scanned shit

New information made a complete turnaround of events with my application at the university i wanna go at in Austria.

Which made it easier and harder at the same time. Thing is i got the required papers, (and a qualification acquired completely by accident), i just have to write some more stuff, scan a shit tonne of documents and do the online application. I have to completely revamp my German CV/Resume.

Thing is, next i have to make plans to go to Austria maybe next week maybe not AND I AM COMPLETELY FREAKING THE FUCK OUT INSIDE, but outside i am calm and Zen af. And it’s not really university related, but i will be visiting it.

Although i know everything will be ok and even if i don’t succeed i’ll be ok with it but rn i am completely adrenaline and cortisol pumped and i probably will have trouble sleeping tonight but oh well….oH wEll…. OH WELL!!!

And i am stressing out even though i don’t know if they’d even accept me hahaha… 

Oh and i don’t need you people to send me asks to share your experiences or your views and reassure me that everything will be ok. You really don’t. Thanks anyway though. 


Miyavi in the July 2015 issue of +act. magazine.

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 React 

I’m not going to lie, this was literally me in the chapter. I was first really grossed out that the first thing Irene did was fondle Wendy’s chest; but then Wendy did it… so i just accepted it. 

anonymous asked:

Usually, I help the elderly unload their trollies/baskets cause I can understand that it may be difficult for them, but for younger, able bodied people who just stand there like an asshole and expect me to do it for them, I make sure to scan shit reeeeeeeaaaaaalllll slooooooowww then they get impatient and start doing it themselves. That's when I go back behind the register and return to normal speed 😉

Name: Drew Smicht. Don't ask me what smicht means, I got no clue.

Age:  21.. yeah I’m still in highschool, what of it?

Current Residence: Michigan,.. wha?… you want the town? Huh okay royal woods, you probably heard of it.

Friends: Well I got some regulars I hang out with but nowadays it’s mostly just this Lil’ punk dude named Vince and this gal named Stella. I probably got more, but I ain’t good at rememberin’ names.

Siblings: Naomi (Step-sister/Pain in my ass)

Significant Others: If I had any, it wouldn’t be any of your business. Now would it?

Eye Color: What is this spy flick? You need my retinal scan or some shit?

Hair Color: W-wha? What are you color blind? It’s orange… maybe red… well I'm ginger either way, so whatever.

Skin color: Pretty white, the last time I checked. Though I got a bit of tan on me so that could something?

Distinguishing features: Say something about my eyebrow. I dare you. Or my hair? Or the fact that I got a pointy nose? or-or maybe you wanna mention how tall I am? C’mon, say something? If you got the balls to do it?

Dress: Huh I got a jacket… a tank top… some jeans- w-what is this? Am I on fashion show right now? What the hell do you care?

Habits: Right now it’s being asked a bunch of stupid questions. But I tend to fix stuff, like bikes and cars what have you. I like fighting sometimes, but my parole officer said I had to quit that shit. So now I just keep my hands busy with other stuff.

Hobbies: hobby… hobby… hob-by…. shit I don’t know. I tend to listen to music I guess. Like uh… Stella got me into these musicals, which surprisingly isn’t as stupid as I thought it would be. I also play some music, the harmonica. Yeah, I know it ain’t no guitar or drums but it’s an instrument. You play music with it. Whatever.

Interests: Well talkin’ been kind of an interest. Right now I’ve been 

Strengths: Fixin’ stuff, breakin’ stuff, talkin’ to folks, honesty and uh… yeah I think that’s about it.

Weaknesses:  Let me think… I’m too honest! yeah, I've pissed off… a lot of people in the past for being too honest. You know my mah always said honesty is the best quality and shit like that but let me tell you… people do not appreciate it. Woof.

Family Life: Thought we covered this? Fine. I got me, my mah, my step-sister and my step-dad. We’re alright, nothing out of the ordinary. My mah works at a diner, my sister’s in high school, my step-dad is an officer. So that's pretty much my life, and I’m just trying to get through high school. Nothing else worth mentionin’ there.


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue