Jan Herdlicka, photographer from Berlin

I am a young photographer born in Munich and currently based in Berlin, Germany.

While studying cultural sciences i started to develop my own visual language.

After i began using digital cameras i now ended up doing most of my photography with black and white self-developped film material. I would consider my work to be influenced by the photographers i admire like Meyerowitz, Gilden, Moriyama or Ansel Adams. Nevertheless i would not say that i take photographs having somekind of premade plan or system in my mind. Most things just happen. First i try to let my feelings and intuition lead me the way to find motives. After developping the films and scanning the negatives i try to structurize the results and create series that, again show me the way to new ideas and so on and on……..just following my instincts and trying to keep the process in flow.

Besides that i started doing my own miniprint trading-cards called SAMMELKARTEN last year and released them frequently on several blogs such as (i will attach an image of them:)).

Feel free to checkout my work at:

The Leica girl
Via Flickr:
Thanks to Johann for the proposition of this shoot-out and processing and scanning the negatives. Thanks to Julia for posing with her black leather gloves, red chic jacket and the classy Leica M7! Explored #291, on Feb 3, 2010.