so, the last time that i had my scanner hooked up and was scanning a bunch of shit, i mentioned this book. angel’s ascension is, along with angel of redemption, among my favorite two volumes of the original series. that series, of course, being battle angel alita. when these were coming out in issues, when redemption (just called part four at the time) ended, it was such a solid ending that i couldn’t really get into part 5. i spose that part five taking such a different turn in regards to tone and setting didn’t help either.

so, it was a while before i went back and read the last few volumes in trade, some time after the series was over in issues. Now, there is a whole other battle angel story called last order, but as far as the original comics are concerned, ascension is the end. i may just have a thing for endings, by which i mean, i do, in fact, have a thing for endings, and for alternate realities and robot girls and pretty much everything that appears in this book, but taking a step back from all that, it’s still great.

kishiro is at the top of his game here, and for someone that lost me as a reader at one point, he brings it home and blows my mind. those of you who have been watching me on the internet for a time will remember that several years ago i declared ‘just one bite’ to be the greatest panel in the entire series, and i stand by that. here are some more scans for yr viewing pleasure.

next scanner day: idk yet

this image is from this children’s book:

i was very fond of this book when smaller, and for whatever reason recently, it popped into my head.

this is also my new profile picture on facebook. i kinda think it may be time to take another vacation from facebook. i was told that you can now actually delete yr account instead of just ‘deactivating’ it or whatever that was. food for thought.

next scanner day: angel’s ascension