I like how you decided to choose a dress as an example anon. How about I pick a more realistic example that everyone in the world talks about - what if you took a music CD album? Let’s say you paid for it fair and square. That’s great! The band/artist will get money for that one CD you bought. Then you decide you’re going to convert the thing to MP3 and share it with everyone. Oh no that’s just promoting the artist! Not like they don’t have their own promotional work to get their names out there or anything. Not like they don’t have Youtube channels where they posts promotional videos and samples and crossfades! Because clearly people need to hear whole albums for free to decide to give a band/artist a shot!

Going back to your dress example, I’ll humour you on this point. As a friend of mine, snackage said after reading your message, no, tbh it’d be more like if you wanted a limited edition designer dress, your friend buys one, she takes the dress apart and makes a replica and sends you that replica, claiming it’s free promotion to the original designer.

Same thing applies to doujinka. Let me use someone who has voiced her discontent directly to me - Peririko (from the circle POW!). She has a twitter where she posts free doodles. She has a pixiv where she posts art and book previews as well as event updates and links to where you can buy them through online mail order post event. She posts previews of the contents of her books for you to peruse before spending money on it. She even posts free short comics. You know what she also has done?

Right there. In English. In fact she was kind enough to write specifically what she doesn’t want you to do: scanlate her works or upload it to tumblr.

Why it’s okay for overseas fans in Japan to read stuff? Because they pay for it?? They attend events to get a copy, or they order it for delivery. It’s no different from an overseas fan living overseas - we just end up paying more for forwarding services as a downside to the system in Japan. To a Japanese doujinka, their primary focus is the Japanese fanbase. Why should we matter to them when a good majority of us don’t give anything back after all? Most of the times, they sell out without the need of foreign people anyway. Doujinshi are often only printed in fairly small quantities after all.

It is the sad truth that a lot of the Japanese community hasn’t opened up to the foreign/western community, and I’m just as bummed as you are, but when all that awaits them is art theft and a complete lack of respect towards their wishes, why should they bother?

I myself started with scanlations, but it wasn’t by a matter of choice, but rather ignorance. I didn’t know it was wrong. I didn’t understand that doujinkas paid to publish books out of their own wallets. I didn’t understand back then that there are pages at the back of these books saying not to reproduce their works. What you’re doing anon, is justifying this ignorance now that it’s been directly pointed out. You can always continue to be ignorant - I don’t think anyone will ever catch you out on it - in fact, plenty of people that read scanlations do so innocently but never say a word about it. But the fact that you need to justify it just shows that you recognise on some level that what you’re doing is wrong but you want it so badly to be not wrong.

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does the manga have any scanlation?

only the first chapter has been scanlated, which you can find here, they don’t have any news that I could find regarding whether they’re gonna continue translating. if you’re interested in the raws, here they are, I believe it’s for the first volume (so first four chapters). there is a second volume, but I can’t find much information about it, including how many chapters it has.

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Like maybe your name, age, when do you first read detective conan, why do you so kindly scan and translate it? Sorry though if I am breaching your privacy

Can’t reveal name (Sorry :P); 23; Hmmm I actually started with anime so maybe when I was about 12? Can’t remember exactly; I really enjoy doing scanlations, it’s something I mess around with when I have some free time and because I love DC and want it to be accessible to more people!

Dragon Half -  MITA Ryuusuke

This is neither dead nor untranslated, but the current scanlations from 2005 are 1000px and weren’t properly scanned. So, I bought the volumes to scan, if any editor out there is interested in redoing this series.

Got an OVA.

An RPG-ish gag manga about a half-dragon-half-human girl whose love for a popular idol/dragon-slayer leads her on a quest to find a potion that will make her fully human. Which of course leads her and her friends in a quest to defeat the terrible Demon Lord Azatodeth.

Read online

I’m not really doing anything else today, so I suppose I’ll try to go through the drafts and the ebooks that have been ripped.

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Not sure if you've heard, but apparently there's news/rumours of an upcoming manga for FE14, supposedly written by Kibayashi and illustrated by Kozaki. Maybe the writing will be more coherent than in the actual game? One can hope.

If they rewrite Nohr to be good, I will be happy to give them money.

Otherwise I’m just gonna scanlate it and be done with it I guess. :P

Title: ココロコントロール- (前編) (Kokoro Control / Heart Control: First Part)
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shouyou
Artist / Circle: Kazukirai / ぶぶん飯店 (Bubunhanten)
Pixiv Preview here.


Raw Provider: iwillstillopenthewindow, Copy Ninja
Typesetter / QC: kurasuchi
Translator: nnyei
Cleaner / Redrawer: wadoichi, kurasuchi, nnyei

This is ONLY THE FIRST PART OUT OF TWO. The sequel will be available in Comiket 86 on August 16. We aren’t sure yet, but apparently, the scanlation for the sequel will be released by September Scanlations sometime in the future. 

You can purchase it here: First Part | Second Part

Please do not repost or rescanlate without permission.

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[Kagakuro] Inukiraina Kagami-kun to Tetsuya 1gou

Title : Inukiraina Kagami-kun to Tetsuya 1gou

Cirle : Genjouiji (あめのあ)

Rating : PG   |   Pages : 30

Fandom : Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing : Kagami / Kuroko + 2gou

Scanner/Translator : sasugahikari

  • Do not re-upload / repost anywhere.
  • Do not share this w/o my permission.
  • I recommend you to download the file for highest quality images.

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Been meaning to make a proper masterpost for awhile so, here it is.

Masterpost of all of the Kamigami no Asobi Anthology scanlations I’ve had a hand in. Credits vary chapter to chapter so, if you want to know specifically who did what, just click on the chapter link. Or skip that step and just go tell prevolt, peachandrabbit, and kind–dead–corpses how awesome they are.

This post will be available linked through my tumblr tags page and will be what I keep up to date with information.

Happy reading everyone-!!

Kamigami no Asobi - Anthology (1st)

Title: Sweet Nightingale
Artist: Okazaki Oka
Pairing: Apollon / Yui

Title: Close to You…
Artist: Fuduki Roa
Pairing: Hades / Yui

Title: Sunny Place
Artist Maeda Momo
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: The Miniature Garden’s Summer Dream
Artist: Kuromura Moto
Pairing: Takeru / Yui

Title: A Happy Prank
Artist: Rumiya
Pairing: Loki / Yui

Title: If You’re Going to Do It Follow Through to the End
Artist Sia
Pairing: Anubis, cracktastic

Title: Raring to Wed
Artist Sia
Pairing: cracktastic +10

Title: A Brief Flirtation
Artist: Ioka Wako
Pairing: Thoth / Yui

Kamigami no Asobi - Anthology (2nd)

Title: Surprise For You!
Artist: naka
Pairing: Apollon / Yui, cracktastic

Title: Lunch Battle Plan
Artist: Akizuki Nokia
Pairing: Hades / Yui

Title: Is This From the Manual?
Artist: Nohara Noko
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: Show Me Your True Face
Artist: Yamika
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: With a Maiden’s Heart
Artist: moo
Pairing: Takeru / Yui

Title: I’m Worried About Those Two!
Artist: Tasuke
Pairing: Takeru / Yui

Title: A Piled Flurry of Wishes
Artist: Sachino Shia
Pairing: Baldr / Yui

Title: Grand Plan to Overcome a Hatred of Vegetables
Artist: Watanuki
Pairing: Baldr / Yui

Title: Dreams of Summer
Artist: Kichi
Pairing: Loki / Yui

Title: Games of the Gods
Artist: Akizuki Ichiha
Pairing: Anubis / Yui

Title: Need to Know
Artist: Fuujyu Mizuki
Pairing: Thoth / Yui

Title: The Prince’s Suffering
Artist: Aoba
Pairing: Apollon / Yui, cracktastic

Kamigami no Asobi - Anime Anthology (3nd)

Title: My Idea of a Christmas Presentation
Artist: Ioka Wako
Pairing: Apollon / Yui

Title: Let’s Make Strawberry Daifuku
Artist: Niwakayasu
Pairing: Hades / Yui

Title: Conveyed Warmth and Your Feelings
Artist: Kichi
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: The Knowing Heart, Sprouting Feelings
Artist: moo
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: Budding Bewilderment
Artist: Hikiri Yuki
Pairing: Takeru, Introspective

Title: Sunny Spot
Artist: Fujisaki Karuha
Pairing: Baldr / Yui

Title: A Straightforward Reconciliation
Artist: moo
Pairing: Loki / Yui

Title: Candy Lip
Artist: Yamika
Pairing: Loki / Yui