scanners are evil

So I decided to put my own little spin on Ikimaru’s merstuck! Here we have our lovely vriska and little Tav in the corner. Vriska is singing Poor Unfortunate Souls and being all Sociopathic like, per usual. This is basically my story behind how Tavros lost his legs- er, fins.

So Tavros becomes quite infatuated with the human world but he can’t, for whatever reason, get on land. His lack of confidence won’t allow it, perhaps? So who else to come to besides for Vriska? So being the amazing sly, son of a bitch she is she makes him a deal. She’ll find a way to get him out of the water, but it would cost his fins. She literally didn’t give Tav anytime to answer, and pulled him over to a human’s fishing net. Push leads to shove and she’s got him horribly tangled in the net. So when he’s finally pulled out, his fin is damaged so bad they had to amputate it.

I have such a lovely mindset, don’t I?