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EXO, ear biting, bookstore. ❤️

Xiumin held onto your waist, snuggling into your neck as you scanned a book on theology. A sharp tug on your earlobe released a rush of blood to your cheek, your eyes falling on his smug smirk as he took your book from you. “That got your attention~” - Admin Jaefairy

this fan brought a lot of gifts for jungkook and he just giggled while watching her it’s the cutest thing ever


Yuri!!! on Ice (ユーリ!!! on ICE)

This breakdown of the Yuri!!! on Ice key visual, illustrated by character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu (平松禎史), is featured in the Comiket 91 set for The Art of Tadashi Hiramatsu (Amazon Japan | eBay). The most notable difference is Victor’s position away from Yuuri and Yurio in the earliest sketch!

Yesterday - April 20th, 1889


The sinking of the RMS Campania

The unprecedented maritime accident that caused over a thousand deaths terrified all of Great Britain.The mysterious monsters that attacked the vessel - survivors all spoke of their terrors.
The surviving passengers of the RMS Campania had arrived in the docks of London Port. Everyone was saddened by the tragedy that had come to happened but to the families and friends to the surviving passengers, they were very glad to see them alive.