scanned today


05/100 days of productivity!! I scanned my biology notes today!! I absolutely love how they turned out!! the chloroplast which I tried to draw looks like a bittergourd omg🌵 anyways, wish me loads of luck in finishing my general paper essay tonight!!!

Inktober 002: 90s-diet-coke-au!Kuroo Tetsurou

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.3), Copic Markers (W5, W10, R29, Y19), Sakura Gelly Roll (white), WHSmiths sketchbook

So today is the Twinyards’ birthday and according to a discussion by @coldsaturn and @still-waiting-for-godot Andrew would be turning 30 this year sooooo. Here is 30 year old Andrew and 28?? year old Neil (I can never remember his relative age ugh) Andrew still has the same haircut, Neil upgraded to a curly man-bun, undercut, and hipster beard. They’re at some stupid Pro-Exy banquet or something that requires them to dress nicely. Let’s all applaud Neil for finally having a wardrobe of clothes that actually fit. He’s grown so much as a person. *tear*

Also I have this dream that after retiring from exy at like 36 or something, Andrew takes his criminal justice degree and goes to law school and becomes A REALLY GOOD lawyer.

But uh yeah, markers on a printout of a sketch I did yesterday because I got SUPER IMPATIENT and didnt wanna wait until after work today to scan and upload and shit.