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Why Roald is Going to be a Better King Than Jonathan

1. Roald is way more politically savvy than Jonathan.  Granted, he has the benefit of Jonathan and Thayet passing along their wisdom, and the lessons they learned while they were growing up and learning how to rule a country.  But comparing Roald’s behavior as a page and squire to Jonathan’s behavior during the same period in his life, Roald demonstrates a profound understanding of his position as crown prince and that his actions will be attributed to the position rather than him as a person.  This is why he never joined in Kel’s patrols to stop the practice of bullying and hazing under Wyldon’s tenure as training master.  It’s why he took care to divide his time among all of the pages, not spending all of his time with just one group of people.  

Compare that with Jonathan, who very much used his position as crown prince to direct his fellow pages’ behavior.  He and his close friends administered a beating to Ralon after he had broken “Alan’s” arm.  Roald never would have done such a thing.  Neither would Roald have disobeyed the direct orders of his commanding officer to conduct a risky rescue mission behind enemy lines as Jonathan did, banking on his identity as crown prince to keep him and his rescue party from punishment - which would have been death for any other person who had attempted it.  By contrast, Roald did his duty as a healer, far behind the front lines, during the Scanran War.

2. Roald is more progressive than Jonathan.  Is Jonathan a progressive king?  Yes, of course he is.  But he’s not perfect, and in some ways he has some serious blind spots.  Really what brought this entire post on was seeing parts of the Tortall fandom hating a little on Kel for acknowledging that she could never like Jonathan.  She is right not to like him.  He treated her differently for political reasons.  He allowed others to treat her differently for political and bigoted reasons.  Were his hands tied by political considerations?  Yeah, probably.  That doesn’t make Kel’s year as a probationary page right, and we have no reason to believe he would have intervened if Wyldon had been less honorable, and denied Kel her right to stay and train after that first year.  Lucky Jonathan.  He got to placate the conservatives and received one of the realm’s finest knights in return.  That was a win-win situation for him, that trampled all over Kel and made her experience more difficult than it should have been.

Roald was good friends with Kel during their time as pages.  He saw what she went through and how she dealt with it.  He saw what she went through specifically because she was training openly as a girl.  Jonathan heard second-hand what Alanna’s experience was like, but during his time as a page he never saw “Alan” as anything but a smaller-than-average boy.  And even Alanna’s experience was different than Kel’s, training as a boy and only revealing her true self after winning her shield.  Jonathan also hurt Alanna by not allowing her any contact with Kel during her page and squire years.  Pissing off the Lioness to the extent that she avoids Corus for years shows the depth of her anger there - but again, placating conservatives was more important than a lifetime of faithful service and friendship.

Jonathan also talked Roald’s sister Kalasin out of being the first openly-female page, which so enraged Thayet that there was significant tension between them for an entire year.  Now, there would have been political issues with Kalasin training for knighthood, but Jonathan’s particular grievance was that it would ruin her marriageability and she needed to marry in order to strengthen Tortall’s alliances.  This is a different kind of duty than knighthood, and one that Kalasin took on - but again, it was due to Jonathan placating conservatives for political reasons.

3. Roald is in a better position to be both a good person and a good ruler.  When Kel was trying to process her feelings about Jonathan, she recalled something her father said during their time in the Yamani Isles.  The Yamani Emperor ordered a mass execution of not only a group of criminals, but their families as well.  "Rulers are seldom nice people, Kel.  Even good ones make choices that will hurt somebody.“  Jonathan, Thayet and all of the others of their generation (Alanna, Raoul, Buri, Gary, etc.) have done difficult, slow work getting Tortall into a position to make great progress.  This is why Jonathan has done some of the things he has, although arguments can still be made as to whether those decisions were the best ones he could have made.  Roald and Shinko are now able to take that work and build on it, when Roald eventually takes the throne.  He has done his own work, demonstrating his political awareness and public temperament that will enable him to work with nobles and commoners alike.  


Kel is not wrong to feel the way she does about Jonathan.  She doesn’t have the benefit of having read Alanna and Daine’s stories, like we have.  But Jonathan has wronged her - that’s beyond dispute.  And he is lucky to have her, because she’ll do her duty by him in spite of it all.

anonymous asked:

I love your fics- they're all beautifully written, and the verse is almost like a song, in a sense. But, um, is there a chance you could write a story on intelligence? Like you did in your 'in defense of' series, but not really referring to Hermione; there are just so many stories about people learning to use beauty or turning strength into power, but I haven't seen one for intelligence- like showing people how intelligence can be as important as beauty or strength, in its own way...

I will certainly write about smart ladies in the future, because I love me some smart ladies, but I also think I’ve already written a few that might be what you’re looking for.

You might want to check out my MCU scientist ladies– my Jane Foster character focus (“on the verge of understanding something extraordinary”) and my Hope van Dyne (“about damn time”). Also maybe check out my Laura Barton (“i can tell the difference”)– Laura’s a civilian, an artist, and a mother, and she’s one of my more deliberate and intellectual characters. 

Check out my Rapunzel, who runs away from her tower and becomes an unofficial taxation consultant for a small fishing village (“let down your long hair”). 

Check out my Keladry of Mindelan ramble, “the things you carry,” in which Kel is found guilty of treason in Lady Knight after all, and spends the rest of the Scanran War as an escaped vigilante general fighting for Tortall and defying it at the same time. It’s an intelligence dedicated to loyalty and violence, but it’s certainly intelligence. 

Also maybe check out my book, Beanstalk, because I think I’d definitely argue that intelligence, creativity, and grit are all much more often tools in my Laney’s hands than her beauty or femininity– not to mention side characters Gloria the know-it-all sage major, Heather the plant-obsessed biologist, and Sez, whose learning disabilities hardly prevent her from being one of the most intelligent and effective characters in the verse. 

Protector of the Small as written by Moffat

(So I’m gonna try my hand at this.  It’s a bit exaggerated but w/e, I guess that’s the point of this blog.  Sorry if it sucks!)

Protector of the Small

First Test: The story focuses on the budding relationship between Kel and Neal.  Neal is an average, dorky nice guy who is less physically capable than the other boys, but much cleverer than all of them.  He is drawn to Kel because he knows mysterious things about her childhood, but he doesn’t tell her.  Kel is a sassy girl in training to be a knight.  She became a knight because she wants to protect all the children in the world, just like her mentor, Alanna, who stopped being a knight when she became a mother.  She has a really obvious crush on Neal, who is comically oblivious.  We are told she is a good fighter, but we never actually see her fight, and she seems to only succeed because Neal helps her.  Kel is sad because the older pages are mean to the new trainees, so Neal decides to help them because he doesn’t want Kel to be sad.  Kel cheers him on while he beats up all the bullies and never gets in trouble for it because he is so clever.  The book ends when spidrens attack a group of pages and almost kill Kel.  Neal saves her life, so she kisses him.  Lord Wyldon takes her off probation because Neal said he should and everyone loves Neal because he is clever.

Page: Kel and Neal go through puberty.  Kel’s storyline dealing with her budding sexuality and emerging womanhood is replaced by boner jokes and innuendo.  Also Kel is super sexy now.  Neal forcefully kisses her and any other women he sees and laughs when they slap him.  Kel gets a new maid named Lalasa.  She is super sexy and alters Kel’s page uniforms so that they are tighter and show off her body.  As a result, Kel is blamed for distracting the boys during training.  Neal forcefully kisses Lalasa and slaps her butt a lot which is super funny lol.  At the end of the book, Lalasa is kidnapped and Kel cries.  Neal thinks of a clever plan to save her.

Squire: This book centers around Kel and Neal trying to stop an evil Yamini gang lead by Princess Shinkokami, who is secretly a psychopath.  They have funny accents and are stupid and incompetent.  Kel sees battle for the first time and cries because so many children are being killed.  Neal has to save her.  Kel goes through her Ordeal but doesn’t remember any of it.  Neal says he doesn’t know why, but he is lying.

Lady Knight:  During the Scanran War, Kel asks to be in charge of a refugee camp instead of in a combat position so that she can protect the children and be with Neal.  Neal ends up running the camp while she works at the camp day care so she can be with the children.  She has mysterious periods of sickness for reasons she doesn’t understand and strange dreams that she can’t remember.  It turns out that Kel became pregnant during the Ordeal because of evil magic.    Also, the only reason she became a knight at all was because she was born next to a crack in the earth full of god-magic.  Because of the God-magic, she is destined to stop the evil Scanran mage who is killing children.  Neal knew the whole time, but he didn’t tell her because he knew she would be irrational and mess it up.  The evil Scanran mage kidnaps her baby, and Kel cries because children are dying.  Her crying is magical because of the god-magic so Neal comes up with a clever plan to save the children.  Now that Kel has fulfilled her destined role with her magical crying, her desire to be a knight has left her so she retires and becomes a mother.