Still Sick Chapter 2 (new yuri series about the complexities of being a functional adult with gay anime ships!)

After a short delay, we’re back!

Still Sick Chapter 2

Now that Shimizu’s revealed her true self to Maekawa and broken her closeted (nerd) status, they continue to grow closer –  but the two of them might be keeping more secrets from each other than either of them realise…!

Read/DL the chapter on the google drive link up above! With all the helpful people who’ve pitched in to help going forward, we should hopefully get some chapters out faster!

Also! The collected volume 1 of Still Sick comes out today, so if you’ve got an,jp account, or ebookjapan or whatever your (e)book service of choice is, go cop that ASAP! (I will write a guide on how to do so… eventually.)


Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House Husband Chapter 17

This time: Tatsu walks it like he talks it and proves he is truly a man of Culture II. also that last page…. d’awwww…

Find download links and everything else in a seperate post on my blog!
Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House-Husband Chapter 6 (return of the yakuza home-maker comedy manga!)

Our boy Tatsu is back…. and cleaner than ever.

After two months off, the series is back to business as usual! Tatsu deals with a new recruit to his cleaning arsenal… but will the two learn to co-operate?

Read the new chapter - and the whole series so far, if you need to catch up! - at the Google Drive link up above!

The next chapter will be out on the 1st June!
Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House Husband Chapter 5 (a romantic chapter of the funny yakuza man comedy manga...!?)

This week on Gokushufudou… It’s Miku’s birthday, and ex-gangster-gone-good Tatsu wants to do something special for his wife! Can he get her the present, cook her a good dinner, and make her happy…?

Well, firstly, he has to not scare some poor nerd to death doing the first bit.

After this chapter, the manga will be going on a short hiatus and will return in May! Originally it was only planned to run for 5 chapters, but due to its overwhelming popularity, they’re extending its run - and don’t worry, we’ll be back to TLing it then! But for now - read at the Google Drive link above, and catch up on chapters you might have missed!

Wanna read a history about three duck cousins that go on a trip and have a lot of fun? Oh, believe me, you want!

Me and @sarroora were working in this heartwarming adorable comic for sometime and I’m very happy to finally show it to you guys! :3 I thank Sarroora for showing the fandom this great comic, for transcribing it for me and for being a patient and dedicated reviewer!

Its a big comic, so go read it here; The Great Cousin Trip - Donald, Fethry & Gladstone

In summary, I’ll let the comic illustrate my opinion about this whole project;

Maybe it’s my favorite duck comic ever!