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a playlist in two parts for the lovers that were never meant to be

alma: (listeni. my heart with you - the rescues ii. inside a boy - my brightest diamond iii. salvation - scanners iv. fish - wye oak v. where i live - woodkid vi. smother - daughter vii. winter - mree viii. possibility - lykke li ix. heavy stone - kyla la grange x. extinguish me - soap&skin xi. let the spider run alive - moddi

kanda: (listen) i. i led three lives - grails ii. thanatos - soap&skin iii. observations - the raveonettes iv. splinter - sneaker pimps v. the preacher - jamie n commons vi. beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club vii. winter - chelsea wolfe viii. black eyes - radical face ix. my blood - ellie goulding x. silhouettes - of monsters and men xi. synthetica (acoustic) - metric


I managed to catch some of faragonart s stream the other night and it was a huge inspiration for me! Amazing artist, wonderfully sweet person too. It was really great getting to chat with her and see the process, as well as some in progress works! Really motivational for me. So here’s some Hiccup expressions I sketched up the second I had time for them.

Movie tracking week of 8/9/2014- 8/15/2014

Hello reader,

Welcome once again to another week in movie tracking.

This week I’m putting in an on time post, finally. It’s been a while.

Yeah, this week has not been that big on movie watching or television watching really. I watched Cinemax’s “the Knick” starring Clive Owen and directed by Steven Soderbergh and it was just okay, although I have to admit I have very little interest in the show, I will not be further watching this series. A couple other shows I tried to get into this week, “Extant” with Halle Berry was interesting as was “Manhattan” but both those shows I think I maybe will have to revisit later as I’m only half interested and there other shows I really need to catch up with. I checked into “Outlander” as well as “Legends” and they were both shows I could just leave.

I also watched the last episodes of “Wilfred” and although this season has been pretty uneven these last couple of episodes were pretty good and satisfying end to the series. The biggest surprise for me is how much I’ve been enjoying this season of “Girl meets World.” I mean I was interested in the series since I first heard about it and I did watch, although not with any consistency, the original “Boy meets world” series. This show is pretty good and the cast is funny and I just genuinely enjoy watching it. I don’t know I like my shows light and fluffy I guess.

Okay it’s time for the movies I watched this week, but first here is the grade scale that I’m using:

SKIP – This grade is given to films that are not really worth watching and would be best skipped.

FAST FORWARD – This grade is given to films that have something worth seeing about it but could probably be seen without your full attention.

PLAY – This grade is given to films that are worth seeing and should be paid close attention to.

REWIND – This grade is given to films that are worth seeing and needs considerable attention to viewing and also possible multiple viewings to be fully appreciated.


Prisoners, 2013

Well this movie feels like too long I thought and that’s never a good sign. It had some cool things about it and some interesting things going on particularly with Hugh Jackman but the main focus was on Jake Gyllanhaal’s character and I feel as if there wasn’t that much going on with him.

I don’t know I didn’t really think too much about this movie after I saw it or even during. I mean there are some things that are almost funny if it wasn’t such a dark story.

Anyway, I’m giving it a FAST FORWARD because it wasn’t a bad movie but it also doesn’t resonate or carry any weight and I’m sure you’ll get what it’s putting out even if you just leave it on and not pay that much attention to it.


Scanners III: The Takeover, 1992

Yeah, I watched this darn movie again this week. It’s not that I like it that much that I have to watch it this many times within the same month it’s just mostly for the next episode of Separate but Sequel podcast. Anyway this still gets the same grade of REWIND but I think this will be the last time I watch for a good long while.


Boyhood, 2014

Let me start by explaining that I really loved the “Before” trilogy films with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, I believe those three films are an incredible mix of talented actors an excellent concept for filmmaking and a truly resonate theme. For me Richard Linklater movies are hit or miss but mostly I get what he’s going for and truly respect his film ethic and creativity as an artist. This film is a huge success in creating authenticity and realism which is something that Linklater cares a lot about.

The problem with his films sometimes for me is that they can get a little too abstract and lost in pontification over actually creating a comprehensive narrative. Sometimes I appreciate the pontification other times the lack of narrative just throws me off too much. This film succeeded in blending the two well enough for me that I enjoyed my experience with the film, although I could understand how some may not have.

This film took a young man from ages 5 to 18 in real time and made a narrative in those years. I am almost more interested in how the film was made than the actual film, but I do really like the film.

This film gets the REWIND grade for me because there is a lot to get from this film in performances, in creativity in presentation and in themes and conversations and trying to assess those and contemplate how these things connect. It’s a really great film and I think everyone should check it out at least once.

Alright thanks for checking in, I’ll be back next week with another movie tracking post.

I’ve been considering bringing the blog out of hiatus despite having run out of good-quality scans.

So, I’m considering doing it like so. Taking photos of the pages with my camera. Not only will it enable me to show you material from the volumes I didn’t have scanned before, it isn’t as potentially damaging to the books as scanning, but I can also show some stuff from World’s Most Wanted (like so).

Sound off! What do you guys and gals think? Does it look okay? Or would you rather just wait until I get a better scanner?