scanning it through for art reasons


Destiny Through the Years!

my friend @tsyele did a wonderful version of one of these, and encouraged me to do one of my own. I found this very interesting to put together for a lot of reasons.

Between 2013-14 the amount of artwork I completed is pretty much what you see here; just a handful of pieces when I was playing dungeons and dragons regularly/started reading homestuck. But when I began picking my pieces for 2015-16, I had more art to choose from than I knew what to do with. Between these two years, I have finished over 1600 illustrations, doodles, and drawings. 

What started out as a place to just reblog Solas dragon age became a font of creativity that I didn’t realize I had in me. And I can only credit not only this amazing game that has meant so much to me, but each and every follower that has cheered me on along the way, the artists that inspire me to try new things, the fanfic writers that touch my emotions with their words, the people who make meta/headcanons/edits that fuel my creativity. 

You are all so amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to credit you all in helping me grow these last few years. The friends I have made here I will treasure as long as I live; Happy Holidays everyone and thank you <3

Commissions are OPEN

-Additional character costs 5USD
-Payments will be made through paypal invoice
-I have the right to refuse some commissions for certain reasons
-All final works will be sent through google drive
-All payments should be done once I send in the first WIP. I will not continue the commission if not paid.
-I will not draw anything r18/mature content
-I can’t draw mecha (im sorry)
-Feel free to give me references (for bgs and etc.)
-Watercolor commissions will be scanned to perfection.

If you want the original watercolor illustration to be delivered to you, please take note that you will have to shoulder delivery expenses. (this might also take some time, since i’m learning how shipping works… so please bear with me, but lets work this out together!!~)

PM me if interested!~


~ get dirty, get clean ~

So i’m moving across the country next month, and since i’m not planning on bringing very much stuff with me, i’ve been going through my (numerous) stashes of old art and scanning in the things i like.

I drew this piece in November 2010.  At the time, i was drawing a bunch of tiny concept-driven comics, just to play around with the medium, and this was one of them.  Super simple and basic, but i’m still quite fond of it!  (God i need to start drawing things like this again … .)