scanned by yours truly


Part 1

Reversible poster from GIGS magazine September 2016 issue. Scanned, stitched, and cleaned by yours truly. One of the most time consuming Photoshop jobs ever done. I will try to do the same with the rest of the Dir en grey feature in this issue.

Please give credit if you use it. Link above is the high quality scans.


Tenipuri Desktop Calendar 2017

Scanned (? using office lens app only lol ? ) by yours truly~~

Please do not repost w/o credit

Tumblr allows 10 images to uploaded only so I wasn’t able to post Kite (accidentally skipped him,sorry XD) , Niou and Atobe lol

take it slow

title: take it slow
genre: fluff / smut
characters: key x you
44. “How are you a virgin? Guys must’ve thrown themselves at you with a body like that.”
49. “So, did you enjoy last night?”
6. “You are, and always have been, the love of my life.”

extras: I totally skipped this request by accident! I’m so sorry for the wait :/ refer to this post for the drabble game. requests are closed.

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Andy Biersack imagine

This wasn’t requested. But it’s something I wrote awhile ago.

You sat at the desk in your bedroom, reading over your work.

Andy was asleep in bed, curled up for warmth.

You were stressed out, you had to have this perfect by the next day for your boss.

The document was finished, but being who you are, you needed it to be perfect.

You sighed and put your head down on the desk, you were exhausted.

You heard Andy move a bit, but not making any noise.

Picking your head up, you exhaled not wanting to sleep until you were truly satisfied.

Your eyes scanned every single inch of the document, making sure there were no mistakes.

Andy moved again, this time letting out a small moan.

You looked at him, his eyes were closed as he was still asleep.

You tuned back to the computer, your thoughts raced through your tired mind.

You heard Andy move once more, this time letting out a whimper.

You glanced back at him, then reverted back to your work.

Andy let out another whimper, he was slightly awake now.

Your eyes met his and he reached out for you.

“Babe” he whined.

“What love?” You asked tiredly.

“Come lay with me” he pleaded, still half asleep.

“I can’t, Andy I have to finish this” you shook your head, guilty that you didn’t lay with him.

“Please?” He asked, now on his back but still able to see you.

“Andy..” You sighed.

“It’s cold” he whined and raised his hand to you and let it fall back onto the bed.

“Babe I really can’t, this is due tomorrow and I-”

“Fine, whatever” he mumbled and turned over, back towards you.

You sighed and rested your head in your hands.

You didn’t know what to do, the document was good enough for your boss.

But, that’s not what your mind told you.

You laid your head down again, almost falling asleep.

Andy’s movement stopped you.

“(Y/N) I know you’re tired” he said.

“Andy I can’t-”

“Lay with me, I’m sure it’s perfect. You need sleep” He said, still in bed.

“I don’t think-”

“(Y/N), now” Andy ordered.

“Fine” you breathed and got up.

You crawled into bed next to him and laid down.

Andy wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your head.