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Naruto - volumes 01 to 72


01/22/2017; 05:50PM

its my fav daily spread on my bujo (yes its been 12 days ago lol sorry) featuring a pic of Cinta Laura Kiehl for MAXIM!! yes shes half Indonesian and half German, and shes such an amazing inspiration💗💗 she just graduated from UCLA!!! and she already starred The Philosophers (you know that movie with Jacob Artist and Bonnie Wright in it?!?) shes coming for more to be a big star in Hollywood!!

my room is still a mess sooo a scanned paper again hehe anyway i love yall!! check my studygram and also my original posts!

I love how the tiny drawings here provide a cute little height chart for the rogues (Also, I wanted to point out the really nice use of darks on Scarecrow, it helps crate such a menacing tone in this comic in particular.)

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