Wanna read a history about three duck cousins that go on a trip and have a lot of fun? Oh, believe me, you want!

Me and @sarroora were working in this heartwarming adorable comic for sometime and I’m very happy to finally show it to you guys! :3 I thank Sarroora for showing the fandom this great comic, for transcribing it for me and for being a patient and dedicated reviewer!

Its a big comic, so go read it here; The Great Cousin Trip - Donald, Fethry & Gladstone

In summary, I’ll let the comic illustrate my opinion about this whole project;

Maybe it’s my favorite duck comic ever!

Rare and weird comic!

Without Donald, Gladstone feels safe and complains about his insecurities and fears of not being worthy of his luck, and about others finding he disgusting.

Fethry tries to help, as friendly as always but acting as he know the problem…

In the last pannel, Gladstone looking to Fethry is so… Touching. And sad (Isn’t it supposed to be funny? ¬¬).

Wish we had a continuation…

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aj anthology “a certain night’s mystery?”

translation: @gyakutensaibanvsaceattorney
raws/cleaning/typesetting: @officialbarokvanzieks

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New comic, guys! : ) I particularly dig the drawings style in this one!
I also like how there’s no plot twist involving money, fame or some trouble Fethry got himself into before, he just want to spend quality time with Don and thats all!
And Donald has as bad temper as always, its amusing how Fethry just accept that Don’s like that, unlike almost any other character.
This one is so slice of life-ish that remember me a sit com!

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Anyway thanks for supporting my ducky blog <3!

Country x Reader Series: China // Turkey // Japan // Italy // Germany // America // Prussia //France // Russia // England// Romano // Netherlands
Translated with permission from @ayase-memo​(美味しいにーにご馳走様でした!)
Typesetting by @jammerlea (THANK YOU AS ALWAYS!!)

Please ask @ayase-memo​ for permission if you want to retranslate/repost her work. There’s no need to ask me for my english translation. Thank you! (=w=)7