scanomat top brewer

hyperbolicflush-blog  asked:

Semi-related, do you use your own UfYH app? I imagine that being able to use a program you helped to create would be a good feeling. :D And a silly question, if you could do a cross-over/collaboration with another site or person (like the Night Vale donation recording) and money and time was no object who would you most like to collaborate with? Have a rad day

I do use the app! I have like 12 testing versions (including the beta version of the soon-to-be released iOS app update that fixes the 20/10 timer bug and adds recurring to-do list item function as well as prettying it up for iOS7) on various devices, but I usually use the one on my phone. My to-do list is pretty extensive, but even I have trouble figuring out where to start sometimes, so I do use the random challenges pretty often, as well as the 20/10 timer, which pretty much rules my life.

As far as collaboration? Beyoncé, obviously. Um, anything that would get my hands on a Scanomat TopBrewer, which is the coffeemaker of my dreams and I rather obnoxiously haunt their social media. On a more realistic level, I love Captain Awkward, Adulting, and Dear Coquette.