I’m FINALLY at a point in my life where I can stop watching some of the tv shows that I was once so invested in.

I couldn’t care less about how long I’ve been watching some of them. I legit never used to give up on shows in the past, ever. But for some reason now I no longer care to continue watching things just because I’ve invested so much time in them over the years.

In the past several months I found myself slowly but surely quitting some shows, and I just realized the list has grown to almost 10 tbh.

  • The Vampire Diaries (Literally it is horrendous now and it’s actually embarrassing in my opinion, sorry. Put this sad show and its actors out of their misery for god’s sake)
  • The Walking Dead (I’m sure it’s still good and I know it’s still popular, but damn did the writers make the zombie apocalypse seem slow and boring as hell! I still care about some of the characters but I couldn’t take it any longer)
  • Teen Wolf (Started caring less when Allison was killed off. But at this point it’s just so confusing and so random and weird as hell. I never have any idea wtf is going on tbh, nor do I care anymore)
  • Empire (I tried my best to continue watching because I am so in love with Cookie/Taraji P. Henson. I stuck with it for her and I still adore her. But I can’t take anymore of the Lyon family bitching and complaining and scheming over who is running the “empire”. Over it)
  • Doctor Who (Started caring less when Amy and Eleven both left for good. Watched many episodes with Twelve and Clara but eventually couldn’t deal with the show anymore. Even though I still love the Doctor)
  • Agent Carter (I love love love Peggy Carter/Hayley Atwell, but unfortunately the tone of the show and the time period just isn’t for me. I tried but failed after the second season started)
  • Scandal (Again, I love love love Olivia Pope, but I got bored of the politics and shit, but most of all I CANNOT STAND the constant lengthy, over-dramatic speeches in legit every episode. Also I am DONE with Huck, he is THE FUCKING WORST CHARACTER EVER OMG KILL HIM PLEASE. I’m sure the actor who plays him is good in other things, but as Huck he is so fucking unbearable to watch, my god)
  • Reign (I couldn’t care less about Francis dying. I actually was hoping and waiting for that day to come! But oddly enough when that episode finally aired and it finally happened, that’s when I stopped watching. I got way too invested in the relationship between Queen Mary and Conde, like I even felt like they were my new OTP. But with Sean Teele gone from the show then I’m done)
  • Faking It (LOVE all the LGBTQ+ representation in the show, but I never really liked the character of Karma and now it’s to the point where I literally can’t even stand watching her on my screen. Plus I think being 26 years old now has made me way less interested in high school characters/drama)

Have any of you stopped watching any of these shows too? It kinda sucks to give them up but I’m just over it:(


God this took forever. trininadz

The soft beeping and buzzing of Olivia’s phone alarm continued for the third time. It was probably a bit after 4 in the morning with the sky shining through the peak of the curtains as an illuminated darkness. Olivia stirred in his arms, beginning to wake as they both knew was needed. They couldn’t do this for much longer. For the increased risk of being caught as much as the emotional toil it will have of them both, especially Livvie. The skulking in and out of each other’s homes, walking the Devil’s Hour. He knew it bothered her a great deal. It was another problem they would have to work through for the remainder of his presidential term. For now, they were warm and safe in their cocoon.

Fitz rested his hand lightly over her ribs. He caressed down the dip of her waist then the swell of her hip.

“I guess it’s time to get up,” he heard Olivia say to his chest. He squeezed her a little tighter as he sighed, “yeah, I guess so. How was your day yesterday?“

Fitz heard Olivia deeply sigh once again as she slowly sat up in bed. He watch as she stretched her arms over her head and his eyes traveled down her lean back as the blanket slinked farther down. 

"Well, I found Cyrus. We had an…interesting conversation,” Olivia informed him as she reached for her discarded robe.

“Interesting,” Fitz scoffed. Was there any other type of conversation to have with Cyrus Beene? Fitz felt his blood begin to heat again with the thought of Cyrus’ betrayal. He closed his eyes and began to take deep breaths, trying to control his emotions again. Trying to shake the sight of Cyrus and Rowan Pope conspiring behind his back. Trying to shed the dead weight feeling of his son’s body from his arms.

“Fitz…” Olivia’s voice pierced his solitude. He opened his eyes to see Olivia’s deep brown eyes staring at him with concern. Fitz leaned towards the nightstand and turned on the lamp. “I’m fine,” he told her. “What did he say?”

“Well,” Olivia said as she rolled out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. “He asked if you were still making it to Ella’s birthday party.”

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Here’s another sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Harvey Beaks! 

Storyboard by Nick Sumida & Monica Ray
Randl voiced by Marc Maron
Randl’s Mom voiced by Board Artist Nick Sumida

Blaine had wanted to go to Scandles after the Homecoming Dance, but Kurt had convinced him to put it off until the next night, not feeling like being around anyone else. Blaine picked Kurt up at 9 and lead him out to his car. 

Several hours later, Blaine was hammered, slurring and talking about helping people pick bowties for something. Kurt chuckled, “C'mon, gimmie the keys, you aren’t driving.” Blaine shook his head, “ ’m fiiiiiiiine’ He giggled. Kurt rolled his eyes, "Blaine, c'mon. Lay in the back, you’re less likely to puke this way.” Blaine grinned and laid back on the backseat, pulling Kurt down on top of him. Kurt huffed some, “Blaine, let go of me, we need to get back to Dalton.” Blaine hummed, kissing along Kurt’s neck and grabbing his ass roughly. Kurt squirmed some, trying to push Blaine away, “Blaine- C'mon, stop it.” he said, trying to wiggle away again. Blaine tightered his grip, “C'mon Kurt, stop being such a prude.” He slurred, reaching down to cup Kurt over his jeans. Kurt pushed Blaine off forcefully, scrambling out of the car quickly. “I said no, Blaine.” He said, running a hand though his hair. Blaine hufed, “Fine, whatever.” He said, getting in the front seat and driving off. 

Kurt waked away, sitting on a curb and calling Dave. He wasn’t sure why he called Dave, but he did. He wiped a few tears he didn’t realize had fallen and sniffled when Dave answered, “Uhh…Hey, can you come pick me up?”

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