces his feelings and his fellow Kiznaivers, Katsuhira Agata and Tsuguhito Yuta, while Yoshiharu Hisomu lurks in the background for animation director Satomi Tamura’s (田村里美) poster in the May issue of PASH! (Amazon US | eBay).


Doge-情報師: There are more people who harass sensei with stolen scans this week.

X-YDAN: It’s unusual to see English scans in such posts, does the English team use the Chinese scans as source? If not, then it’s okay.

Fruithead: Speaking of stealing scans, it seems that sensei even replied once.
Fruithead: Fuck, they’re idiots…

Doge-情報師: Things have been quite difficult since “that” happened last year.

X-YDAN: Does it have an effect on us even if it’s English scans? (feels devastated) I’m so worried about our raw providers safety.

OhLoneSomeme: Are they stupid or what?

奋斗的蕙蕙: Idiots…
Urghhh please stop tweeting sensei with such posts.
(A raw provider was already caught last year
link: http://m.weibo.cn/3170688522/3962764773004365