Interview with JACOB KAMPP BERLINER Vol.2

コペンハーゲンで注目を集めている1階がカフェで2階が一組だけ宿泊できるホテルの「Central Hotel & Café 」をはじめ、「Bistro Granola」アパレルブランド「Soulland」、レコードレーベル「Fake Diamond Records」やスウェーデンのストックホルムのアートギャラリー「Gallery Steinsland Berliner」などを仕掛けているJACOB KAMPP BERLINER今コペンハーゲンで一番面白いソーシャルアントレプレナーの彼に話を聞いてみた。

− Interview with JACOB KAMPP BERLINER Vol.1

- When you create creative spaces, what inspires the most?
It´s different, from idea to idea, next project is the opening a organic burger place in an old gas station. It feels very important that it´s built with respect to the architecture there and praising the original design of the gas station.  

- クリエイティブなスペースを作るとき、場所から計画する?それとも状況から?

- Why do you challenge in various fields? What makes you tick?
I like to do projects in fields that are not easy or are plain uphill form the start. It´s interesting to work with something where you have to be creative to make it a success. Also all my projects are about people, I simple like working with people that inspire me, it makes everyday different.

- なぜ様々なフィールドでチャレンジするの?あなたを突き動かすものは何ですか?

- What is your upcoming plan for the future?
I have the burger bar coming up, then Soulland is opening a new store next to Central Hotel & Café and then after that will be a food truck I bought some time ago. Further ahead I want to keep doing business that is paying back in being innovative, fun and supporting art and music.

- 次はどんなプランがありますか?
ハンバーガーがまずあるし、Soulland(洋服ブランド)がCentral Hotel & Caféの横にオープンする。そのあとは、少し前に買ったフードトラックもあるんだ。将来的にはイノベーティブで、楽しくて、アートと音楽に関わる仕事をすることが目標かな。

- Which city do you think the most interesting?
In Copenhagen, the best is just biking around, it´s the perfect bicycling town. I love just going around visiting the different neighborhoods in the city – like Christiania in the summertime.

- 一番興味深い都市はどこだと思う?