scanner distortion

A possum in the forest lumbered over to me

A goddess of the forest, ancient deity

“Oh, to be an animal again” she mused to me

With abysses for eyes, tongue circling her teeth

“Well, aren’t you an animal?” I carefully asked

She put a hand on a skull, and spat out a laugh

“You’re an animal too, surely you know that

Once you become a deity, you cannot go back.”

This was one of those rare little drawings and words that creep up your spine with the autumn wind, daring you to wrestle them down onto paper. about 45 minutes, Papermate ballpoint pen and Micron 05. My Prismacolor brush pen was dying (well, all my pens are dying) so I dipped the tip in rubbing alcohol and “painted” with it. Some touchups were made in Photoshop to try to fix what the scanner distorted.