35mm negative scan.

A long time ago, a friend once mentioned the importance of symbols and significance of minimal aesthetics in play. How much and little could be said as by simply laying a pile of stones on a floor. I think he said the accuracy in expression is some kind of fragment from soul or rather. His painted works were riddled with philosophy and obviously personalized statements.

An elementary expression on a conversation with the friend in regards to necessities, illusions, professions and systems.

Sorry, haven’t much else to say about this image at the moment.


On one Father’s Day, Bruce entered his study to find an envelope on his desk. It was in the perfect center; too carefully placed to be an accident, though it had no addresse or name on it.

He waited until later, when the Batcave was deserted, to scan the envelope. But all the scans came back negative, so he carefully cut into the side and let the contents fall out into his hand.

There was a single photo. It was of a baby, probably a few months old, swaddled in a colourful blanket. Under the shock of black hair, the baby’s eyes were shut tight, mouth open in a deep sleep. The little hand was holding the blanket tight.

Bruce sat down on one of the chairs. He recognized the face, even as an infant.  Damian should be making the same face as the one he wore in the photo, safe up in his bed.

Why had Talia, because she was the only one who could have this photo, the only one who could have brought it to him, chosen to give this to him now? After not telling him about Damian’s existence until years ago, after robbing him of the chance to see Damian as a baby, after allowing Damian to be trained too harshly at too young—

He took a deep breath, reeled in the immediate anger, forced the thoughts to come to him slower.

Damian’s face, when he had first come to the Manor. Talia telling him in harsh whispers “He’s your son!” while Dick and Damian met each other for the first time in the other room. When he had met Talia for the first time, and she beat him at sparring so completely that he spent the next two months training to match her. Her helping him with his stance until he could. Talia fighting with Ra’s. Talia fighting with him.

 The cruel sneer on Damian’s face meeting his siblings. The first time they heard him laugh, really laugh, when Cass had delivered a face full of whipped cream to Dick, who had fallen to the floor. It was the same laugh that Talia had, when he had surprised her with a long forgotten joke, so many years ago.

The scars on Damian, the ones that Bruce hadn’t been around for, that he couldn’t forgive. The playful glint in Talia’s eye’s when she was teasing him. Damian calling him Father. The heartbreak on Talia’s face when she had left Damian with him, promising that it was necessary, that he’d be safer this way.

Bruce took another breath. He grabbed a file protector, and slipped the photo, the treasure, in it.

Things couldn’t ever be normal between him and Talia, with too many fractured windows and smoking bridges and good intentions in their past.

But he could still be grateful.

negative scan:

I used to have a name for this photographic exposure technique but it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what it was referred to. I’ve looked it up and I haven’t found anyone mention it so maybe I was on to something in experimenting with it.
A few film cameras allow you to manipulate the advancements of the film in millimeters with precision enough to utilize the space within and out of range of the supposed 35mm area. This was shot utilizing two 35mm areas and overlapping 45% of each supposed frame to create overlapping exposures.
This photograph was taken from the Griffith observatory with a long range lens. Slight long exposures of traffic was used to simulate visual frequencies of light over a metropolitan area.
I really liked this one.

©auxiliofaux, 2012
A Dreamy Diagnosis

Intro: So I wrote this little (not so little) piece for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (tbh I kinda forgot about it until you sent the reminder and I freaked out because I couldn’t figure out a story, but I think I got it!)

The prompt was: “I thought that was eradicated years ago!” I kinda changed it to “That was eradicated years ago!” Because reader and Bones are in medical field so I would assume they would know if something has been eradicated or not. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 2578

Summary: Reader is a nurse who is presented with a pretty tricky case.  The nurse enlists Dr. McCoy’s help to figure it out, and eventually does.  Is Bones developing feelings for the reader?  Maybe?  

Also: I had my respiratory infection lecture notes open for this one so all that information is accurate, but I kinda took a few liberties in the sense that I made up that the medical equipment wouldn’t test for this disease so be gentle. 


You owed your date on Friday night to a 6 month old baby with a cough.  

“One more minute, little one.” You cooed, smiling down at the child as you ran the dermal regenerator over her wound.  

The Enterprise had received a distress signal from a nearby planet, the signal coming from a small colony that were being attacked by Klingons. The rescue was not as successful as it could have been, losing about half of the colony before you were able to stop the Klingons.  You were assigned to one of the children that had been rescued, a 6-month old that had been orphaned during the attack and had a upper arm laceration that you were quickly healing with the dermal regenerator.

She squirmed under your grasp and began to cough.  You noticed the cough as soon as she had arrived, but thought the laceration to her arm was a more pressing concern.  

“Oooo, that’s a pretty nasty cough you have there.  Let’s see if we can’t get you some antitussive medication, huh?” You babbled as you finished up with the dermal regenerator and moved to set up the medication to run through the IV that you had already inserted in her tiny arm. 

“Everything alright in here?” A deep voice sounded from the doorway and you didn’t even need to look up to tell that it was your boss and the CMO, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  

“Yep. Just finished up with the laceration, then moving on to figure out what this cough is!” You sang the last few words down at the baby, tickling her little belly with your gloved fingers as you did. 

You heard Leonard chuckle low and soft behind you, “Alright, well let me know if you need anything.”

“I will, Dr. McCoy.” You waved him off and heard his footsteps retreat as you focused your attention to the screen on the side of the biobed.  

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Submission Selfie Sunday

That’s me - way, way back when.

Rolleiflex mirror selfie scanned from faded negative.

Photo by Johannes Beilharz.

We don’t need Throwback Thursday. We have Selfie Sunday. And yes, the negative might be faded, but you still shine, Johannes! Thank you for your selfie submission! We love it!

PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing