scanner did odd things to it

The scanner was kinder to Melian than it was to her daughter, though it did do some odd things to the the shadows in her skin that made them look rather more like glowing. But hey, life and scanners are both mysterious. 

Overall, I’m ridiculously pleased by how this came out. I managed to get the perspective right to make her look approximately seven feet tall, the colors came out beautifully, and the cattelyas did pretty well also.

I know Melian is generally associated with Yavanna (’kin to Yavanna’ is reasonably unambiguous) but tbh, I headcanon that, like Gandalf, she had left the service of her first lord for another. Specifically, I am more and more really liking the idea of Melian as a maia of Orome. They can’t all be Very Good Dogs, after all.

The Fire In Us


“If this planet does foster some type of dragon species it could hold a key to my kind,” Ziencora spoke as they had been beamed down and started to monitor the lands quickly. She brought up her own scanner on her wrist and looked around. Her eyes settled over on Jim and Spock, she smiled. “Don’t worry, I wont go running off after some other handsome dragoon,” She purred.

Fact of the matter was, this planet seemed flourishing, the planet life was odd mix of colors, species they hadn’t collected before.  Although, the trees were taller, the berries and vegetation was a lot larger. Things here were meant for creatures twice, if not, three times the size of them.

Ziencora walked up to the high point as she always did to watch over the crew and to get a better look at the land. She could smell it, in the air, there was life here, dragon life. Another species of the same blood line. She grinned brightly at the idea this could be where it started for her kind.