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Code: Realize: Cotton Candy Party 

The cover used for the June 2017 issue of B’s-Log with Code:Realize as the main feature, This illustration seems to be a sort of alternate/add on version to the illustration done by miko for the “Code:Realize ~Fantastic Party~” event featuring the voice actors for all main bachelors. If you look closely at the bunting, you will see it says “~Fantastic Party~.

In addition, appears Lupin is wearing the same tuxedo he uses in the aforementioned illustration. I don’t think I’ve seen Delly in a main illustration before, so this is quite rare. I would love to see more of Cardia’s gorgeous dress, but it’s covered by the cotton candy (or fairy floss). Please, do not pass up the cute Sissi balloon in the back!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

A two page spreads of Super Heroes featuring (from left to right):

Robot Keiji- 1973
Shiro Jishi Kamen- 1973
Rainbowman- 1972
Henshin Ninja Arashi- 1972
Choujin Barom 1- 1972
Spiderman- 1978
UFO Daisensou Tatakae Red Tiger- 1977
Ganbaron- 1977
Kaiketsu Zubat- 1977
Denjin Zaborger- 1974
Tetsujin Tiger Seven- 1973