OLIVIA WAS WEARING THAT WHITE BALL ROOM GOWN! FITZ COULDN’T KEEP HIS EYES OFF HER ^,^ and then their was Amanda Tanner n Billy Chambers Rump’ and I must ADMITT’ it hurt to see Olivia Cry over haven to make the Final Decision on Defiance:(


So in the Scandal episode Beltway Unbuckled (Season 2 episode 4) aired on 25 Oct. 2012. Olivia is talking to an old white haired lady havng chemo who is an important character but i forgot her name. And the lady is having a rant about hospital gowns, saying that "they’re still clothes someone else has worn before. I mean think about it, they wash a bloody hospital gown, call it clean because the stain’s no longer visible, and we just put ‘em on! I’ve probably got EBOLA on top of that cancer now". You can watch this at 22min14seconds into the show.

Like oh my god. We’ve all been made to believe that Ebola was a recent phenomenon but it wasn’t.



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